The 20 Best Biodegradable Baby Wipes of 2020

Biodegradable baby wipes decompose in just a few weeks because they are made of cotton, bamboo or wood pulp. Woodpulp and bamboo tend to decompose a little faster, and cotton wipes have a wipe-like softness for your baby. As a bonus, most biodegradable wipes use natural ingredients, perfect for sensitive skin.In This Article We reviewed 20 best biodegradable baby wipes.

20 Best Biodegradable Baby Wipes

1.Jackson Reece All-Natural Wipes

Jackson Reece All-Natural Unscented Baby Wipes

The all-natural Jackson Reece wipes are award-winning, biodegradable baby wipes with a soft, luxurious texture. The wipes contain only natural and non-irritating ingredients, perfect for the most sensitive skin.

These best biodegradable baby wipes are thick, soft and moist, based on organic wood pulp, so they are compostable. The construction is plastic-free and fully biodegradable. Parents like the fact that these wipes are hypoallergenic and tested by dermatologists. They are therefore approved for sensitive skin. Jackson Reece has added organic aloe vera to moisturize and soothe the skin.

Jackson Reece is transparent with respect to the ingredients. You do not have to fear that they introduce chemicals without your knowledge. It contains 99% natural ingredients and none of the ingredients has been tested on animals. All formulas use ingredients derived from vegetable extracts or renewable plants.

Jackson Reece best biodegradable baby wipes offers natural and herbal varieties. Natural wipes are 100% unscented and herbal wipes use natural plant-based fragrances. Both are 100% paraben free and alcohol free.

  • Made of organic wood pulp
  • Free of harmful chemicals
  • Dermatologist approved
  • Thick and sturdy wipes
  • Hard to pull out single wipes
  • Expensive

2.Natracare Organic Cotton Baby Wipes

Natracare Organic Cotton Baby Wipes

If you want biodegradable organic cotton wipes, Natracare is an excellent choice. They are scented with organic essential oils, which gives them a light and refreshing scent. Parents love their thickness and softness to not irritate your baby, but hard enough to empty everything from the bottom.

The construction of Natracare best biodegradable baby wipes means they are 100% biodegradable, thick and fluffy, but also free of harmful chemicals. The formula also contains essential oils of chamomile, linden and apricot.

Natracare best biodegradable baby wipes has been awarded the quality seal of the Soil Association because they are made from 100% certified organic cotton infused with natural essential oils and herbal extracts. If you want your wipes to stay organic, Natracare is the solution.

  • 100% cotton construction
  • Super soft, cloth-like texture
  • Enriching and moisturizing
  • Free of chemicals
  • Certified organic
  • Expensive
  • Uses essential oils

3.Aleva Naturals

Aleva Naturals

It’s hard not to like Aleva Naturals Baby Wipes. These are bamboo wipes that decompose faster than most competing brands, degrading in less than 21 days. The solution is full of natural and nourishing ingredients to help your baby’s skin. The bamboo construction is luxuriously soft while being sturdy enough to scour it as needed.

Aleva Naturals best biodegradable baby wipes not only clean the buttocks of your baby, but they also help moisturize the skin. Ingredients include organic aloe vera, chamomile, tea tree oil and lavender oil. Aleva Naturals never uses harsh chemicals such as parabens, chlorine, dyes or phenoxyethanol. These wipes are certified vegan and humane; it is important!

That’s not all. These wipes have a guarantee of customer satisfaction without asking questions, so you have nothing to lose if you try them.

  • Pleasant natural scent
  • Bamboo rayon decomposes quickly.
  • Thick and sturdy
  • Enriched with organic ingredients
  • A bit thin
  • The wipes stick together.
  • Not as moist as could be.

4. Most Eco-Friendly Brand

Most Eco-Friendly Brand

Here is a newcomer to the market for best biodegradable baby wipes. Joonya Baby is an Australian brand created in 2013 by parents who wanted to stop their son’s diaper rash with a natural alternative to baby wipes. The list of ingredients is impressive, avoiding some of the milder chemicals that other brands like to keep, such as sodium benzoate and potassium sorbate.

 They offer quality packaging with a reliable battery, one wipe at a time, virtually fragrance free. Joonya has used a preservative and a unique antimicrobial, based on silver dihydrogen citrate, which replaces chemical alternatives.

Parents love the list of ingredients in these best biodegradable baby wipes, including jojoba oil, aloe vera and chamomile. What you will not find are nasty ingredients, such as chlorine, alcohol, petrochemicals, parabens or phenols.

  • Safe ingredient list
  • Large wipe size
  • Plant-based cloth material
  • Moisturizing
  • Don’t separate well

5.Eco by Naty Baby Wipes

Eco by Naty Baby Wipes

Eco-friendly parents love Eco by Naty, a Swedish baby brand created in 1994. The founder of Eco by Naty started as a business entrepreneur after becoming aware of the environmental impact of disposable diapers. Eco by Naty also creates a biodegradable disposable diaper for parents who want to live eco-friendly lives.

What we like about Eco by Naty is that they do not create a better layer thanks to a shortcut. They use high quality biobased materials that are about five times more expensive than their competitors and they pass the highest certifications.

Eco by Naty creates durable, fragrance-free wipes that smell fresh. The wipe solution contains 98% water and contains all-natural ingredients, such as extracts of chamomile and aloe. The fabric itself is 100% composed of renewable herbal materials. You will not find chlorine, alcohol, parabens, perfumes or other harmful chemicals.

  • Hypoallergenic
  • Compostable and biodegradable
  • Free of nasty chemicals
  • Might irritate skin

6.Happy Little Camper

Happy Little Camper

Happy Little Camper best biodegradable baby wipes are soft, eco-friendly baby wipes, and are also disposable in the bathroom and safe. The wipes comply with the INDA and EDANA guidelines for emptying and protection against septic tanks. Parents like the fact that they are hypoallergenic and tested by dermatologists to be safe for all skin types.

Happy Little Camper best biodegradable baby wipes uses organic aloe vera to soothe and moisturize your baby’s skin, while the cotton construction creates a soft, cloth-like rag without any chemicals, scents or irritants. The wipes do not contain silicones, parabens or ethyl alcohol.

Although Happy Little Camper wipes are listed as flushable, we do not recommend anyone to do so. This can damage your plumbing, sewage systems or local marine life. Forget this part of these wipes.

  • Packaging made from recycled materials
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Dermatologist tested
  • Cotton construction is fully biodegradablePackaging made from recycled materials
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Dermatologist tested
  • Cotton construction is fully biodegradable
  • Removing just one wipe is hard
  • Could clog pipes
  • Dry out a little too fastRemoving just one wipe is hard
  • Could clog pipes
  • Dry out a little too fast

7.The Honest Company

The Honest Company Fragrance-Free Baby Wipes

You’ve probably heard of The Honest Company and the products they sell. Their best biodegradable baby wipes are a popular choice for environmentally friendly parents. They love the silky, soft texture and the extra thickness that makes green even more pleasant.

Honest Company wipes are biodegradable, plant-based and plastic-free. With medical-grade materials, wipes are ideal for sensitive skin with clean ingredients, while being thick for the toughest jobs. The wipes are large in size and robust in construction. The wipes come out one at a time as they should!

It should be noted that although Honest Company wipes are labeled as biodegradable, the disclaimer on the package indicates that they “biodegrade in municipal or industrial facilities”. This means that you will not be able to compost these wipes. the actual biodegradability of these wipes.

  • Super soft and thick
  • Gentle on skin
  • Free of harsh chemicals
  • Don’t use synthetic fragrancesSuper soft and thick
  • Gentle on skin
  • Free of harsh chemicals
  • Don’t use synthetic fragrances
  • Expensive
  • Might take longer to break down than others.
  • Company is vague about the level of biodegradability.

8.Bum Boosa Bamboo Wipes

Bum Boosa Bamboo Products Baby Wipes

If you want to save the planet, manufacturers of bamboo wipes Bum Boosa are too. The company is proactive in safeguarding the planet. She plants a tree for every pack of baby wipes sold.

These best biodegradable baby wipes are made of 100% bamboo fiber and are therefore fully biodegradable and easy to use on the planet. Parents love the softness and stretch of these wipes, which smell good because Bum Boosa has added lavender and sweet orange essential oils. They also use clean and natural ingredients such as calming calendula, chamomile and aloe vera.

Bum Boosa wipes are free of alcohol, chlorine, parabens, phthalates, phenols, SLS, lanolin and SLES. They are incredibly safe and gentle for your baby.

  • Biodegradable bamboo
  • Soft and absorbent
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Great for sensitive skin.
  • Smaller than regular wipes
  • Uses essential oils
  • Hard to get a single wipe removed from the package.

9.Best Sustainably Sourced Baby Wipe

Best Sustainably Sourced Baby Wipe

Caboo Bamboo best biodegradable baby wipes are another popular choice for the best biodegradable baby wipes. These wipes are made of 100% organic bamboo and 99.7% natural ingredients. They are therefore ideal for the environment and sensitive skin. What we like about Caboo is that they do not use any bamboo, but that Caboo respects pandas, so they do not steal food from wild animals. It’s bamboo from sustainable sources.

Caboo has enriched wipes with vitamin E, aloe vera and chamomile. Not only do they clean your baby, but they also help moisturize and soothe the skin. These eco-friendly wipes are plant alternatives to traditional tree-based wipes. They do not contain alcohol, chlorine, BPA and parabens.

  • Made from sustainably sourced bamboo
  • Hypoallergenic
  • No harmful chemicals or fragrances
  • Thick
  • Strong scent
  • Wipes clump together
  • Small wipes

10.Most Affordable Biodegradable Baby Wipe

Most Affordable Biodegradable Baby Wipe

Babygaics are an excellent set of baby wipes. They are herbal, hypoallergenic, dermatologically tested and fully biodegradable. Babyganics Baby Wipes are ideal for babies with sensitive skin. This is a brand well known to parents.

These best biodegradable baby wipes are free of synthetic fragrances and corrosive chemicals that can irritate your child’s skin. Babyganics products contain aloe vera, excellent for moisturizing your baby’s skin.

One thing to note is that Babyganics markets its wipes as disposable in the toilet, and they follow all the guidelines for emptying. At the same time, we know that it is not wise to empty wipes in general.

  • Biodegradable
  • Great for sensitive skin
  • Reasonably priced
  • Flushable and septic safe
  • Thinner than competitors

11.Aleva Naturals Bamboo Baby Wipes

Aleva Naturals Bamboo Baby Wipes

You can choose from many eco-friendly best biodegradable baby wipes, but the ones I found work best for my baby, myself and the environment should be Aleva Naturals Bamboo Baby Wipes . They are made from 100% natural bamboo, which is by far one of the most environmentally friendly materials in the world.

Aleva Naturals bamboo best biodegradable baby wipes are literally 100% herbal and are among the softest and strongest baby wipes I’ve ever seen. Bamboo is known for its extra-strong fibers while offering a soft texture to the touch. Plus, it’s made from organic aloe vera, chamomile, natural tea tree oil and lavender oil that gives babies a silky, silky feel.

And if your baby has sensitive skin, these eco-friendly wipes are for you. All ingredients are certified organic, so they are safe for newborns and children. Plus, they’re 100% biodegradable, making it a fantastic sustainable choice for any family.

12.The Honest Company Fragrance-Free Baby Wipes

The Honest Company Fragrance-Free Baby Wipes

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It happens quite often that baby wipes, in general, come with a kind of perfume, which suggests to me that wipes contain a kind of dangerous phthalate or chlorine. However, this is certainly not the case with The Honest Company’s fragrance-free baby wipes  which work wonders for baby burns.

One of the best benefits of these eco-friendly wipes is that they are 99% water-based, making them extremely easy to remove. Not only that, but they are 100% naturally biodegradable and purely vegetable. These wipes are really amazing and clean extremely well!

Enriched with many natural oils and herbal blends, including pomegranate, chamomile, cucumber and master leaf, you’ll leave your baby feeling extra soft, gentle and clean all day long. If you have not watched The Honest Company, they are worth a look.

13.Bum Boosa Bamboo Products Baby Wipes

Bum Boosa Bamboo Products Baby Wipes

If you’re a fan of bamboo wipes, look no further than Bum Boosa Bamboo Products baby wipes . As you may already know, bamboo is one of the best green alternatives to plastic, cotton and other less environmentally friendly products. 100% antibacterial, antifungal and hypoallergenic, you can not go wrong with bamboo baby wipes.

These eco-friendly best biodegradable baby wipes are some of the best bamboo baby wipes on the market. Made from 100% bamboo, they have all the amazing qualities that make bamboo products so great. These baby wipes are thick, strong, highly absorbent and 100% biodegradable. Along with that, they are naturally scented with a touch of sweet orange and lavender, which leaves your baby feeling good for hours.

I am a big fan of bamboo products in general and can only recommend this beautiful plant. The use of alternative materials such as bamboo, hemp, recycled materials, etc. is more and more important in our environmental situation. So, consider going green by using more bamboo!

14.Bambo Nature Tidy Bottoms Baby Wipes

Bambo Nature Tidy Bottoms Baby Wipes

Staying in the green products stream for baby wipes is the kind of thing I like best, which makes me happy to suggest Bambo Nature Tidy Bottoms baby wipes . Although these eco wipes are a little more expensive than their competitors, they also have some advantages over others.

These baby wipes from Bambo Nature are among the only ones that have been dermatologically tested and virtually guaranteed to relieve any overwork or other discomfort for your baby. They are also 100% paraben free because of their fragrance-free formula that aims to clean everything that is going bad.

The main advantage of Bambo Nature Tidy Bottoms best biodegradable baby wipes is that they have been tested as being free of perfume, parabens, dyes, bleaches, chlorine and other harmful chemicals. Again, they may be more expensive than baby eco wipes, but they are safe.

15.Caboo Tree-Free Bamboo Baby Wipes

Best Sustainably Sourced Baby Wipe

Did someone say bamboo baby wipes? You know I like all bamboo, so I had to try Caboo’s tree-free baby wipes . You speak of an excellent product! Here are some of the most affordable baby wipes that are eco-friendly and environmentally friendly.

Caboo tree-free baby wipes are made from organically grown bamboo, making them 100% herbal, which, as you may know, is one of the most environmentally friendly materials in the world. the planet. These baby wipes do not contain alcohol, chlorine, parabens, formaldehyde, phthalates or any other harmful chemicals, as they are not 100% scented.

These bamboo best biodegradable baby wipes are not only made of incredibly green material, but they are also FDA certified (among many other certifications) and only draw bamboo from areas where pandas do not eat. That makes Caboo 100% “pandora-friendly” baby wipes a huge gain for the planet!

16.Eco by Naty Thick Baby Wipes

Eco by Naty Baby Wipes

When you’re looking for eco-friendly best biodegradable baby wipes, you want to make sure they’re biodegradable to minimize waste on our planet. Well, Naty’s thick baby wipes  do just that and much more! My baby and I gave these baby wipes a shot and we could not have been happier.

These best biodegradable baby wipes are fantastic because they are exceptionally thick and have been dermatologically tested. Since they are fragrance free, they are also free of phthalates, parabens, alcohol, chlorine, sulphates or artificial colors. Plus, they’re enriched with chamomile extract and aloe vera, leaving your baby with a soothing scent.

All the ingredients that make up these amazing eco-friendly baby wipes are 100% renewable herbal materials and are all natural ingredients directly extracted from plants. This is great because it fits well with the sustainable future we can all aspire to.

17.Bloom Baby Unscented Baby Wipes

Bloom Baby Unscented Baby Wipes

Some of the most popular eco-friendly best biodegradable baby wipes wish to have the same qualities as Bloom Baby Unscented baby wipes. The reason is that they easily cover all the necessary requirements for a really safe and environmentally friendly baby wipe that you can use for your baby and his family in general.

Bloom Baby’s fragrance-free best biodegradable baby wipes are made from a special EcoFiber formula that is almost all water. None of their wipes are scented and are free of alcohol, chlorine, phthalates, formaldehyde carriers, parabens, phenols, quaternary ammonium compounds, SLS, lanolin and other allergens currents. Essentially, these wipes are among the safest eco-friendly wipes on the market.

These best biodegradable baby wipes are really amazing. In addition to being certified by the USDA as organic products, they are also made from fortified vitamins of plant origin, including vitamins A, B and D, while being infused with essential oils Omega 3 and 6. In addition, the formula that makes their 100% hydro-based baby wipes comes directly from a natural glacial aquifer in Long Island, New York, which is one of the most fresh ones.

In simple terms, these eco-friendly baby wipes are extraordinary. If you have not heard of Bloom Baby Unscented baby wipes, you will definitely want to give them a chance.

18.Nature’s Dawning 100% Authentic Bamboo Wipes

Nature’s Dawning 100% Authentic Bamboo Wipes

If you thought you were done with bamboo wipes, you’d be wrong! Nature’s Dawning’s 100% Authentic Bamboo Wipes are a great choice for those who want to add some background to their bamboo portfolio. After trying these bamboo wipes, I can easily add them to this list as one of the best eco-friendly baby wipes.

One of the aspects of these best biodegradable baby wipes that I noticed right away was their size compared to the other wipes we used. In fact, Nature’s Dawning claims that bamboo baby wipes are about 20% larger than other brands of baby wipes, and I tend to agree. Not only that, they are made from 100% bamboo, they are fragrance free, bleach free, and extremely durable.

The use of bamboo baby wipes is one of the most effective ways to combat the excessive use of non-eco-friendly materials, such as cotton and plastic. Bamboo is not only 100% naturally biodegradable, but it is also much softer, more durable and more breathable than other materials, making it, in my opinion, obvious.

19.Clearly Herbal Gentle Baby Wipes

Clearly Herbal Gentle Baby Wipes

Using eco-friendly best biodegradable baby wipes is a great way to protect your baby from harmful chemicals and provide a soothing experience. Clearly Herbal Baby Wipes (link to read reviews on Amazon) are great eco-friendly baby wipes and are probably the most effective of all the baby wipes on this list to remove all kinds of items when cleaning.

What makes these best biodegradable baby wipes so interesting is that they are equipped with a pod technology that effectively lifts and removes objects during cleaning. You may have already seen similar models with other mainstream brands, but it is almost guaranteed that these traditional brands are not environmentally friendly.

In addition to the ability of these best biodegradable baby wipes to eliminate all kinds of objects during cleaning, they are made without any artificial fragrance and include only the use of several essential oils derived from natural lavender, chamomile, olive oil tea tree, aloe vera, etc. green tea. In terms of effective cleaning with an eco-friendly touch, I would say these are some of the best and most effective eco-friendly baby wipes you can buy today.

20.Jackson Reece All-Natural Unscented Baby Wipes

Jackson Reece All-Natural Unscented Baby Wipes

There are so many fantastic best biodegradable baby wipes to choose from, so it would not be fair to leave out one of the best: Jackson Reece’s 100% natural and fragrance-free wipes (link to read reviews on Amazon) . Although they are not made of bamboo, they are made from 100% organic wood pulp, which makes it an effective ecological solution.

I love these Jackson Reece best biodegradable baby wipes because they are certified biodegradable, 100% compostable, hypoallergenic and are produced from ingredients derived from plant and plant extracts. They are also made with certified organic aloe vera, which will certainly soothe your baby’s irritation. Not only that, but they are 100% made in the UK and 100% vegan.

21.Baby Bits Natural Baby Wipes Solution

Baby Bits Natural Baby Wipes Solution

Of all the eco-friendly wipes on this list, I wanted to include something a little different. Baby Bits’ natural solution for baby wipes is actually an organic solution that dissolves in water so you can turn your reusable wipes into eco-friendly wipes!

Baby Bits Natural Baby Wipes solution cubes are fantastic because they are extremely effective in helping you turn your everyday wipes into eco-friendly wipes. As an effective cleaning solution, you can wet at least 1,000 reusable baby wipes in one set. These “pieces” are also 100% vegetable ingredients and are free from any dairy products, wheat, soy or animal origin. You can even use the solution on the layers!

I was a bit hesitant before buying these cubes of baby wipes solution, but with ingredients including natural coconut oil, organic plantains, chickweed, olive oil virgin, tea tree oil and lavender, I was convinced enough to try them. In addition, they are 100% made in the United States, so it was an easy sell for me!

 Best Biodegradable Baby Wipes Buyer’s Guide

Biodegradable Baby Wipes vs. Traditional Baby Wipes

Are you wondering about the differences between traditional and biodegradable baby wipes? You may not notice the differences, but the environment will do it.

If you use cloth diapers or biodegradable disposable diapers, the planet also appreciates you with biodegradable baby wipes. Traditional baby wipes are mainly made of polyester or polypropylene fibers, which means that the wipes are made of wipes. In addition, like any other plastic, synthetic wipes take a long time to decompose.

Like disposable diapers, baby wipes take hundreds of years to break down.

The sewers are clogged by the wipes thrown into the toilet. Marine life eats wipes, and wipes fill the dumps over the years.

Biodegradable wipes, unlike traditional baby wipes, are made from natural materials, such as wood pulp, bamboo or cotton, and decompose in a few weeks. So you always have the option of using baby wipes in an environmentally friendly packaging.

Materials for Biodegradable Baby Wipes

As for the biodegradability of baby wipes, this will depend on the materials used to create these wipes. If the wipes are made from synthetic materials, such as plastic, they will not biodegrade, but if they are made from natural organic materials, they will biodegrade.

Of course, even biodegradable materials vary depending on the time required for decomposition in the compost bin or discharge. Modern landfills are sealed to prevent the entry of oxygen, which can affect the rate of decomposition.

Some of the most common baby wipe fabrics are:


Cotton is an excellent choice for baby wipes because cotton is a plant, so it will decompose completely over time. Cotton breaks down more quickly in an oxygen-rich environment.


Bamboo baby wipes biodegrade as quickly as possible, which is why many brands use bamboo. Some bamboo baby wipes can decompose in just three weeks.

Wood paste

Wood pulp wipes decompose quickly in 12 weeks. It’s a very good choice!

Viscose rayon

Rayon comes from trees and is considered a semi-synthetic cellulosic tissue. Under the right conditions, rayon can decompose faster than cotton in about six weeks, but biodegradation in a landfill can take decades. So, this may not be an ideal choice.


Almost everyone knows that polyester is a plastic, it will not biodegrade over time. It is a common material used in clothing.


Polypropylene is another plastic material, so it will not be biodegraded either. Ignore this material if you want biodegradable baby wipes.

How to Pick the Best Biodegradable Baby Wipes

Not all wipes are designed the same way, so it’s important to consider how to choose the best biodegradable baby wipes.

Respectful of nature

Make sure baby wipes are made from sustainable natural resources so they break down quickly. Examine the composition of the wipes, such as bamboo, and the source of the materials.

Forget the cleaning of wipes, even if they are labeled disposable in the toilet. Regardless of the claim of a disposable wipe in the toilet, they clog the plumbing or manage to get to the ocean.


A thin wipe will not do you any good. Do you want shit stained on your hands? Probably not. Ecological wipes must be as effective as traditional wipes.

Good for sensitive skin

Consider the ingredients. Are they clean and safe for the delicate skin of your baby? You do not want ingredients that could irritate your skin. The sweetness of the ingredients is just as crucial as the hard construction.


A rough texture can irritate the delicate bottom of your child. Try to find a soft and comfortable wipe so you do not disturb your baby by wiping his buttocks.


Biodegradable wipes will cost more than ordinary wipes, but you should not pay more than you pay. Make sure to compare products and prices.

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