8 Best lightweight beach chair In 2019 Reviews 

You need the best beach chair by your side, whether you’re heading to the lake or the ocean. It is important to find a best lightweight beach chair that is comfortable enough for those long days on the beach. It is also important that your chair features rust-resistant coatings that will enable it to maintain its quality alongside the ocean waves even after many days.

Most chairs are sufficiently versatile for camping or sporting events to make them the perfect go – to summer item. Being adjustable means you can transform them into a comfortable upright chair from a beach lounger that is perfect for the soccer match of your child.

It can be easy to get overwhelmed with so many options on the market. Before you spend your hard-earned money, there are many features you should know about the best beach chair. That’s why we found the best lightweight beach chairs for all your summer adventures.

20 Best Beach Chairs  2019 Reviews

Most Comfortable Beach Chair

1.Tommy Bahama Backpack Cooler Chair with Storage Pouch-best lightweight beach chair

  1. Large insulated pocket
  2. Cell phone holder
  3. Lightweight compact design
  4. Adjustable pillow
  5. best lightweight beach chair

Tommy Bahama has created the best lightweight beach chair in 16 unique colors so you always know which chair belongs to you. If you are the type of person who brings absolutely everything to the beach, this chair is for you.

It has two massive pockets on the back of the chair, perfect for towels or handbags. The best part is that one of these is insulated so you can fill it with ice to keep your drinks or snacks cold!

But what sets this best lightweight beach chair apart are the pockets along the armrests. They have been designed for your phone and your wallet. This makes it easy to track your most important assets. It also has an adjustable pillow to make your relaxation even more comfortable.

This company has devoted time and energy to developing an extremely durable and best lightweight beach chair. In fact, this best lightweight beach chair weights 7 pounds.

It can fold to form a compact shape even with shoulder straps, which greatly facilitates the access of the car to the beach, even with full hands.

The most comfortable best lightweight beach chair itself is constructed from an anti-rust aluminum frame. This increases the weight limit by up to 300 lbs. It also features an exceptionally strong 600 denier polyester fabric that is durable and easy to clean. It can be tilted in 5 positions, including a completely flat for naps on the beach.
  1. Nine colors and patterns to choose from
  2. Less chance of losing track of your chair thanks to the bright exteriors
  3. Can be carried like a backpack so your hands are free for other tasks
  4. Multiple storage pouches for all of the essentials
  5. Reclines to five different positions
  6. best lightweight beach chair
  7. One year limited warranty
  1. More expensive than other units, but the material used and the robust structure are worth the price.
  2. Low armchair, only suitable for the beach

2.Coleman Utopia Breeze Beach Sling Chair

  1. Compact and lightweight design
  2. Durable powder-coated steel frame
  3. Weighing capacity: Up to 250 lbs
  4. Portable
  5. 21-inch seat
  6. best lightweight beach chair

Are you looking for the full lightweight and portable best lightweight beach chair? So the Coleman Utopia Breeze best Beach Chair would be the first choice for you.

The chair is made with a compact and lightweight design. It is built with a powder coated steel frame that makes it quite durable.

You can spend a relaxing and comfortable day at the beach with the Coleman Utopia Breeze Sling Beach Chair. It can hold up to 250 lbs while weighing only 5.3 lbs.

The folding chair combines easy portability with a unique design that will keep you close to the ground. Apart from that, This best lightweight beach chair also allows you to stretch your legs in the sand.

In addition, the chair has a relaxed backrest that will allow you to sit in a comfortable position. It also has a spacious 21-inch seat with plenty of room to relax.

The Coleman Utopia Breeze Sling best lightweight beach chair is ideal for sunbathing on the beach, on the floor at any sporting event such as football, baseball, hiking, concerts, festivals, fishing, camping, golf, sunbeds on the roof or elsewhere. you want to configure it.

In addition, this best lightweight beach chair features a mesh cup holder that keeps a refreshing drink close at hand. A file pocket provides additional space for snacks, books, drinks and other personal items.

Most importantly, it is durably constructed of powder-coated steel, the frame of the seat can support up to 250 lbs and ensure frequent use.

The robust construction ensures that it will last a long time. Thanks to its foldable design and included carry bag that makes it portable. This portable beach chair is easy to store and carry.
  1. Mesh seat back provides excellent ventilation
  2. Light weight and affordable
  3. Large seat
  4. best lightweight beach chair
  1. A bit difficult to unfold and fold

3.Sport-Brella Recliner Chair-beach chair with built in umbrella

  1. Insulated drink pouch
  2. 3-way adjustable umbrella
  3. 4 cup drink holder
  4. Comfortable footrest
  5. best lightweight beach chair

If you are looking for most comfortable beach chair, this Sport-Brella best lightweight beach chair option should be on your list.

It is the best beach chair that can also be used for camping or tailgating. It is ultra-durable and includes features that are not seen on other chairs.

This reclining best lightweight beach chair can be tilted in 3 ways: sitting, lying or feet up. Yes, that’s right, this chair has an adjustable and removable footrest.

It is made from high quality materials, which means that it will fit your body and will not be rigid.

This 3-way swivel umbrella is what sets this chair for beach apart. It attaches to the chair near your head and can be perfectly adjusted to stay in the shade.

This is the best sunshade beach chair made of material that filters 99.5% of UVA / UVB rays. These are the cause of burning of your skin and fatigue of your eyes.

This best lightweight beach chair with built in umbrella also features an advanced insulated drink transport system.

In the distance, chairs contain only one or two glasses. You can take up to 4 drinks at your side with this chair that keeps your drinks colder longer! The compartment also has its own bottle opener, so you’ll never be stuck again.

The Sport-Brella best lightweight beach chair is also solid. It can hold up to 250 lbs. Because of its rugged frame and premium fabric. It also comes with an easy-to-use carrying bag so you do not have to fight to get it to the beach.

Best Folding Beach Chair

4.Quick Shade Adjustable Canopy Folding Beach Chair

  1. Multi-functional
  2. Excellent sun shade canopy
  3. Great value for the money
  4. Lightweight and easy to transport
  5. best lightweight beach chair

If you are looking for an excellent versatile best lightweight beach chair, this Quick Shade option is the best folding beach chair. It may sound like a basic beach chair, but you are mistaken.

A beautiful beach chair does not need all the sophisticated gadgets to improve your beach time. A simple, well-designed chair can meet all your needs.

This adjustable canopy Best Folding Beach Chair is made of durable 600D polyester material. It resists water and stains while being easy to clean. It can support people weighing up to 225 lbs. making it ideal for the whole family. This is due to the robust steel frame.

The is the best lightweight beach chair with an awning that can be fully adjusted and even removed for those who like to have fun. It also offers excellent protection against harmful UV rays from the sun, as it can rise and tilt in all directions.

There are two cup holders for your drinks and a storage pocket in the back. All this comes in a lightweight package that is exceptionally easy to transport and transport.

5.Quik Shade Folding Quad Camp Beach Chair

  1.  Simple to set up
  2.  Lightweight design
  3.  Water and stain resistant
  4.  Great value
  5. best lightweight beach chair

Quick Shade has the best lightweight beach chair on our list. The beauty of this chair is that it perfectly combines an unbeatable price and all the quality you are looking for in a summer beach chair.

Without the added bells and whistles, this chair is ideal for beach lovers and allows you to have a comfortable place to rest from the sand.

It is made of high quality 300D polyester, which makes it resistant to water and stains. You can bring this with you without worrying about being damaged or stained. This fabric is also easy to clean, making it ideal for families.

Just water it and let it dry in the sun when you get home and the turn will be played. The frame is also made of steel, which makes it very resistant. That does not mean it has to be heavy. He weighs another 5 pounds.

It also unfolds in seconds. You no longer have to struggle to install your best lightweight beach chair. Now you can build your place and get to the water faster than ever. As a bonus, it even has a place for your iced drink in the armrest.

You can also wear this beach chair with its included shoulder bag. As compact as possible, you can store this chair in the trunk of your car and seize it at every opportunity.

6.KingCamp Folding Arm Beach Chair

  1.  Mesh cup holder
  2.  Stylish Design
  3.  Reclining back design
  4.  300 pound Capacity
  5. best lightweight beach chair

This best lightweight beach chair could be the most elegant beach chair on our list. It is not surprising that KingCamp has two places on our list as they manufacture high quality beach accessories.

This Best Folding Beach Chair comes in a beautiful shade of blue making sure you stand out from the typical beach crowd. Even though this beach chair has an umbrella, it is unique. Instead of the standard square shape, KingCamp has developed a single-angle umbrella.

It can rotate 360 ​​degrees for you to be protected, no matter the position of the sun. It can even be tilted for protection against the wind. The umbrella has been manufactured with UPF 50+ protection to ensure that you will not be burned by the sun.

The seat is made of weather-resistant nylon and fabric. Both use a specially designed lightweight steel frame that provides maximum strength while maintaining a lightweight feel that ensures the chair can support up to 300 lbs.

This set comes in an easy-to-use carrying bag that makes this chair super compact. The chair also has a cup holder perfectly placed so that your drink is always at hand.

  1. Low design makes the seat more stable on the sand
  2. Impressive weight capacity for such a compact unit
  3. Extremely portable and easy to store, doesn’t take up much space
  4. Reasonably priced
  5. Choice of blue, turquoise or pink allows you to match it to your style
  6. Suitable for both children and adults
  7. Tan your body close to how you would while laying down
  8. best lightweight beach chair
  1. No additional storage pouches included on the unit
  2. No option of a beach towel rack
  3. Low design limits the usage to beach only

Best Backpack Beach Chair

7.Rio Gear Ultimate Backpack Chair with Cooler – 5 position beach chair

  1. Molded armrests
  2. Adjustable pillow
  3. Towel rack
  4. Large storage pockets
  5. best lightweight beach chair

You may never have heard of Rio as a company, but they are excellent. They have been on the market since 1947, which means they have considerable experience and knowledge. Rio is a family business and one of the largest outdoor furniture companies.

Their Ultimate Backpack chair is the best lightweight beach chair available. Rio brands have really used their experience with this chair. It features a text line mesh design that makes you feel as if you were lying on a cloud.

The large pockets at the back can be used as extra transportation area when you go to the beach. You can even bring and keep your drinks cold, because one of the pockets is isolated! This chair has even added features like a towel rack and an adjustable pillow.

Everything about the design was thought from the connection points to the angle under which you sit. There are 5 positions that you can enjoy, including completely flat for the best naps. An aluminum frame makes this chair strong, lightweight and rust resistant. The combination of a supportive material and a solid structure makes it an excellent beach chair. It also weighs only 8 pounds. which makes it easy to transport and transport.
  1. Well ventilated material does not retain sweat or odor
  2. The aluminum frame is lightweight and easy to carry
  3. Armrests are padded for comfort
  4. Several pockets to hold all the necessary stuff
  5. Reasonable price for quality
  6. The easy-to-carry backpack design gives you a hands-free experience
  7. best lightweight beach chair
  1. Limited weight capacity compared to other units

8.AmazonBasics Zero Gravity Beach Chair

  1. Weather-resistant fabric
  2.  Powder coated frame
  3.  Padded headrest and armrest
  4.  Comes in 4 great colors
  5. best lightweight beach chair

This is the best lightweight beach chair with a traditional z design. If you’ve never tried a zero gravity chair, you’re missing out! This zero gravity chair gives the impression of floating essentially in space. They give the impression that there is no gravity that grows on your body, hence their name. This is done by the special design of the frame and the material.

To make this best lightweight beach chair even more comfortable, AmazonBasics has designed a headrest and padded armrests.

Instead of having a frame that creates a traditional seat, this zero gravity chair uses an elastic material to connect the stretch fabric to the frame. In addition, you will not stick to the fabric like some other beach chairs. The material does not retain heat, so you will not have to put a towel to protect your skin.

Do not be afraid to bring this best lightweight beach chair to the beach because the text line fabric and the bungee system are weatherproof. AmazonBasics also includes a 1-year warranty on its chair. You can rest assured that this is a high quality chair that will stand the test of time and elements.

This Best Backpack Beach Chair is made from powder-coated rails that are extremely durable, which also makes them resistant to rust. It is done at such a high level that the weight capacity is set at 300 pounds.

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