Netgear Arlo Baby monitor Review

Arlo Baby monitor Review: Netgear’s Arlo Baby monitor looks friendly with its green bunnies at home, hidden on a shelf in a child’s nursery. But it is not a toy – this high definition video monitor is equipped with night views, temperature and air sensors, variable color light and a loudspeaker that reads lullabies.


The Arlo baby monitor is a smart home product. It has removable rubber ears and toes that you can change for a kitten or puppy. At 4. 3 x 2. 6 x 2. 5 inches, it is very compact and springs with a wall bracket if you choose this option.

It took less than 5 minutes to install the arlo baby monitor. Just connect the micro USB cable supplied to the Arlo Baby monitor and connect it to an AC adapter. You can start the Arlo baby monitor app on your iPhone or Android device when the light flashes orange, create an account and connect up to five Arlo cameras that can display all live data at once. Netgear also offers indoor and outdoor security cameras under the Arlo label in addition to the baby monitor.) Follow the instructions to place Arlo Baby monitor on my Wi-Fi network is also a breeze–the connected video monitor has not once left the network.

Arlo Baby monitor has a 2400mAh on-board battery, but keep the camera connected all night if you want surveillance. Before midnight the baby battery is out. But the battery is still useful in other rooms for monitoring snaps, so it doesn’t stop if you have to move the camera from one outlet to another.

arlo baby monitor

Features Arlo Baby monitor 

The Arlo Baby monitor camera uses a resolution of 720p and 110 degrees, but you can adjust it to 1080p and 130 degrees respectively and 360p and 90 degrees. Best of all, the app allows you to specify which areas a motion alert should trigger.

This is helpful if you want to see the camera in the bed, but ignore the cat coming in and out of the door all night. You must find the right angle by adjusting the arlo baby camera camera manually. The arlo baby camera is not motorized to enable you to switch and tilt through the app, but you can zoom in with the app.

A changing night light on the back of the “head” of Arlo Baby monitor illuminates the room more smoothly than a light in the front, and can turn off the pleasant touch of the status light. The Arlo Baby monitor application contains six sounds (MP3 quality, but not voices, only music box sounds) and three white sounds to play on the speaker. You can edit or rearrange the playlist, or add your own MP3 songs from cloud storage. You can even record your own voice directly with the Arlo baby monitor application by singing or speaking.

Arlo Baby monitor

A unique feature is the permanent listening mode of the Arlo Baby monitor. This function continuously transmits the audio from the device’s microphones to your smartphone, even if you use other applications or your phone is locked. Basically, it replaces the need for a separate portable monitor, although Netgear says that soon an Arlo Baby monitor version will be available with a dedicated laptop monitor. However, in our tests, the mobile application on a smartphone was the perfect way to register at the nursery.

The sensors on board measure the temperature (tenth of a degree), the humidity (tenth of a percentage) and the air quality in your baby’s room, and you can receive notifications when one of them is out of your reach. The relative amount of volatile organic compounds (VOC) in the room explains the “air quality” in the application. Netgear says that you can normally reduce it to “Normal” by opening a window for a while if you get an “abnormal” or “very abnormal” reading.

Performance  Arlo Baby monitor Review :

Arlo  monitor videos look good. They’re in full, bright color if there’s any light in the room, and they offer quality night vision.

I could see my son’s face clearly in the dark about 8 feet away, although his eyes had that scary glow of night vision, like that of a raccoon when he loots the garbage. In the morning, his window is dazzled by the sun (one day, I will remember to buy opaque blinds), but the rest of the image remains clear.

The well-designed Arlo baby monitor app is incredibly versatile: when Arlo Baby monitor detects a movement or hears a sound, it can take a snapshot or record a video and send you a push notification, an email or both. When watching the live stream, you can start recording, take a picture, talk on the two-way speaker, set the night light, start or stop the music, set the timer after a while and check the sensor data. Everything is at your fingertips and easy to find, especially if you take everything into account.

The Mode tab of the application allows you to schedule monitoring if you only want to receive alerts during scheduled naps and after bedtime. If you wish, you can define a geographical fence to have different monitoring rules depending on whether you (and your phone) are at home or not. But it is not precise enough to identify the baby’s room. And, of course, you can simply turn the monitoring on and off manually. You can even create your own sets of rules (for example, for days, nights, and weekends) and switch between them.

The Library tab displays all the videos and snapshots taken by the camera, which are kept free in the cloud for seven days, with additional optional storage plans. Downloading or tagging videos and snapshots as favorites is also easy.

Unfortunately, Arlo Baby monitor takes a little time to show you what happens after receiving a notification, because you have to get started and log in to the Arlo app. The app supports Touch ID and Face ID on the iPhone, so I did not have to enter the full password, but that’s another step. And then the image of the camera has to load. Depending on the speed of your network, it can take between 30 seconds and a minute. I want the app to attach a snapshot to the push notification, so I would know if I should actually open the app or not.

Arlo Baby monitor Review range of Netgear cameras is IFTTT compatible. So you can, in theory, have a Hue flash if the camera detects a motion or receive a notification when the battery is low. But the Arlo Baby monitor camera does not appear as supported in the IFTTT app – the Netgear forums say it’s a known bug and is under development.

Bottom Line

With its simple configuration, user-friendly application and its many features, Arlo Baby monitor is a solid choice for parents who need a video monitor. I especially enjoyed the opportunity to add my own lullabies to the playlist, as well as notifications when my son’s room was too hot or too cold. Getting seven days of cloud storage for videos and snapshots with no subscription fees is also a big advantage.


1. Clear video
2. Compact design
3. Easy-to-use and versatile app
4. Setup’s a breeze


1. Some lag between notifications and launching the app


Arlo Baby monitor Review 2

The Arlo Baby monitor of the popular home security brand Arlo from Netgear distinguishes itself from other monitors on the market by offering a beautiful and interchangeable body shape. But most importantly, it has some unique features that are not seen in many other monitoring systems. This arlo baby monitor uses a paired application that runs on a variety of devices and can be integrated into a variety of smart systems.


The physical configuration of the arlo baby monitor is easy: it connects and waits for the configuration of the Arlo application. Initially I could not connect on my first attempt, so I decided to connect through the QR code method (really just an additional step). The QR code was collected immediately when I placed my phone in front of the camera, and then I could quickly create an account, choose what item I was setting up and finally set up the camera. The whole process took about four minutes.

Netgear has some excellent videos on its website to guide users through settings and functions, if necessary. You’ll definitely want to watch all three videos: the amount of features available and the subsequent settings for each one can really be overwhelming for new users. There is also a PDF guide.

After initial setup, the application offers a tour of its features with excellent graphics and a fun user experience. The camera is innovative when it comes to the baby monitor market right now, and it has some really nice features.

Arlo Baby does not come with a monitor for parents (although the option of having one would be excellent), so everything is done through the application. The download of the Arlo application is simple and above all easy to use.

However, one complaint of mine (and other users) is that every time you open the application, you must have the system reconnect, resulting in a delay of 30 seconds to one minute. This can be very frustrating if you need to control your child quickly. However, the audio runs in the background and can be left on while the device has other applications open.

Testing Notes (Arlo baby Monitor Review)

The first thing you’ll notice about Arlo is his cute little animal form. It is not beneficial in any significant way, but it certainly stands out from other monitors in the market. You can order the different accessories and change them, if you wish: the small “hats” of the monitor come in the form of a bunny, puppy or kitten. Or, you can remove your ears and feet completely.

For complete safety (choke precautions), make sure the camera is not close to the baby’s reach when it is plugged in. Although my son has always been interested in other cameras I’ve tried, this one was so cute that he immediately took it to play with it.

Another safety concern is that this monitor can work hot. A regular touch when it has been on the shelf is usually quite warm, and one day I placed it on my bed for about 20 minutes (the cooling vents did not touch the bed) and it got so hot to the touch that I dropped it and screamed. That is not good, especially if it is within your child’s reach.

A missing feature is any pan / tilt function within the application. It has a fairly large range of motion, but the monitor must be handled manually. However, users can zoom using the pinch motion on the screen, with a zoom of up to 16x. Users can also change the field of view between 90 and 130 degrees to increase or decrease the background.

The monitor system is full of advanced features, which is excellent if that’s what you’re looking for, but it can also be a bit overwhelming if you just want a simple monitor system.

The simplest features include a night light with thousands of colors that can make a complete light show. The Arlo Baby monitor includes a timer, a music player that comes with preloaded songs (as well as nature sounds and white noise), and you can also add songs.

Users can even record their own baby voices. There is also a two-way communication between the application and the camera, and the ability to take pictures and videos of the camera view, which are uploaded to your cloud account.

The most advanced (and complicated) features come with notifications that include those of motion sensors, audio sensors (crying alerts), as well as temperature, humidity and air quality sensors. These notifications are sent via push, email and text messages, and all can be adjusted by frequency and sensitivity (or deactivated completely) in the application.

You can also add a schedule, geofencing, share with others who want to watch videos and more through the application. These are really nice advanced features, but they can also be a bit overwhelming: the PDF User Manual has 74 pages.

The monitor system comes with a free cloud account, which saves photos, videos and notification data for a week in the free plan. There are also other options to update your cloud storage for an additional fee, for $ 10 / month or $ 15 / month.

One of the most exclusive features of this camera is one that many parents usually ask for in other cameras: a rechargeable battery in the real camera. This battery allows users to move the camera for a few hours before plugging it back in. The strange thing about this battery is that it prevents the camera from turning off unless the battery runs out completely, or if the user disconnects the camera and then uses the power switch to turn it off. From what I have observed, you cannot turn off the camera while it is plugged in.

The quality of HD 1080p Arlo Baby monitor Review is excellent, and when the signal is strong, it looks very clear. The infrared camera is clear and users can adjust the brightness within the application to get a better image. The problem is that even in high-speed networks, there are problems with freezing, pixelation and transmission delay (even when transmitting on the same Wi-Fi network). There is also no clock in the application, so it is difficult to know if there is a freeze or delay problem or if the system is working properly.

Fortunately, when the camera freezes, the audio keeps coming, and you can choose to enable the constant audio streaming option, which allows the audio to play even when the device is locked or in use in another application.

Another big problem I had with this camera was that the video screen was not connected if you need to use your smartphone for other reasons. If you exit the video screen and receive a pop-up notification, you must reconnect through the application, which can take a few seconds, sometimes up to 20 seconds. Any parent knows that those few seconds can be very scary.

Once Arlo Baby monitor is configured on your home network, I would not recommend moving it. I took mine on vacation and tried to connect it to the high-speed Internet and the system never completely reconnected. The video took a long time to work, and then there was a 30 second delay to a minute in the video.

This was after the video didn’t work at first, but notifications from the application still reached my phone. Once we were home and back in the original network, I still had the same problems at the beginning, even after trying a complete reset and going through the complete reconnection process (I also did it during the holidays). It took about a day to reconnect completely and return to normal.

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