Baby jogger city tour 2 stroller Review

Parents love lightweight strollers that are suitable for newborns. In 2020, we all have more options to choose from, as Baby jogger city tour 2 stroller is also available, as an upgraded version of the original City Tour stroller.

I am a fan of the Baby Jogger brand because it is a guarantee of high quality at a reasonable price. And I’m very happy that they regularly upgrade their iconic strollers to meet parents ’demands.

In 2019, Baby Jogger launched the new version of its famous lightweight stroller. The improved 2019 Baby Jogger City Tour 2 has some cool features that parents have been waiting for.

Last year Baby Jogger made a different version of City Tour – City Tour LUX, which is slightly larger and looks different from the original stroller. On the other hand, the new and improved City Tour 2 looks very similar to the original model, but includes many new functions.

Baby Jogger City Tour 2 Stroller Review – All New Features

This is not a completely new model, it is very similar to the original City Tour, but the improvements for 2019 are significant and can make the City Tour 2 your only stroller.

Before I proceed with my review of the Baby jogger city tour 2 stroller some technical details. I have divided this article into two sections – in the first part I will show you all the new features, and in the second part I will briefly introduce the features that have not changed.

At the end, you’ll find my ultimate comparison of Baby Jogger City Tour vs Baby Jogger City Tour 2 vs Baby Jogger City Tour LUX. This should help you decide which of these 3 strollers is best for you.

 Baby jogger city tour 2 stroller Review

Baby Jogger City Tour 2 is suitable from birth

This is the biggest change we can find on this improved model. If you know the original Baby Jogger City Tour, you probably know that some parents have complained about the lack of seating options for newborns.

The brand has listened to all these complaints and the new Baby Jogger City Tour 2 can be used from day one. You have two different seating options for your newborn.


It’s another big change – the new 2019 Baby Jogger City Tour 2 can be used with a carrycot.To fix it, you will first have to tilt the seat, then install the adapters on the frame. The bassinet simply snaps into place. Of course, this accessory is sold separately.

Infant car seat – Baby jogger city tour 2 stroller

To convert this Baby jogger city tour 2 stroller into a journey device, you may want special adapters with the intention to will let you click on the car seat. For now, there are adapters for infant jogger city cross and graco click join infant car seats.  that is a very realistic solution for parents who do no longer need to buy a huge stroller simplest for the primary few months (or who without a doubt do now not have sufficient area at home). With this primary upgrade, you may use City Tour 2  from day one with an infant car seat and speedy flow your baby from car to stroller.

Baby Jogger City Tour 2 has deeper seat & adjustable leg rest

This is great news for Baby Jogger fans! The new model finally has a deeper seat – something that all parents really expected!

There were many complaints about the original City Tour seat being too shallow – many parents said their children were literally sliding out of the seat. It will no longer be a problem. The 2019 Baby Jogger City Tour 2 has increased the seat depth and is now more comfortable for toddlers.

In addition, now the leg support easily swings up and down. With this feature, this lightweight stroller is perfect for a nap on the go.

 Baby jogger city tour 2 stroller Review

Whether you want to use City Tour 2 for a small baby or toddler who still needs his nap during the day, they can support their feet and lie down comfortably.

I’m really glad Baby Jogger has added these features.

Baby Jogger City Tour 2 has upgraded folding mechanism & different fold size

When folded, the stroller looks the same, but the folding mechanism is a little different. Now you have two buttons on the handlebars (instead of one) – you have to slide the upper button to the side, then press the lower button to fold the stroller.

Once you’ve press the buttons, the folding process is exactly the same as on the original City Tour. The stroller folds up into a small package and locks automatically. Everything can be done with one hand. Unfortunately, City Tour 2 still does not offer autonomous folding.

The fold dimensions are slightly different. Once folded, the 2019 Baby Jogger City Tour 2 is: 21.6 “L x 16.9” W x 6.8 “H. It is actually a little smaller and flatter. changed – it’s still slightly over 14 pounds!

What’s great about this stroller is that it comes with a travel bag so you can easily carry it around the museum, Disneyland, the airport, or just up the stairs in your building. It also simplifies storage and protects the stroller from dust.

There is one thing you should know about this travel bag – it has a shoulder strap, unlike the old City Tour bag which had backpack style straps. Some parents say it is more like a demotion than an upgrade.

Baby Jogger City Tour 2 has new colors

It’s the only thing that has changed in the look of City Tour 2. Now the stroller looks more elegant and the fabric is a bit shiny. There are three colors in the catalog: Jet (black), Seacrest (dark blue) and Slate (silver). On Amazon, you can check which ones are currently available. Personally, I like the Seacrest the most, but it’s just my opinion

Features That Haven’t Changed

Near-flat recline

This new stroller for 2019 has a deep tilt which is very impressive as for such a small stroller. But it is not completely flat.

The tilt mechanism is still the same as on the old model – buckle with straps – which can be operated with one hand when you lower the backrest, but with two hands when you lift it. This is probably the most common mechanism for low budget and mid priced strollers.


This new model has the same UV 50+ awning with three extendable panels, a sun visor and a peek-a-boo window. The shape is a little different, but the overall size and the amount of shade it provides are the same.


The handlebars have a fixed height, which means that you cannot adjust it to your height. In my opinion, it is more comfortable to push for short and medium parents, for a tall person (more than 6 feet), this may seem a little too low.

What I like about this handle is that it’s rubberized, just like the original City Tour stroller. No foam covers that would tear easily.


Like the previous version, Baby Jogger City Tour 2 has as an alternative small wheels which can be specifically suitable for flat surfaces, however quick grass or cobblestones shouldn’t be a problem for them . The the front wheels also are lockable, which gives the stroller more balance on rougher surfaces..

It is a city and travel stroller, so don’t expect it to handle sand or gravel. Oh, and keep in mind that “Baby Jogger” is just the name of the brand – this stroller is definitely not designed for running.


The basket below the seat remained the identical. It is not small, however it is not huge either. It’s miles enough for a medium diaper bag. In step with other mother and father who personal this stroller, the basket is respectable like that of a compact stroller. However, some of them factor out that the fabric might be more potent and more durable.

  • Suitable from birth – with cradle or infant car seat
  • More comfortable seat (deeper and with adjustable calf rest)
  • Light and compact folding – easy to transport, transport and store
  • Suitable for small car trunks and behind the driver’s seat
  • Includes a carrying bag (money saved!)
  • Its small size makes it an excellent stroller to use public transport and travel by plane
  • Good for urban surfaces and narrow places
  • Manages slightly irregular terrain
  • Easy to use, very handy, fits everywhere
  • Decent awning and storage basket
  • Does not stand up when folded
  • Accepts only two types of infant car seats: Baby Jogger City GO and Graco Click Connect
  • The harness is not user-friendly
  • Removing the fabric to clean it is quite difficult
  • Some parents complain that the front wheels are noisy, although this does not affect their performance


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