Best Motorcycle Helmets With Bluetooth and GPS 2019 – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Using mobile phones and to communicate with friends and fellow travelers during driving motorbike can be very difficult and risky if you do not know the right way of communication during driving and you do not have best motorcycle helmets with bluetooth and gps.

The use of phone during driving can cause serious accidents. Your hands are busy to keep mobile phones rather than hold the motorcycle handle.

Does this mean that there is now secure way of communicating during travelling?

There is a way!

The only way of communicating during driving is to use the best motorcycle helmets 2019.This is not a common helmet and you will quickly notice.

Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets 2019

Deciding the motorcycle helmets with bluetooth and gps 2019 can be a challenging task. Here we can select top 10 best bluetooth helmets for motorcycles for yours easiness. Some of these products have their Pros And Cons. Now you can decide the best Bluetooth motorcycle helmets 2019 according to your need.

Product Name Intercom Range Weight Talk Time Size Prize
ILM Modular
(Our Winner)
1000 Foot 1.8kg 8 Hours Medium Check Price
BILT Techno
(Best for the Bucks)
1290 Foot 1.3kg 8 Hours Medium Check Price
IV2 953 Dual Visor 1200 Foot 2.7kg 8 Hours Large Check Price
O’Neal Commander 118 Foot 1.8kg 10 Hours Small Check Price
TORC TB27 100 Foot 2.1kg 8 Hours Medium Check Price
HJC CL-Max 2 N/A 2.2kg N/A Large Check Price
TORC T10B Prodigy 100 Foot 1.8kg 8 Hours Medium Check Price
TORC T14B Unknown 2.5kg Unknown X- Small Check Price
Bell Qualifier DLX N/a 2.2kg N/a X- Large Check Price
Origine O528B Pilota 100 Foot 1.5kg 5 Hours Medium Check Price

1. BILT Techno 2.0 – Safest Motorcycle Helmet 2018 , Best Motorcycle Helmets With Bluetooth and GPS

Those people who want the best motorcycle helmets with bluetooth and gps 2019 high in quality and low in price, then the BILT 2.0 is the best option for them. The safest helmet with Bluetooth is equipped with two way communicating systems, you can talk with fellow rider or a passenger.

The range of this best motorcycle helmets with bluetooth and gps is up to 430 yards, which is great for rider to rider communication. The best feature I love in the BILT 2.0 is the Universal Intercom protocol, which means the helmet is paired with any Bluetooth device available in the market.

best helmets with bluetooth

The built In a DWO helmet-3 Bluetooth system make the Bluetooth capable of making phone calls and also use for listening music. The GPS system is also included in the helmet. BILT made no compromise on the quality of the helmet. This best motorcycle helmet is made from polycarbonate which play a great role in confirming that the helmet does not overheat.

The fit of the helmet is perfect. The best motorcycle helmets with bluetooth and gpst remains, and maintain its position during driving. The helmet comes with a safety fastener to make sure it does not fly off on impact. BILT helmet provides maximum comfort to its users.

The inner part of this best motorcycle helmets with bluetooth and gps is padded with high quality material so that the rider feels comfortable while driving for a long time. A sunsheild is also present to make sure your vision is not impaired owing to the scorching sunlight.

This best motorcycle helmets with bluetooth and gps is made with Noise and Echo cancellation technology It means you can hear best quality sound without any disturbance. In short, it is the best Bluetooth motorcycle helmets 2019.

  1. Long range
  2. Different color options
  3. Padding quality is good and replaceable
  4. Light weight

  1. Nil

2. ILM Modular Flip-Up  Full Face best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets 2019 ,Best Motorcycle Helmets With Bluetooth and GPS

ILM is a company which offers its customers the best features according to their need. The best thing about ILM Modular flip up helmet is the of about 1000 feet.

The claim of long range is perfectly and accurate. Some limitation is present, which arise due to the line of sight and angle of elevation. However, with these limitations the claim of high range remains the same. The rider to rider communication system work for long range.

This best motorcycle helmets with bluetooth and gps is equipped with a Built In Bluetooth 3.0 technology. This full face helmet with bluetooth is made for maximum performance. The battery work for 8 hours of talk time and 110 hours of standby before charging.

motorcycle helmets bluetooth built in

The inner side of this best motorcycle helmets with bluetooth and gps is made of microfiber lining which is washable and free from odor. The helmets are equipped with adjustable vents that allow the user to alter the ventilation system according to customer need.

This best motorcycle helmets with bluetooth and gps confirms that your hands must be on the handle. You can answer the calls and redial in an easy manner by using one touch control system while driving.

This best motorcycle helmet with bluetooth is made with Noise and Echo cancellation technology It means you can hear best quality sound. In short, it is the best Bluetooth motorcycle helmets 2019 and therefore present in the top of the list.

  1. The fits very great
  2. The quality is excellent
  3. Noise and Echo cancellation
  1. The inner padding is reasonable
  2. Limited size option

3. IV2 953 Dual Visor Best Modular Motorcycle Helmet , Best Motorcycle Helmets With Bluetooth and GPS

This best motorcycle helmets with bluetooth and gps comes with a mic and a receiver and a built-in Bluetooth device. The best motorcycle helmets with bluetooth and gps gives you all the best features a rider want during a long journey. During the deep review of the helmet we found that the inner padding and lining of the helmet is very good. The IV2 comes with the EPS absorption system. It includes a modular layout that makes possible a one-time helmet removal.

This Push button is a source of comfort for all people want  to turn a closed helmet into an open face helmet. The best motorcycle helmets with bluetooth and gps is equipped with a fog screen. The modular helmet is also resistant to scratches and lines which made it for long use.

full face bluetooth motorcycle helmet

The IV2 bluetooth helmets for motorcycles is capable of supporting 3.0 Bluetooth technology. The range of the helmet is 1200 feet and you can communicate with 4 others drivers at the same time. Although this distance is quite impressive, which is even more delightful, since most other products have the ability to connect to only one phone, this helmet can do it with two.

The only problem with the best motorcycle helmets with bluetooth and gps is that the Bluetooth is not pre installed the manual is included but still the task is   challenging.
1.Impact absorption technology and a high quality thermoplastic jacket make this helmet an excellent protection mechanism.
2. The Bluetooth comes with extra features
3. Excellent design

  1. Heavy.      
  2. Bluetooth is not pre installed. 

4. O’Neal Commander Best bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets 2019 For Small Head

When its comes to connectivity very few helmets are up-to the mark like O’Neal commander.
This bluetooth helmets for motorcycles is equipped with Bluetooth 2.0. The battery time is excellent .The battery offer 10 hours of talk time and 130 hours of standby time before recharging.

When we talk about range the O’Neal Commander offers a range of 118 feet. The rider to rider communication is impressing. You can answer calls and listen to music by using the Bluetooth technology.

bluetooth helmet modular

These manufacturers of vibrating helmets understand that customers want aesthetics and style in all their accessories, even in protective equipment. This best motorcycle helmets with bluetooth and gps thus manages to create an elegant appearance combining yellow and black. It is equipped with a scratch-proof material to ensure that a pleasant appearance remains intact for a long time.

In addition, the inclusion of a drop-shaped sun visor incorporated in the helmet serves as a source of comfort for users. When you add it to the removable liner and cheek pads, you should feel as comfortable as possible. Due to these characteristics, it is included in the list of the best Bluetooth motorcycle helmets 2019
  1. Best in Price (Affordable)
  2.  Excellent customer support
  3.  Great battery
  1.  Screen becomes foggy with time.
  2.  Visor is stuck quite often.

5. TORC TB27 – Best  Modular Helmet 2019 , Best Motorcycle Helmets With Bluetooth and GPS

bluetooth modular motorcycle helmet

For a long journey bulky helmets are not good and offten avoided by the rider.For rider who like light weight helmetc the Torc Offers a great product.The Torc Tb27 is one of the best in the list.

This best motorcycle helmets with bluetooth and gps is light weight but made from a durable material and the exterior of the helmet is free from scrach. The helmet is very stable .the Bluetooth remain on in every condition such as windy weather and high speed.

The full face best motorcycle helmets with bluetooth and gps is equipped with bluetooth 2.0 technolgy you can receive calls and listen music .

This best motorcycle helmets with bluetooth and gps has taken several steps in terms of visibility to ensure that your vision stays clear, no matter how long the trip. This is guaranteed by the fact that the visor is resistant to scratches and fog. The product also provides visibility with a visor hidden in the bright sun.

Since the Bluetooth module is perfectly hidden in the helmet gasket, the inconvenient positioning of the device does not need to be worried. The sound system is also powerful enough to suppress noise from traffic and allows you to enjoy a peaceful journey.

1. Solid construction
2. Impact absorption
3. Allow ventilation
4. Excellent bluetooth performance


1. The chin peace rubber tends to move when the helmet is removed.

6. HJC Solid CL-Max 2 – Best helmet for sport biker , Best Motorcycle Helmets With Bluetooth and GPS

HJC CL-Max 2

The next best motorcycle helmets with bluetooth and gps is the HJC Solid CL-Max 2. HJC Solid sought to provide performance as well as customer convenience through its sport bike helmet. The best features of this helmets are the single button face shield and the adjustable and removable chin bar.

The Single button feature is a good option and most riders prefer the single button face option. The helmet is made of polycarbonate shell Which makes the helmet light weight and the helmet is very comfortable for wear.

The disliking feature of the bluetooth helmet is that and you are expose to the sun.Your skin remains ashen and burned when you reach your destination. HJC offers a protective face shield with UV protection to protect it from accidents, but also from nature.

This best motorcycle helmets with bluetooth and gps  is designed for ventilation. The ventilation feature is more versatile as compare to other helmets. The air is allow to enter from the front vents as well as from the back vents due to which the helmets remain cool.

The Bluetooth system is not pre – installed. The helmet has a Bluetooth design that you need to add. This undermines the convenience he claims to offer for me.
  1.  Various colors options
  2.  Different sizes are available
  3. UV Protection screen

1. Without Bluetooth Unit
2. Sound quality is not good

7. TORC T10B Prodigy Best Lightweight Motorcycle Helmet

TORC T10B Prodigy

It is safe to say that you are concerned that your Bluetooth defender cannot resist closing time? Assuming this is the case, you may need to incorporate the TORC T10B into your life.

A distinctive component of this subject is its protection against water. Regardless of whether it pours heavily, you do not need to emphasize the range of the Bluetooth device or the nature of the association. Both changes are modified by TORC.

2.0 builtin bluetooth best motorcycle helmets with bluetooth and gpst, allows you to talk with fellow or traveler. Anyway, there is a problem. The other party must use a Blinc end cap to allow this conversation. Many of you may think this is a negative necessity.

When it comes to offering exceptional sound, the TORC T10B can offer clean and constant function. This is possible way to the inclusion of speakers collectively with a microphone that cancels the noise.

The loudspeaker quantity adjusts itself to the noise of the encompassing environment, so the helmet requires minimal input from the user. All you need to do is concentrate on the road while receiving calls and streaming song.

The ABS shell is also lightweight and equipped with adjustable air vents to make you feel comfortable with the airflow extension that enters and leaves the helmet.

1. 8 hours battery life
2. Long range of 100 feet
3. The sunscreen anti – fog allows the use of this helmet in all weather conditions.


1. Limited design and colors
2. Sound is little slow

8. TORC T14B Mako Nuke – Best Bluetooth  Helmet Under $200 , Best Motorcycle Helmets With Bluetooth and GPS


Heavy duty helmets have their advantages, the most important of which is probably the ability of such protective equipment to ensure that your skull is not damaged in the event of an accident. The TORC T14B best motorcycle helmets with bluetooth and gps is one of those heavy-duty products you may want.

The inner side of this best motorcycle helmets with bluetooth and gps is lined with high quality material. This lining absorbs all the moisture and ensures that the helmet does not smell badly. The removable and washable nature of the mountain guarantees even more.

The interior of the product is lined with quality material. This lining absorbs all the moisture, thereby making sure that the helmet doesn’t start exhibiting a foul smell. This is further guaranteed by the removable and machine-washable nature of the lining.

The T14B dropdown visor is able to correct the flaw of many TORC helmets, i.e. when you adjust it is not stuck. This improvement allows superior visibility when added to the scratch – free shield.

This helmet’s built – in Bluetooth unit can also be used to connect smartphones and other drivers. Even if you speed up the motorcycle above 60 MPH, the sound quality is appreciable.

1. Impact absorption sytem
2. Dual visor helps improve visibility.
3. The design of the helmet is attractive.


 1. Heavy in weight
2. The ventilation system does not provide enough airflow

9. Bell Qualifier DLX Noise cancellation helmet

Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets

Light, safe and high-quality Wireless-the Bell Qualifier has all the right features and has received favorable reviews from the masses. In addition to the different parts in the shell, its construction enabled users to offer a new noise-free solution to their specific communication problems. The polycarbonate materials inside the cover make the helemts light, while its design and style eliminate the noise that typically affects by the wind.

Not only is the internal padding breathable, it is also antibacterial. This particular feature helps to ensure that head protection is not a breeding ground for diseases. The padding is also generally shaped to be as comfortable as possible. I liked the washing of both the pads and the lining.

DLX modular motorcycle helmet with bluetooth is also equipped with integrated audio speakers that make audio listening a memorable and relaxing experience. Even if the helmet is able to have a Bluetooth unit, that package is not present in the package.

1. The breath deflector makes the need to constantly clean the screen
2. The matt black finish gives real look to the helmet.
3. Various colors options

  1. The sizes are too restrictive
  2. To buy a Bluetooth unit, you need to spend extra money. 

10. Origine O528B Pilota – Best Budget Helmet with Bluetooth

Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets

This best motorcycle helmets with bluetooth and gps built in is not like other products on this list because it is usually a scooter helmet. But the pleasant product and esthetics are absolutely nothing short of specimens. The product in question comes with 3. 0 Bluetooth, so you can take advantage of all the great features of Wireless Bluetooth technology. This ranges from conversation between pilot and pilot to incoming phone calls.

The dual ring D-ring also ensures that the helmet suits firmly and rotate on impact. Which means this stationary works a position to keep you safe from damage. The particular helmet is to be had within an expansion of colours, which gives customers autonomy.


1. Many like the retro style of the helmet.
2. Comfortable to wear
3. Nice fit

1. 1. Bluetooth drivers are not user-friendly.

Buyer’s Guide – Things to Look For When Buying a best motorcycle helmets with bluetooth and gps 2019

Almost all purchases must be made after taking various factors into account. Since the best  Bluetooth motorcycle helmets can be very costly, make no mistake when selecting any product on the market. Make sure you think of it instead.

Number of Riders

Which best motorcycle helmet is good for you will certainly count on what the person wants to get from this. For starters, select the many riders that you wish to stay attached together and on the street. These decision requirements must be obtained prior to purchase, given that different helmets allow you to connect to different quantities of units. A person does not want him to get stuck with an item that allows you to connect to one of them when you really need three.

In addition, the number of people a person wants to connect controls the product range. For example, a variety of 500 backyards may be more like satisfactory for small groups, but not for larger types. Therefore, count your travel friends before you start buying the best wireless Bluetooth helmet.

Where You Will Be Using the Helmet

Are you planning on going on a good adventure on the motorcycle exactly where open fields surround a person? Until now have to have a helmet for the town? You choose to be riding furthermore governs the kind of helmet that will is well suited for you.

This is because an open field that does not have many obstacles requires less space than driving on a busy city road. Similarly, if there is a lot of rain in the city where you live, your Bluetooth helmet should be able to withstand water.

Look for Voice Prompt Feature

The full moment of having a new Bluetooth helmet is the ability to use a speakerphone for your problem regarding connecting others and viewing routes. Therefore, if a new helmet needs to be personally configured to make phone calls or change settings, this particular advantage will suffer greatly.

Thus, be sure to look at the helmets containing voice requests. At the end of the day, the helmet should keep you safe, and voice prompts help in this endeavor.

High-Quality Sound Is a Must

As a rule, the extent to which a new system can cancel the noise and whether it provides clear and clean sound tracks is what the motorcycle head protection does or possibly breaks. You must ensure that the helemts you take has an improved audio system as a rule. This is usually because nothing in terms of the characteristics of a typical Bluetooth helmet means so much at the end of the day, if the high quality of the sound is usually not very good.

Set a Budget and Do Your Research

Bluetooth motorcycle helmets 2019 are usually on the expensive side, yet even in this excellent range you can find items that are too expensive, as well as some that are somewhat cheap. You need to establish a budget of expenses from the moment of receipt and sift the items accordingly. If you do not do this, you are usually confused along with the number of options.

While there is a compromise between price and quality, almost all premium items have features that justify their higher costs. Be careful with these things. Just don’t forget that the quality of the helmet is excellent because it is expensive. Find information about your Bluetooth helmet and read reviews. Analyze whether the costs correspond to the quality of the goods delivered.

Choose The Required Additional Features

Bluetooth motorcycle helmets are available in the market. Most of them vary according to their additional features. Not all and others see the use of all features. So instead of investing in a premium product that has the capabilities you don’t need, read all the add-ons that you really want in your helmet.

Some of these additional characteristics can include the following:


For all adventurers this can be perfect. A digital camera can be an exquisite addition for those of you who buy a Bluetooth helmet for a fun day trip with your friends. Bluetooth helmets with a linked digicam enable you to record your journey opportunities. Whether it’s time lapse sequences or tune, if you have more dollars, you can have it all.

I recommend that you look for this in the product you have purchased. Even if you have a GPS that allows you to stay in touch on the road, have its benefits, I think it is a highly desirable feature to get a GPS device that provides you with headphones. I could accidentally buy a Bluetooth helmet for this  reason, but it depends on what you want.

Types of Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets

If you look at the market for a Bluetooth – based helmet, two types of products will be found. This includes helmets with Bluetooth pre – installed and helmets compatible with Bluetooth devices .

Preinstalled Bluetooth Motorcycle HelmetsHelmet-Capable Bluetooth DevicesWhich One Is Better?
These best helmets are customized and Bluetooth technology is used. This means you only buy a comprehensive answer and you don’t have to pay if you want to add some time. There is a high starting price for this comfort. However, because you have no experiment with the installation method, however, the helmet will look fashionable and will definitely work instead of human errors that cause the helmet to look cumbersome or in some cases, detract from alternatives.

For those of you who have used perfect loyalty or helmet for years, it’s likely that you just don’t want to keep a nice helmet in your hand and try a product you don’t know by offering you the same comfort. Bluetooth enabled devices are often available to you everywhere.

Both devices are part of the helmet’s appearance or are properly installed with screws and screws. The two companies you need to try will depend on the device you have invested in. These devices also feature a versatile boom microphone. Make sure the selected microphone is suitable for the type of helmet. 

In my opinion, pre-installed Bluetooth motorcycle helmets are much better than financial devices when it comes to comfort and performance and add them to your current helmet. It is true that leaving the temperature vibrates, but the fact is that you keep all the amenities and investments in the best Bluetooth helmet. When you think of the different options that a pre-installed Bluetooth motorcycle helmet offers, you will definitely agree that the money you use is worth it.

What Is a best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets 2019 and How Does It Work?

Helmets for motorcyclists with Bluetooth are often seen as a system of intercommunication systems for your trip.
They carry all the essential protection features of a helmet and provide you with a way to talk to others. This last feature, created by incorporating Bluetooth technology, is available to users, whether windy or blatant.

You may be surprised, but can this function reach the helmet? To use these helmets, this communication function uses short-range network technology, commonly known as Bluetooth. That’s why I’m not going to go into detail with Bluetooth unless you’re under the blocks, you’re a technology expert. It should be a gift from mobile phones to the desktop with various devices.

Why Do You Need a best helmets with bluetooth?

Some of you might be surprised, because you would like to pay extra cash with a Bluetooth helmet after you have repaired with the other typical helmet? while it is true that any quality helmet will protect you from damage once a disaster has occurred, there is more to the Bluetooth helmets than to their protection function.

You need a Bluetooth helmet because of the many advantages it offers. Here are some of the seemingly proven advantages.

Map Replacement

When GPS systems are involved, car users have a favorable position in rockers. Because cars are equipped with this technology and can help drivers, drivers can easily get to their destination without losing their destination. If you are on a bike and you are beating, if you are using a GPS system or not, you may not be able to hear it after the transfer. They are often} anywhere you can use a Bluetooth helmet.

Bluetooth helmets have a GPS navigation system. This suggests that you can be in the ear, alternately. I noticed that this feature is a great addition to my journey because I shouldn’t move to control the route now.

Safe Communication

Only those traveling in the package can appreciate this profit. When you travel with friends and family, you just have to contact them without connecting your phone to the helmet. How can you do this? It is easy! Most Bluetooth  helmets have at two line communication. Everything you want to try, in other words, is to talk to the helmet microphone and close drivers can listen to you.

However, this feature is not available for long distances. However, the effective connection of the opposite rider often depends on the defined Bluetooth helmet. While some offer a lot of variety, others do not, and some products do not initially offer this advantage.

Connect with Other Riders

This benefit will only be appreciated by those who travel in packs. When you are out on the road with your friends and family, you can easily communicate with them without even connecting your phone to your helmet.

How can you do so? Simple! Most Bluetooth motorcycle helmets come with a minimum of two-line communication feature. In other words, all you need to do is speak into your helmet mic and your nearby connected drivers will be able to hear you.

However, this feature is not available over long distances. How far the other rider can be for you to effectively connect with them depends on the given Bluetooth helmet. While some offer a wide range, others don’t, and some products don’t offer this benefit to begin with.

Enjoy Clear Music

Listening to music can be quite a problem with a motorcycle. When the handlebar radio can give you music, you have a little choice of what you hear. There is also a lot of road interference. The bluetooth modular helmet guarantees you listening to pleasant music. All you have to do is connect the Bluetooth helmet to the MP3 player. Once you’ve done that, you can listen to music in your helmet. Sound quality can be so good, depending on the product you choose, that you feel like enjoying a personal concert.


It is a tough decision to choose the full face bluetooth motorcycle helmet. This is because all the mentioned products are good in one way or another and they all have flaws. The ILM Bluetooth Integrated Modular Flip-Up Full Face Motorcycle Helmet was the helmet I liked the best.

When combined with the reasonable price, the impressive range of the helmet was enough for me to overlook the minor padding problem. This doesn’t mean your money is not worth the other Bluetooth helmets. Your choice can be different from mine, as other features I might not prioritize.

Choose a strongly – feeling helmet. Make sure you’re not going to be disappointed. Whatever product you choose, make sure you get the best 2019 Bluetooth motorcycle helmets. The world is moving forward, and it’s time to follow.

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