20 Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 100 Dollars 2019 – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

It’s far from a mystery that cellphone and tablet speakers are not enough. You can get an amazing sound from a Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 100 dollars a small level gadget that’s meant to fit in your backpack or pocket.

The uplifting news is ..

In fact, it’s been a while since you have to depend on your tablet or mobile phone to get great sound whenever you’re in a hurry.

Because of coordinated Bluetooth, these speakers work largely with Android, iOS and virtually all Bluetooth-enabled gadgets you own. This also incorporates your work area or PC.

What is equally essential is the way they do not require a Wi-Fi system and this makes them considerably more useful and adaptable than the Apple-only AirPlay speakers, for example. There are a lot of things you should consider and learn before buying your first Bluetooth speakers.

So what about starting?

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20 Best Bluetooth Speakers Reviews 2019

The ultra-compact JBL Flip 3 speaker with a 3000 mAh battery wins the challenge of the best Bluetooth speaker. Its robust, splash-proof construction and amazing sound quality with innovative bass, along with the innovation of the JBL interface that can remotely connect various JBL Connect + enhanced speakers together, are the highlights that make this speaker one of the best among those available.


Speaker Name Range  Play Time warranty Water Resistant Price
JBL Charge 3
(Editor’s Pick)
60 Ft 20 Hours 12 Month Yes Check Price
Anker SoundCore
(Best for the Bucks)
66 Ft 24 Hours 18 Month No Check Price
JBL Flip 3
(Editor’s Pick)
33 Ft 10 Hours 12 Month Yes Check Price
Bose SoundLink Revolve + 30 Ft 12 Hours 3 Month Yes Check Price
UE Wonderboom 80 Ft 2 Hours 24 Month No Check Price
OontZ Angle 3 PLUS 30 Ft 30 Hours 3 Month Yes Check Price
Sony XB40 40 Ft 24 Hours 12 Month Yes Check Price
AOMAIS GO 30+ Ft 12 Hours 18 Month No Check Price
SoundLink MINI 30 Ft 7 Hours 12 Month No Check Price
COMISO 30W 33 Ft 20 Hours 12 Month No Check Price
Ultimate Ears UE 3 150FT 20


12 Months Yes Check Price
UE Boom 2 100 FT 15 Hours 12 Months Yes Check Price
Amazon Echo (2nd Generation) 50+FT 15 Hours 12 Months No Check Price
Fugoo Style-S  100 FT 30 Hours 12 Months Yes Check Price
AUDIO PRO 100 Ft 15


12 Months Yes Check Price


12 Months  No Check Price


12 Months Yes Check Price
JBL Xtreme 2  50+ 15 Hours 12 Months Yes Check Price
Ultimate Ears Megablast  100 Ft 15 Hours 12 Months Yes Check Price

Tips for Buying the Best Bluetooth Speakers

The market is overflowing with a large amount of Bluetooth speakers in recent times, but some of them would not be worth your time. Each of us has our own special set of needs and tastes that will eventually decide the best Bluetooth speakers for their needs, however there are some all-inclusive features to look for when looking for a great Bluetooth speaker:

Battery Size

Watch the size of the Bluetooth speaker battery: Most  speakers with Bluetooth should be versatile, which means there are no connections, and there is not even a connection socket. This component has the high significance of long battery life. You need to check the playing time of the battery before making any purchases and along these lines you will keep a strategic distance from any future purchase.

The prescribed battery life of a Bluetooth speaker must be paired for 12-24 hours. Please also be aware of checking the charging time required. A fantastic speaker will take about 1-2 hours to be fully charged.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

Check the availability of Wi-Fi include: Remote sound innovation is advancing every day and present speakers can get closer to the Internet through the Wi-Fi association. If you are passionate about this component, please be sure to check it.


Choose easy to manage with Bluetooth speakers: most Bluetooth speakers are extremely simple to use and configure. Some of them accompany the catch control and others are controlled by your sharp gadget or via the remote control. A remote control is in any case simple to use and to explore, however it is prescribed to get a Bluetooth speaker controlled by a shrewd gadget or a portable application because it makes the control less demanding.

The other tips that suit your needs to buy the best Bluetooth speakers are given below

Make sure it’s portable.
Decide on your desired size.
Check the audio quality at all volume levels to make sure it works perfectly..
Check the durability of the speaker (if it is waterproof and shock resistant)
Be sure to consider the highest budget you have available to buy a Bluetooth speaker.
Check out the construction and design.
Check for connectivity with non-Bluetooth devices.

1. JBL Charge 3 – The Best Bluetooth Speaker 2019



JBL stands out among Bluetooth speaker manufacturers because of the sound quality and convenience of their speakers. One of these is the Charge 3 Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 100 .

If you want top rated bluetooth speaker that gives you a good sound and is not a hustle and bustle to carry, then this is the Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 100 for you.

In addition, the speaker is as waterproof as the rest of its counterparts thanks to the coating.

When you buy the top Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 100, you get a micro USB cable, a charging lock, a user manual and warranty.

So what are some of the interesting features of the Charge 3 Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 100? The speaker is an improvement in charge 2 as it is rated IPX7, which means it is not only splash proof but completely waterproof.

Manufacturers have not changed the shape, and is similar to its predecessors, which are usually cylindrical. You will easily find the buttons on the top of the speaker and will be raised a bit from the speaker itself.

However, the power and link buttons are not raised but at the same level as the speaker surface.

The waterproof fabric not only does a great job in protecting the Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 100 from the water (of course), but it also gives a very firm grip that I liked.

A company must advertise itself on every occasion and JBL does so by placing its logo on the front of the speaker. Although it is clearly visible, it does not bother me because it is presentable.

At the bottom of the top bluetooth speaker at the back, there is an integrated support that is great for support by the way.

In addition to supporting the speaker, the stand also has five indicators to let you know how much juice you have left.

With its range, I would say that 50 to 60 feet of connectivity is not bad at all, on the contrary, it is surprising. Reach this interval when there are no walls, with walls present, the range of action falls to about 30 feet which is not bad at all.

When it comes to playback, the options are limited because the Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 100 does not have a button where you can go back to the previous song.

Apart from that, you can play, pause, increase and decrease the volume as you like. You can also skip to the next song by double-tapping the play button.

The specifications indicate that at the end of the reload, the top rated bluetooth speaker should give you about 20 hours which, by the way, is a very long time. So did the speaker keep his promise?

Yes, This  Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 100 did it and gave me close to 20 hours of performance. However, it is important to note that the higher the volume, the lower the battery life time.

Because of its size, charging 3 Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 100 is good on the bass, and you get a quality sound even at the pool side or in a noisy environment.

If you do not like the bass very loud, you may find it a bit ‘disturbing but, all in all, it is a very powerful speaker.

The mids are not as good as the bass with this Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 100. It could be due to the waterproof coating but at the same time they are not terrible, and you hear the voice quite well. The problem is listening to the elements in the background when the speaker is in the middle.

Nobody loves the penetrating sound, especially when the songs reach high levels.

Although the Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 100 is not very noisy in general, the highs do not become difficult and you can comfortably listen to your songs even at high volume.

I found the JBL Charge a Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 100 if you want the perfect balance between size and sound. JBL Xtreme.

However, the speaker is not as portable as the JBL.. Although I think the speaker is a good compromise between portability and sound.

Also, it can be a socket that you would like if you managed the Bluetooth speaker in wet conditions or with wet hands.

  1. It has very clear sound even on lows and highs
  2. Completely waterproof
  3. Has a connectivity range of 50 to 60 feet
  4.  Their covering make them very easy to handle when wet or in wet conditions
  5. They have a charger port that can be used as a power backup
1. You cannot go back to a previous song

2. Anker SoundCore – The Loudest Bluetooth Speaker



With this top rated Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 10, you can enjoy your music in full-body stereo through two high-performance drivers and an exclusive unique spiral port. The duration of the battery is 24 hours, which is approximately equivalent to a playing time of 500 songs.

Reviewing the physical characteristics. It is included in the category of small speakers, so it is ideal if portability is high on your list. SoundCore Boost is not very similar in size and weight to the speakers listed below.

The top and bottom of SoundCore speaker with bluetooth offers a unique appearance of rubber-coated plastic, emits a look of recycled paper. This Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 100 gives the feeling of a quality product. The cloth grid that surrounds it also looks great in general, it does not feel cheap

It has LED indicators for battery level, NFC pairing, Google Voice assistance and Siri, you can use the “UP” button to increase the bass significantly. However, there is no way to go back to your previous song, which was somewhat disappointing, but you can skip the songs.

It has a “charging port” that functions as an energy bank. If your phone is running out of battery, connect a USB cable to your phone and use SoundCore as a power bank.

The SoundCore also has the IPX 5 rating. I’ve tried … it’s just splash proof. So you can not submerge this underwater.

This Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 100 uses Bluetooth 4.0 technology and is compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled devices. You can instantly connect to your phone or tablet from a distance of up to 66 feet. Another great thing is that it also reconnects automatically to the last device with which it was paired.

The Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 100 comes well packaged, and also has a micro USB charger. The speaker is very light, and is also very well built, and has a great feeling in the hand. The ignition does not require effort, all you have to do is press the power button and it will be ready for immediate pairing.

I paired it with my phone, and I was glad to see it was very loud and it sounded completely clear at maximum volume. The battery life was also quite good, so it would not be a bad choice to take it outdoors.


1. Great volume (can get loud)

2. 24-hour battery life

3. Bluetooth 4.0-compatible

4. 66-feet Bluetooth range

5. Great overall sound

6. Strong bass

7. Robust mids

8. Ringing highs

9. Easy to pair

10. Auto reconnect 

11. Lightweight

1. The automatically reconnecting to the last paired device thing may annoy some people who rotate their devices, but for those who only have one or two devices, it’s a good thing.

3. JBL Flip 3 – The Best Bluetooth Speakers Overall (Editor’s Pick)



The all-purpose weather Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 100 JBL Flip 3 is the award-winning speaker in the Flip series. This is a portable Bluetooth speaker that provides a very powerful, room-filling stereo sound both in the house and in the outdoor area.

Go over the physical characteristics. It’s small enough to fit in the palm of your hand or in your pocket and still be very sturdy. The exterior, like most other JBL speakers, is splash-proof, but you can not immerse it underwater.

Its nylon braided mesh is very sturdy, and the ends feature rubber grips to aid in setting up and protecting the passive bass radiators on the sides.

It has Bluetooth pairing, volume control and loudspeaker button, all of which are very tactile and very responsive. You can turn the power on and off and the JBL Connect feature, which allows you to connect to another JBL Connect-enabled speaker, such as the JBL extreme.

There are five white LEDs that inform you about the remaining battery, which I really liked. You also get a 3.5-millimeter connector for physically connecting your phone and a micro-USB 2.0 port for charging.

Powered by a 300 mAh battery, this ultra-compact Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 100 delivers up to 10 hours of uninterrupted playtime after fully charged.

The sturdy material and robust housing allow the Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 100 to survive almost any adventure. It can connect up to three smartphones or tablets and play alternately a strong stereo sound.

You can also build your own stereo system by connecting multiple JBL Connect-enabled speakers for a more immersive listening experience. Another great feature of the JBL Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 100 is that thanks to the noise and echo suppression, even crystal clear calls can be answered with a single key.

1. 10-hour battery life

2. Loud volume

3. All-weather (suitable for outdoors)

4. Rugged

5. Durable

6. Pairs with other JBL Connect + devices

7. Noise cancelling microphone

8. Doubles as a speaker phone

9. Portable

10. Lightweight

1.Like many portable Bluetooth speakers, it’s water-resistant, but not completely waterproof, so it’s important not to dunk it in the pool, though it’s still suitable for poolside usages and can be rained on/splashed on safely.

4. Bose SoundLink Revolve Plus – Best for Loud and 360 Degree Sound



Bose is known for its quality and  SoundLink Revolve + Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 100 does not disappoint. The main improvement of the Revolve + over its predecessor, is its increase sound and the additional top handle. These settings make Bose SoundLink Revolve + a louder portable speaker that provides a 360 degree sound experience. The Revolve + is a cylindrical tube-shaped speaker that uses a sound deflector to ensure that the sound quality in all directions is the same.

So, what features does the Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 100 package have? Well, the first thing you will notice is the attractive design. The speaker can easily fit into most home decorations and as the main attraction at the top of a coffee table, they can stand on their own.

The lower half is perforated around with small holes so that the cover does not obstruct the sound. The Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 100 comes in black or white colors and you can choose the one that best suits your taste. Most of the speaker’s body, including the perforated bottom, is covered with aluminum, apart from the rubber-covered top and bottom. This is a good feature that I like because it facilitates the cleaning of the speaker and also protects it if it falls off from the coffee table.

You will find a patch on the back (although it is cylindrical) that is not perforated, and that’s where you can insert a Micro USB cord for the speaker to be juiced. There is also a 3.5 mm audio jack port that you can use traditionally (using a cable) to connect the speaker. On its base, the speaker has contact points that can be used to hook up with a charger that Bose sells separately. I think instead of being sold separately, the charger should be part of the package.

The Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 100 also has a threaded port that allows the speaker to be mounted on a tripod stand. This is a cool feature to be able to erect it on a post when you’re outside. The control buttons are placed on top so the speaker can be operated very easily and the volume can be set to your satisfaction. The control buttons are dimples which include the on / off button, the up-down volume button, Bluetooth pairing, and the source switch for input.

Another feature of the Revolve+ Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 100 is that it is now enabled by Siri and Google Assistant and also has a button to enable them. Which is a feature that I like because it makes it easier for me to find and play my favorite tunes.

The Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 100 also has a built-in microphone that is very useful when calling. In fact, the microphone is so clear that there will be no problems to hear it from the person at the other end. In addition, the Revolve + is very clear and free from noise, since you can listen to the person at the other end of the call without problems and also at a distance that I think is great.

The Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 100 is also water proof, and you should not worry about if you want to use them by the pool or sink when washing the dishes. However, you should not submerge it in water, as it is waterproof, it is not water resistant, so it will not survive the dive.

You can also connect the Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 100 to two devices at any time, and the last eight devices connected to it will also be remembered. It also has a voice prompt that will guide you when you have a problem with the procedure through the connectivity procedure. If you don’t like the prompt, though, you can turn it off.

The specs say it has a 16-hour battery life, but it’s closer to 12 hours, which isn’t bad. Note that the battery life depends primarily on the volume you’ve set, and high volume means our battery will empty in a shorter period of time. 

So how does the Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 100 achieve his full-size voice? It has one loudspeaker that points down and the sound is directed towards a deflector that divides the sound around. This doesn’t matter where you stand; you will hear the same sound quality.

when the volume is , the sound comes a little rough especially when playing some songs.

Its medium level is excellent and gives you a clear, crisp sound. Music is very clear in this area, even though the volume is high.

Also the Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 100 is suitable for low – range and no clutter is present, and all elements are heard. No element overlooks the other and all vocals and instruments are synchronized well.

1. Has an inbuilt microphone which makes clear calls.

2. Has a handle for easier portability

3. It is Siri, and Google Assist enabled which makes it easy to operate

4. Rugged

5. Waterproof

6. Clear, loud sound

7. You can hear same quality of sound in whichever direction

8. You can mount it on a tripod

1. Comes with a different charger which is sold separately

5. UE Wonderboom The Best Outdoor Wireless Speaker 2019


UE is a manufacturer of Bluetooth speakers, which is known for producing high quality and waterproof speakers such as Boom and the Roll. So it’s no wonder the Wonderboom Suite follows. It has a connection range of over 80 feet, which is great because you can hear music by the pool or in your garden while cutting the fence. It also has some other cool features that we will look at below.

First, the Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 100 has a unique shape that sets it apart from the other UE speakers. It’s shaped like a wide soda can, which makes it very pretty if you ask me. There are three buttons at the top of the speaker, and the middle one is in the form of the UE logo. The speaker also has a micro USB port covered by a small plastic door. The micro USB port is a nice feature, as it simplifies unlocking the speakers.

You do not have to worry about the Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 100 getting splashed with water or raining because it’s waterproof. However, the upper and lower parts of the speaker are covered with smooth plastic.

The volume control buttons on the front of the speaker are quite large, so you can easily adjust the volume without you having to worry about it. The keys are the “+” and “-” signatures found on other UE loudspeakers

Has the bluetooth speaker dropped into the water? Do not worry The Wonderboom Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 100 is classified as IPX7 waterproof, which means it can stay for 30 minutes under one meter of water. The speaker is designed to float in the water . It is very easy to connect the speaker to your smartphone or other device.

The Wonderboom Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 100 has an incredible range of 80-foot connectivity. Also, the connection is not going to be good and you will start to experience some cuts. In addition, you can connect other Wonderboom speakers without using an application if you want more stereo sound.

So you wondered what the speaker’s logo button is for? Well, you got the answer ; it’s for two Wonderboom speakers to be connected. You can only connect two Wonderboom speakers on the downside, however, and if you have a different type, it won’t work even if it’s an UE speaker.

The Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 100  promises 10 hours run time on the specs. However, the speaker falls miserably short of that time and the best you can get is a maximum of two hours which is a letdown to me. However, on the other hand, if you’re satisfied with an average volume, you’re going to get close to the 10-hour battery time .

You need to press the up and down volume buttons simultaneously to know the battery time left on the speaker. Depending on the juice left, the speaker will give some tone. Different tones indicate the various battery charging levels left. The speaker comes with a sound output of very high quality. Whether you’re in the shower or backyard doesn’t matter; rest assured you won’t miss anything. The reason is that the speaker is loud and clear. The louder it is, however, the less time the battery lasts before it leaves.

On the Lows, with pretty strong bass, the speaker holds his own. It’s an improvement from the Roll speaker due to its size and mechanism. Even though the Mids aren’t all that clear, it’s safe to say they aren’t either muffled and you can hear the vocals. With these speakers, one of the best things about highs is that they’re not harsh and you can hear them above all else. The highs, however, are lacking in reverb.

The Wonderboom is a Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 100 you need to have if you want to be on the beach or park listening to music. It’s very handy and tough. Its portability is not a problem because of its size, and you can use it when it rains or under wet conditions.


1. It is totally waterproof.

2. Has a wide range of connectivity 80 feet

3. You can connect it to other Wonder boom speakers without using an application

4. has a high volume

5. Long-lasting battery.

6. Unique design

7. Very durable

1. Low battery life when on full blast

2. It does not have a 3.5mm AUX port like other UE speakers

6. OontZ Angle 3 PLUS The Best Affordable Bluetooth Speaker



The OontZ Angle 3 PLUS is a highly portable Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 100 with a rich bass output. It features an excellent battery play time of 30 hours and a sound of high quality. It is water-resistant and splash-resistant. Other features include fast and easy Bluetooth connection, loud play volume without distortion, and a sleek and stylish design that makes moving around comfortably.

Neodymium’s dual 1.7-inch precision drivers deliver excellent stereo sound and loud volume without distortion. The Passive Bass Radiator is faced downwards in order to improve the bass output without interfering with the stereo drivers ‘ clarity.

Because of its rainproof, splashproof, dustproof and waterproof functionalities, it is perfect for taking it outside. It will work perfectly on the beach, inside the house or in the car, but it is important to remember that partial or complete submergence is not recommended.

This Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 100  battery capacity is 4400 mAh, providing at 2/3 volume a maximum of 30 hours of play. Audio quality and stylish design make it a perfect home speaker. It can be connected to all supported devices including: iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac, Smartphone, Tablet, Kindle Fire, Windows 10, Echo Dot, Echo.

It is possible to connect the Windows 7 systems, TVs and non-Bluetooth devices to the AUX-IN jack on the speaker using the included 3.5 mm audio cable. It also features an integrated microphone, a charging cable for Micro USB, and an audio cable of 3.5 mm.

1. Loud volume

2. Great overall sound

3. Ultra-long 30-hour battery life

4. Portable

5. Lightweight

6. Splashproof/water-resistant

7. Suitable for indoor/outdoor use

8. Robust compatibility

9. Built-in mic

1. While it is water-resistant, you can’t submerge it, which means it’s not 100% waterproof.

7. Sony XB40 The Best Punching Bass Speaker with Cool RGB Lights



If you want a portable Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 100 for bass, that’s the speaker you should go to. It is known that Sony manufactures speakers focused on bass and adds its disco lights to the atmosphere of the room. Well, in both senses, the XB40 is not a disappointment, since it has lights and bass. In fact, XB means “Xtra Bass” and, as it comes with 61mm drivers that are excellent for sound, it certainly does. This Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 100, however, has neither a very attractive design nor many intelligent features on the market like others. However, with its quality bass it makes up for whatever it lacks in sophistication.

What are some of the features that the speaker is packaging? Well, first of all, although this Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 100 is portable, it is quite large compared to other Bluetooth speakers, and would fit in your car better than your backpack. The bluetooth speaker with a few jets of water will survive, will work on a rainy day and may even be in a puddle of water, as it is classified as IPX5. However, I would not recommend submerging in the water, as it is not totally waterproof.

The Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 100 gets his rough look from the rubberized material that covers him, which, at least to some extent, also gives him his water-resistant properties. The speaker’s front is covered with a grill. The grill is encircled by an illuminated tube that gives the light. The best thing is you can control the lights ‘ frequency and pattern.

Also the Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 100 comes on top with very useful controls. They include on / off button, play / pause, button volume control and add button where you can add other XB speakers. Also, if you listen too much to the bass, or if the song you’re listening to does not go well with the bass, there’s an extra bass button. The speaker will not produce as much bass by pressing the button.

It also has the great feature of answering calls or hanging the call button. The speaker is designed to be visible and does not hide or mix with the environment. This is not a problem, as it will be noticed due to the bass and the lights it emits.

Although it is known that Sony incorporates light into its speakers, continuing with this tradition with the XB40 Bluetooth speaker is paying off. All manufacturers have their signature brand or point of attraction in their products, and Sony has chosen to use the form of lighting, which is what has excited me with this speaker. However, sometimes you do not want disco lights in the house, but you want to enjoy the music, the manufacturer had this in mind, and that’s why you can turn off the lights by pressing the extra bass button – another good feature .

Or you still want the lights but you do not want the flashing light; You can change the settings using the Sony Music Center application, which gives you the ability to control the lights. Easily connect your speaker to your phone and you can also change the settings of your speaker.

The Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 100 has a very impressive 24-hour battery time. In addition, there is a USB on the back of the speaker that you can use to charge your phone probably because it will not last as long.

You can demand normal Bluetooth to connect your phone to the speaker or use LDAC to get a clearer sound. However, the LADC application experiences some hops and does not work well with all phones.

As mentioned earlier, XB means additional bass, and that’s what the speaker offers: bass. When it is on top, the speaker does not vibrate, so it offers a very clear sound even with full bass.

Since the best sounding Bluetooth speakers are designed specifically for the bass, the Mid does not come out very clear with the bass position, there is confusion and the voices are not so clear. This is because they are eclipsed by the bass.

The speakers are excellent for low frequency songs. The sounds are very clear and you can enjoy the sound of the bass even at low volumes.

If you are looking for a Bluetooth bass speaker, look no further. Although the speaker is larger than most other Bluetooth speakers, it also offers excellent battery runtime services. It will also give a disco feel to your home or backyard with its flashing light.


1. Very long battery

2. You can use it to charge your phone and, therefore, it works as an energy bank.

3. You can receive your calls using the speaker

4. It has 61 mm drivers that are excellent for sound

5. You can add other XB speakers

6. Hardy

1. You have to use the Sony music app to control the speakers and light.

2. No display of the battery status

3. Not fully waterproof

8. AOMAIS GO  The Best Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker



The AOMAIS GO Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 100 is robust, durable and looks good to combine as well. It has IPX7 waterproof classification, making it ideal for outdoor use. Its 30-watt stereo makes it impeccable for bass to play. It also comes with a TWS function that allows you to pair a powerful 60-watt stereo surround sound with two speakers.

With a capacity of 7200 mAh, the battery is really impressive and manages to recharge very fast. Compatible devices are easy to use and can also be connected through the 3.5 mm jack to non-Bluetooth devices.

One of its best features is the IPX7 waterproof functionality, which allows the speaker to fully immerse for approximately 30 minutes in up to 33 feet. It is also protected against dust, snow, mud and drops. Its clean and rich sound fills any room, and even when it is taken outside, it has incredible performance. With the 3.5mm external microphone, it can also be compatible with Karaoke, so it would be perfect for a party in the backyard.

This Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 100 super bass booms with a harmonic distortion of less than 1 percent. The great thing is that if the volume level of 30W is not enough, it can be combined with another speaker, creating left and right channels for a powerful surround sound of 60W stereo.

The rechargeable battery can continue for 30 hours, and the fast charge function allows a full charge in about 3 hours. The emergency power supply prevents fading.

• Loud volume • Great bass • Quality overall sound • 30-hour battery life • 3-hour charge time • Fade-free audio • High battery life-to-charge time ratio • IPX7 waterproof rating • Weatherproof • Rugged and durable • 3.5mm jack • Can be paired with another speaker for stereo sound
To get the stereo experience, you need to pair two of the speakers together, although this isn’t that big deal, as most comparable Bluetooth speakers are exactly the same in this regard..


Best Bluetooth Speakers

Just because the Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 100 is small, it doesn’t mean it has to sound like that as well. It delivers full sound with much deeper lows you’d expect from a speaker that fits easily in your hand’s palm. Because of its wireless functionality and small, compact size, it can be taken anywhere.

You can make clear calls using the built-in speaker phone; your voice will also sound great on the other end. For hours, it can play unplugged and can be reloaded from most sources of USB power. The Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 100 remembers and automatically reconnects to the last eight devices that were used.

1. Long battery life

2. Great Bluetooth range

3. One-button functionality

4. Wireless

5. Deep bass

6. Compact size

7. Durable

It’s on the heavy side for a compact speaker, but it’s not really that heavy. It just depends on your preferences in this case.

10. COMISO 30W – Best Bluetooth Speakers with Super Bass


Bluetooth Speakers

The COMISIO Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 100 offers powerful performance, a built-in 5200 mAh rechargeable battery that can play up to 20 hours, a built-in Bluetooth speaker microphone and hands-free function. It comes with connectivity to the Bluetooth 4.0 speaker and has a range of approximately 33 feet. This Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 100 also remembers the last eight devices that have been used and connects to any of them automatically.

1. Ultra-long battery life (20 hours)

2. Broad Bluetooth range (33 feet)

3. Bluetooth 4.0

4. Hands-free functionality

5. Built-in microphone

6. Great overall sound

Some charging issues have been reported, but that seems more like a defective unit than a flaw in the actual speaker design. In case it arises, it’s just something to be aware of.

11.Ultimate Ears UE Megaboom 3

Ultimate Ears UE Megaboom 3

With its excellent audio quality, long battery life and beautiful appearance, the EU Megaboom 3 is the Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 100 you can buy.

Ultimate Ears has spent most of its time developing some of the best Bluetooth speaker on the market with great looks, and the EU Mega Boom3 is one of the best portable speakers ever produced by Ultimate Ears.

The Design

Apart from the fact that this Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 100 has one of the best looks we’ve seen. It is a completely waterproof and dustproof speaker that can be immersed in water up to three feet.

Battery Life.

The EU Mega Boom 3 has an impressive battery life of 20 hours.

Speaker Features, and sound production.

This bold, large portable Bluetooth speaker produces full 360-degree sound with full treble and good bass. It is designed to be a waterproof and shockproof IPX7 model, able to withstand falls and splashes.

There is also the Party up mode, which allows you to connect and pair up to 8 Bluetooth-enabled source devices, including Boom, Boom2, boom and megaboom.


The EU Megaboom 3 Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 100 may not be the very compact audio speaker available and, unlike many of its competitors, is not supported by Alexa or Google Assistant. But if you really need a sound-quality audio speaker that is dust and water resistant, the UE Megaboom 3 is the best Bluetooth wireless speaker on the market.

After several exams and tests of Bluetooth speakers, the EU Mega Boom 3 has risen to the forefront of the 2019 Bluetooth speakers – with a completely waterproof design and a more powerful sound with deeper bass.

12.UE Boom 2

UE Boom 2 bluetooth speaker

Remember how portable UE-boom wireless speaker is? It has just been upgraded, with improved audio quality and durability. It resists stains, shocks and is now completely waterproof.

The Ultimate Ears Boom 2 Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 100 is a compact and durable wireless Bluetooth speaker that plays harder than the original Boom and sounds a little better.

The Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 100 is powered by a non-removable Lithium-ion battery that, according to Ultimate Ears, has a battery life of 15 hours, but can last 11 hours at a high volume. It can also be paired with a second UE speaker for stereo sound. .

UE has completely redesigned the Boom 2 driver so that the speaker not only sounds a little better than the Boom, but also plays at a volume up to 25% maximum.

If you like a little more sound for a much more powerful sound, then the EU Boom 2 will also cover you, as it can be wirelessly connected to another EU speaker for stereo sound. UE claims that its Bluetooth range is about 100 feet, but without any obstruction.

According to Wired Magazine’s Jeffery Van Camp, “There are bigger and less powerful Bluetooth speakers, but none of them are the fun and the convenience of the Ultimate Ears Boom 2”.

  • The loud and clear sound is nice for the ears.
  • Durable design with a long wireless Bluetooth range.
  • There was nothing we could really say, spoilt this device.

 13.Amazon Echo (2nd Generation) Smart Wireless Speaker


The second generation of Amazon Echo is a top-rated, best-selling smart Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 100 for people who like to keep things smart and vibrant.

If you’re looking for a beautiful Bluetooth speaker that also serves as a virtual assistant, Amazon Echo is without a doubt the best wireless speaker for you.

The Design.

The second generation, Echo, features an attractive fabric-covered design that you can trade with different skins at any time, if you need a look that fits your home.

Why the speaker is loved.

Nothing new, really, the real attraction of this Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 100 is Alexa, the digital voice assistant of Amazon who can do everything from the weather to reading your emails, all with a quick voice command. As a secondary attraction, you can also ask Alexa some fun questions that give hilarious answers.

Audio quality and sound performance.

When it comes to audio quality, the Amazon Echo Smart Speaker delivers solid bass and high overall volume. In addition, given the tons of smart devices and services that Alexa can interact with, this is the best speaker to use if you have smart gadgets in your home.

14. Fugoo Style-S Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Fugoo Style-S

The Fugoo Style-S is an incredible Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 100, offering the kind of booming sound quality that is usually found only in portable audio speakers over $ 200.

This Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 100 delivers a well-balanced sound in the treble, midrange and bass ranges, making it a versatile performer. It has a wireless range of 100 feet without obstruction and can fall to 60 feet through the walls.

A Really tough Design

In addition to providing rich bass and precise highs, the Style-S has a truly rugged and sturdy design, with an attractive mesh design that can stand to dive into the water or fall to the ground.

Battery Life

Its battery can last about 15 hours at about 70% of its volume. To check the battery status, press the power button while the speaker is on. The voice message will indicate the battery level.

In addition, it can also be used as a loudspeaker to clarify the voice on the other end during a call and can also be associated with another style to create stereo surround sound by easily pressing the “+” keys and Bluetooth “-And” Bluetooth on another speaker.

  1. Its clear at all volume levels.
  2. Can be connected to other speakers for stereo sound.
  1. No mobile app
  2. Compared to similarly priced models, the life of the battery is a little shorter.



The Pulse Flex 2i is actually more than just a Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 100. With Wi-Fi and Ethernet included, it’s actually a more portable Sonos. It is compatible with Airplay 2 and also works with popular streaming services, including Tidal and Spotify, and Internet radio.

Given its small size, the sound quality is remarkable. With a wired connection, it is even able to play high resolution audio files, for audiophiles, but Tidal (CD quality) and even the likes of Spotify (compressed MP3) sound great.

Versatility should not stop there, because you can add a battery  and take it everywhere with you. Although it is not very long, the life of the battery is only 6 hours.

Compared to the Audio Pro speaker at # 2, the Bluesound champion is on the edge, but as it sounds even better than the C3, has even more connectivity and has an app that actually works, we’ll be putting out aside our aesthetic reservations.

  1. Looks brilliant for compact size
  2. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for streaming
  3. Well-designed application
  1. Quite drab looks



There are Bluetooth speakers that look more like updates to the old mini hi-fi systems: you plug them in, they’re mostly for streaming, but they’re connected and the focus is on a Superior sound quality. Then there are your classic portable Bluetooth speakers with battery and comfort, everywhere. However, the Audio Pro Addon C3 – and a number of the other Bluetooth speakers listed here – is a hybrid of the two.

The C3 Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 100 looks very elegant, great sound, but it is very small, has a carrying handle and a nine-hour battery life. It also stacks up on AirPlay and Spotify Connect over Wi-Fi, as well as the own Audio Pro app, so you can even use it in a classy multi-room setup. There is also a line.

The Audio Pro app is a bit woolly, but you do not need to use it other than for controlling multiple pieces. In fact, if you use AirPlay from a laptop, you can completely bypass it while retaining multiple pieces. Although the application must absolutely be used, it is to configure the 5 preset buttons located on the front of the C3. These give instant access to your favorite Web radio stations or Spotify playlists.

Slightly, Apt-X (Android) or AAC (iOS) codecs, which improve audio, are not supported. However, the music played via Bluetooth always seems excellent. It’s not a cheap box to play pop music in a park – although it’s the case, as long as you keep it dry – it’s a very musical, high quality speaker that uses Bluetooth.

You have here a super portable Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 100 with Wi-Fi streaming for superior quality and multiple rooms, with Bluetooth for maximum convenience. 

  1. Superb sound, chic Scandinavian look
  2.  Very compact
  3.  Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for streaming
  1. No Apt-X or AAC
  2. Audio Pro’s app could be slicker

17.CAMBRIDGE AUDIO YOYO M-Best Bluetooth speaker that’s a stereo pair


In our new world of wireless monoblock audio solutions, it’s easy to forget that music is always recorded in stereo.

Many Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 100 make a good fist by offering a wide sound field (apologies for the use of a term evoking too many nights spent listening to Yes while we were too relaxed there), but the splendid YoYo M from Cambridge Audio did not try too much, because it’s a pair of stereo speakers.

You can use one if you want, but it’s a bit like buying a pair of chopsticks and using only one. Turn on both of them by pressing the Pair button on the second unit and you’ll get an extremely bright musical performance, w-i-d-e.

The only problem is that you have to do it every time you use the YoYo M, which is a bit irritating, for the reason mentioned above – there is no reason to buy a pair of speakers if you intend to use it, then why do not you turn them on with one button? No doubt “you can not do this via Bluetooth, so you have to use a wire and they would not be wireless, fool”. I dare say. However, I wish Cambridge had “cheated” and reunited the pair. It would also mean fewer drops when something would interfere with the transmission of sound between the speakers.

That said, the YoYo M is a superb (pair of) Bluetooth speaker (s). It is devilishly beautiful to wear, decorated as in the combed wool of Marton Mills, the Birds Eye fabric. This is acoustically transparent and resistant to dirt, water and “useless” wear, whatever that means.

  1. Brilliantly punchy audio
  2.  Wide and correct stereo sound field
  3.  Very attractive style
  1. Have to pair it every time



This Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 100 carries the Marshall label, but it obviously does not come directly from the same plants tainted by sweat as its legendary guitar amps. But it is still good and this model Mk 2 is significantly better than the (excellent) first Kilburn in terms of sound and appearance.

The sound is powerful and proud, rich and powerful, with a lot of bass and cleverly treated with a powerful “fake analogue” sound. Designed as a compact speaker for small and medium sized rooms, it is always battery powered and portable via a natty strap.

The coupling is fast and the audio, although colored to give a “rocky” sound, can be modified in all directions using the bass buttons and old-skool high-pitched sounds.

Appearances may not match the tastes of non-rockers, but Marshall has softened the heavy metal style in recent years, which is perfect for any house not overloaded with chintz.

The audio of this is Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 100 not yet what might be called subtle, but there is little to beat the Marshall Kilburn for his punch filling the room. The addition of basic resistance to splashing and moisture makes it ideal for use in the bathroom, as long as you do not leave it too close to the bath.

It is part of a range of excellent Marshall Bluetooth speakers and, today, excellent multi-room Wi-Fi speakers.

  1. Great sound with rock, hip-hop and dance
  2. Long battery life
  3. Splash resistant
  1. None

19.JBL Xtreme 2 review

jbl extreme 2

At first glance, the JBL Xtreme 2 Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 100 seems a bit scathing and misplaced – an unashamed boombox in the era of smart enclosures dressed in gray fabric.

However, this bold and aggressive look is matched with the softest sound you’ll hear with a portable speaker. In fact, it’s fair to say that unless you buy one that expects bass as bold as its initial appearance, the JBL Xtreme 2 is a pleasant surprise.


The JBL Xtreme 2 Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 100 is a wireless speaker with a big boombox. It is slightly larger than the original Xtreme, but you have to place them side by side to see the difference. Too big for storing hand luggage planes during weekends, and perhaps too audacious for some lounges, JBL did not choose neutrality to please the crowd.

Its functional purpose is as specific as visual design. The JBL Xtreme 2 is a large portable speaker, which does it perfectly. The fabric grille and thick rubber bonnet on the back provide IPX7 water resistance sufficient to withstand a 1.5-meter dive.

The strap, although it looks strange, is also very functional. A pair of carabiners attach a miniature safety belt to the Xtreme 2’s hood. This is a shoulder strap, with a little extra padding if you need to take the speaker further.


Wireless features have been simplified here. JBL Xtreme 2 will not let you talk to Alexa or Google Assistant, you just have to set a button to activate them, like an online remote control for headphones. It does not have a Wi-Fi connection and can not be broadcast directly from Spotify.

JBL Connect + is the only additional unusual feature of this standard Bluetooth speaker. This allows you to connect up to 100 JBL speakers to create the equivalent of a nightclub sound system at home. It sounds interesting on paper, but it’s pretty hard to imagine anyone buying two JBL Xtreme 2s, let alone 100.

There is a five-dot LED battery indicator on the bottom of the speaker, which allows the Xtreme 2 to function as a power bank for your phone via its USB port. It contains a 10,000 mAh battery, providing enough charge for 15 hours of playback.


The JBL Xtreme 2 is a rugged Bluetooth speaker and its design suggests that the bass response will be the same. As in some smaller JBL models, each side of the Xtreme 2 is a passive radiator that amplifies the bass output.

The highly visible passive radiators can give the Xtreme 2 an aggressive appearance, but the sound is not comparable. The basses are deep and reasonably powerful, but they are also controlled, measured and consistent.

The JBL accord is remarkably good taste, which can be heard throughout the sound. The mediums have a surprising fidelity, the highs are clear and sharp, with the slightest hint of granularity that is not a surprise for a speaker of this level.

The impressive stereo printing of the Xtreme 2 highlights JBL’s goal of delivering exceptional, pure and simple sound. This speaker has a much more refined and delicate sound that it does not look, without going too far and create a serious bass sound.

Do not expect this kind of oversized bass that might seem like a natural choice for a boombox. While the Xtreme 2 extends to the lower 55 Hz bass for realistic percussion and bass effects, this kind of juvenile excess is not there. It’s true that some people want this from a wireless speaker, but what you get here is much better.

  1. Clean, clear sound
  2. Balanced bass
  3. Solid design
  1. Big
  2. No wi-fi or multi-room
  3. Presentation too grown-up for some

20.Ultimate Ears Megablast review

ultimate ear megablast bluetooth speaker (2)

The Megablast portable Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 100 is the most powerful and intelligent speaker of Ultimate Ears to date. With Alexa’s voice assistant integrated with Amazon, it’s also the first portable smart speaker to equip our test rooms.

More importantly, the Megablast joins the brand’s portfolio of five-star Bluetooth speakers, simply fun to use and listen to. Beautiful and beautiful sound, the Megablast is an absolute treat.


From a design standpoint, the Ultimate Ears Megablast is similar to the existing Megaboom speaker, although it is a little flatter at the ends. The name of the brand is now well in evidence.

It retains the same robust and durable construction quality that makes Ultimate Ears speakers ideal for outdoor use. It is also waterproof (protection class IP67). It will resist the dips in the pool or splashing in the rain.

The battery life is respectable by 16 hours, although this deserves to be emphasized compared to the 20 hours of the unpowered Megaboom by Alexa.

Although designed for portable use, he was consciously attempting to make the Megablast more user-friendly for the home, mainly because of his new role as a smart speaker.

The six finishes – Graphite (Black), Blizzard (White), Blue Steel (Blue), Merlot (Red), Mojito (Green) and Lemonade (Yellow) – are sweeter than the vivid and vibrant finishes we’re used to duty.It’s a bit more grown up.


Thanks to Alexa’s integration into the Megablast, you can ask her to reduce the light intensity of your home, set a cooking timer or play your favorite ballad of the 80’s, as you would with an Amazon Echo or Sonos One.

Say the waking word “Alexa” and a strip of white LEDs above the Megablast shines, then flashes when you answer.

It’s a nice and discreet way to know that Alexa has heard you (which means a more natural flow of dialogue), and the speaker is responsive and quick to relay commands. You can also disable Alexa – indicated by a tiny red light.

The Megablast Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 100 has a custom control application, called Ultimate Ears, that helps you set up your home’s Wi-Fi speaker for voice control.

However, if you want to fully customize the parameters of Alexa (define your position, choose the metric or imperial system) and your skills (such as routines, which initiate a chain of commands in one sentence), you will have to do it via the dedicated Alexa application.

Alexa’s skills become more useful with the smartest elements of your home, but when it comes to voice-controlled music playback over Wi-Fi, you’re limited to Amazon Music Unlimited radio and TuneIn radio for the moment.

So, if you say “Alexa, play Stevie Nicks’s Edge of Seventeen”, the Megablast will only play in Music Unlimited – if you have an account.

The good news is that support for more streaming services, such as Spotify and Deezer, will arrive soon. But in the meantime, you get a free three-month trial of Amazon Music.

The features of Staple Ultimate Ears, such as the combination of two speakers for tandem or stereo play, were missing at the time of writing. We expect more features will be added to Megablast soon.

Of course, you can stream music to the Megablast via Bluetooth (there is no 3.5mm audio jack).


We are launching our Spotify playlist and are greeted by an extremely enjoyable performance.

Ultimate Ears indicates that the Megablast is its most powerful speaker yet, with a maximum of 93 dB and 40% higher than the Megaboom.

The bowels have been redesigned: the Megablast is now equipped with two active drivers, two passive radiators and two tweeters.

Performance says it all. The Megablast has no problem filling our mid-size listening room with a sound that requires your attention.

t’s not just the powerful volume that impresses us, it’s the fact that the speaker manages to play so loudly without having a distorted or hard sound. It’s something that even stereo hi-fi speakers can not sometimes handle.

Stevie Nicks’ voices reach unprecedented heights in Edge Of Seventeen, brimming with precise detail and fervor in equal measure. The space is also very important thanks to the diffusion of the sound at 360 degrees of the loudspeakers.

Does this volume affect the way Alexa hears you? The Megablast does not have a hard time hearing when playing music at a reasonable volume (about halfway through the 10-level volume level).

Stronger (beyond level seven) and we have to scream or lean closer to Alexa – which takes a few attempts. And at full volume, it’s better to use the big volume buttons of the Megablast or the controls of your smartphone.

But we are rather happy to shut up and simply listen to the Megablast. He has an extremely dynamic presentation for a speaker of this type.

  1. Its dynamic and detailed
  2. Enthusiastic and percussive rhythms
  3. Precise and taut basslines
  4. Go really really hard
  5. Excellent construction and design
  1. Presentation is slightly lean
  2. Not fully featured just yet

Best Bluetooth Speaker 2019 Buyer’s Guide – The Main Factors to Consider

It is worth considering a Bluetooth speaker in the house, or you can choose a louder speaker that is also easy to transport, and you can use it for all kinds of outdoor activities. If you also consider and synchronize advanced software to pair speakers, you will discover that creating a complete sound system in your home or on the road has never been so easy.

  • The form factor:Bluetooth speakers are usually portable, but they do not always have to be that way. As I mentioned, some speaker systems are designed to connect to your PC or HDTV. Bluetooth connectivity comes as a secondary function in these cases. This type of Bluetooth speaker is ideal for you in case you want wireless audio in your home. If you take a chance and try all this with a non-resistant or waterproof speaker, you may have some surprises, and the biggest one will be the fact that you will end up with a brick instead of an audio. device. It is much better if you are looking for IPX-rated speakers that guarantee water and shock resistance if you plan to transport them in the woods, on the beach or in the pool.
  • Durability: You should also know that not all portable speakers are designed to be transported outdoors or used in the pool or in the rain. Robust speakers are able to handle falls, dumpers, splashes and continue to operate as if nothing had happened
  • Charging capabilities:You should be aware that the more features and power a system has, the more likely it will be to die sooner. This usually applies in particular to systems that are used for longer periods of time. Some portable speakers have built-in rechargeable batteries, making them easier to listen to music. This feature provides perfect flexibility when you want to listen to your favorite artists without worrying about battery life. If you want your speakers to be more versatile, you should consider some that other sources such as a car charger or a USB can power and charge.
  • Audio quality and size:If portability is not at the top of your priority list, the quality of the audio should be paramount. Many speakers do not have tons of features, but they produce flawless sound. Deep bass is not suitable for everyone but should be able to reproduce low frequencies as accurately as possible without distortion when the volume is high, unless your speaker is really tiny.Clarity is more important than the sheer power, and when you buy a Bluetooth speaker, a clean and balanced sound should be an essential goal. Check the frequency range of speakers you plan to buy as they deliver frequencies between 100Hz and 20,000Hz is best. Getting a portable system with high fidelity will eliminate the sound quality issues for sure. If you are searching for an audio system that can flood your entire house instead of just filling a single room, you should know that size matters in this case. The larger a speaker is, the louder at the same time it will be able to get excellent sound.
  • Connectivity:Besides the auxiliary input, you’d be lucky to find anything else in most Bluetooth speakers ‘ connectivity support. Even an auxiliary input of 3.5 mm is not certain if you get a very small or a cheap speaker. On the other hand, some speakers can cover multiple targets and even use multiple wireless standards.
  • Compatibility:Another important factor to consider before buying a Bluetooth speaker is to make sure it is compatible with the electronic devices with which you intend to use it. There are many types of Bluetooth speakers, for example, that can only be compatible with some operating systems of devices, and I mean those used in iPods and iPhones.
  • Wireless range and multi-unit setup:Usually, the best Bluetooth speakers also offer multi-unit pairing and can flawlessly stay connected to a source device over at least 30 feet (in the best case scenarios), and this also includes having walls and furniture between them. You will have an ideal portable Bluetooth speaker for outdoor or indoor audio playback if you add a good wireless range to the speaker.
  • How much you’re willing to spend:Bluetooth speakers come in a wide range of prices, but you should not make a mistake and assume that most of the money will always buy you the best speaker. Of course, high-end speakers will sound much better, but sometimes there are features you could expect with that price tag. My advice is to get the best sound and most of the features you want at a price you can afford.

Benefits of Buying a Best Bluetooth Speakers

Benefits of Buying a Bluetooth Speaker

The best alternative is always Bluetooth speakers. They are the best way to listen to music wirelessly these days when you can not bring your entire  sound system from your living room around . In today’s world, you really do not have an excuse to produce the deceptive sound of your tablet or smartphone. A Bluetooth speaker is an incredibly simple and effective audio solution for everyone.

  • Wireless connectivity:The best Bluetooth speakers are running on battery power and they use wireless Bluetooth technology to connect to all Bluetooth-enabled devices including tablets, smartphones, PCs and laptops. The Bluetooth technology will help you get rid of all the tangled wires that may be messy as well as annoying.
  • Portability: Of course, one of the most important advantages of Bluetooth speakers is their portability. Just think, who would think you could walk through your neighborhood with a speaker and enjoy your favorite tune 20 years ago? This idea was unknown, I’m going to tell you. You had to carry out your entire system. But today, investing in a Bluetooth speaker is very common for people, so they can take their favorite music anywhere and anytime.
  • Energy efficiency: The fact that they are energy-efficient is another true benefit of these speakers. You don’t have to plug them anywhere as they work on batteries; in other words, you can simply replace them (if they work on disposable batteries) or you can recharge the speakers before taking them out in the sun or under the moonlight for hours of pure fun. You should know a decent Bluetooth speaker can run nonstop for 48 hours! Pretty incredible, isn’t it? It’s enough time for you to party until you drop.
  • No installation process: Unlike other complicated hardware, Bluetooth speakers do not need to be installed, and all you need to do is place them up to five meters from the source device (the device where you store your music), connect them via Bluetooth to that device, and press Play. It’s that simple. This means that through these speakers you can listen to music from your smartphone, MP3 player, or PC. So, in case you throw a party indoors or even outdoors, they’re perfect.
  • Seamless music streaming: Bluetooth technology can stream music at mega – fast speeds, so from the moment you press play until you get tired, you can enjoy uninterrupted music.
  • Sound quality: Nothing irritates a sensitive ear more than listening to music from distorted or distorted speakers, one thing that a Bluetooth speaker can guarantee is that the quality of the sound remains the same regardless of the volume and that is not something small. The quality of the sound is also vital. Many speakers do not offer many functions, but they manage to produce audio of the highest quality.
  • Pricing: Fortunately, not all Bluetooth speakers cost a lot, so if you are interested in buying a set of Bluetooth speakers, affordable prices are also available in the market. Even the smallest budgets have the opportunity to be happy because you do not need a lot of money to buy a good quality speaker.

10 Best Bluetooth Speakers Under $50 in 2019

The range of speakers on the market is more than impressive. They vary in size, options and, of course, price. The last criterion is especially important for those who know the value of money or who are not willing to spend a fortune on the best Bluetooth speakers.


You can enjoy a balanced sound for less than $ 50 and this is not a myth. All you need to know is what features to look for when choosing the best Bluetooth speakers under $50. Here are some basic tips.


The best Bluetooth speakers under $50 can be of different sizes. But most customers expect them to be portable because the main advantage of these wireless speakers is that you can take them wherever you want. Obviously, they may not be as powerful as PC speakers or even bookshelves, but the quality issue is not always in the forefront, especially if you’re planning a trip or party to the beach. However, not all Bluetooth speakers are compact. Some of them are rather bulky while others can boast of having a pocket size. The same is with weight. However, small speakers are sometimes heavier than larger models.


Always pay attention to the battery life of a best Bluetooth speakers under $50. This can vary from 5 hours to 24 hours of play. Note that the life of the battery mentioned in the speaker’s feature list often goes hand in hand with the percentage of volume used for performance. Simply compare the speakers with a battery life of 8 hours at 50% and 75% of the volume. Another thing to consider is the charging time. It is always better to have a fast charge best Bluetooth speakers under $50.


The sound quality of the best Bluetooth speakers under $50 depends on the power of the equipped drivers, as well as the radiators and the processor. The superior quality they have is the best performance you will get. Remember, high-quality speakers are distortion-free at all volumes and balanced in tone, including crisp highs and deep bass. Sounds impossible for Bluetooth speaker under $ 50? But there are models that can impress you with their sound. Of course, it may not be as good as expensive speakers, but the quality of the audio is pretty good.


It is always good to have a best Bluetooth speakers under $50 that is water resistant or preferably waterproof. However, not all models have this feature. Some of them only have waterproofing, while others include all types of protection. So, if you want to organize a party by the pool, choose a waterproof model.


Although the name of the best Bluetooth speakers under $50 presupposes only wireless connectivity, many models also include a 3.5mm audio cable entry. Such an option is ideal if you need to pair your speaker with a non-Bluetooth device.

1.Cambridge Soundworks Oontz Angle 3 ,  Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 100


It is a water proof model and the the sound quality is very good.

Design Features

Looking for a portable best Bluetooth speaker under $50 for all your projects? The Cambridge Soundworks Oontz Angle 3 is a unique model that offers many possibilities. This speaker offers crystal clear sound thanks to its two precision stereo drivers.

You will experience highs and lows that will make you want to dance to your favorite music. As they say, the sound is nothing without its bass. As such, Oontz Angle 3 has invested in a passive bass radiator down to deliver distortion-free bass at the highest volume.


This device connects via Bluetooth in seconds. You can use it with your iPhone, Mac, iPod, iPad, Android smartphone, laptop, tablet, Chromebook, and it works even with Amazon Echo and Amazon Echo Dot.
This speaker is great for streaming music and radio services directly to your audio device. It is also an excellent speaker for small spaces such as the kitchen, the dormitory, the car, the parties and the bathroom.

Convenient Features

With a range of 12 hours, this best Bluetooth speaker under $50 offers you the possibility of bringing your speaker to long journeys on the road. It will not disappoint even on the beach or by the pool with its IPX5 water resistance rating.


Cambridge Sound works has done a decent job of producing a reliable best Bluetooth speaker under $50 in terms of sound, running time and quality.

  1. Splash, rain and sand resistant
  2. Allows streaming of music, apps, movies, videos, games and apps
  3. Two neodymium speakers and a bass radiator
  4. Lightweight for better portability
  5. No square corners
  1. Lightweight for improved portability

2.Anker Soundcore Portable Bluetooth Speaker , Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 100

Anker Soundcore Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Design Features

The Anker Soundcore portable Bluetooth speaker is one of the most popular speakers at under $ 50. Apart from the low price, this speaker offers amazing sound thanks to two high sensitivity speakers. Each sound is amazing without distortion. There is a patented bass port that ensures that music is not lost in the background.


Anker Soundcore best Bluetooth speaker under $50 uses the Bluetooth 4.0 version. It’s an advanced model that allows you to connect to any smart device. Alexa devices to your iPhone, smartphone, laptop, tablet, etc. With a reach of 66 feet, it guarantees connectivity even in a big house.

Convenient Features

This model offers instant configuration with Bluetooth devices through version 4.0. This optimizes the speed and stability of the power supply so you do not lose the connection simply because you have entered a different room. You also enjoy a trouble-free battery life that promises reliability via the Lithium-Ion battery.


Anker Sound works presents a high-tech device at an affordable price. The sound quality is amazing because it can produce music with deep bass and high notes. For your daily listening needs, this is the model for you.

  1. It uses a digital signal processor
  2. 24 hours’ battery life
  3. Curved edges on the unibody design
  4. Instant setup with last connected device
  5. Bluetooth 4.0 connects with Alexa-enabled devices
  1. It is not entirely water resistant

3.Touch Wireless Bluetooth V4.0 Portable Speaker , Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 100

Touch Wireless Bluetooth V4.0 Portable Speaker (

Design Features

If you’re looking for fingertip control, DOSS is your solution. It provides you with a capacitive touch control that allows you to control aspects of the speaker using a sensitive touch button. Unlike other models that require the use of your phone when you want to customize your listening.

We like the fact that this device is compact, but it manages to emit 12 watts, which means it will give you a dramatic bass with full sound capabilities. This speaker is your choice if you want a sleek model with exceptional audio quality while occupying the smallest space in your bag.


Like the Anker Soundworks, this model also uses Bluetooth version 4.0. It can connect with all types of smart devices. This way you have an unlimited number of options for the devices you can connect to. The speaker is compatible with all Bluetooth enabled devices. It is also supplied with an audio cable for connection to the TV, subwoofer, etc.

Convenient Features

This speaker allows you to pause, skip and play your music with a touch system. You can even take calls using the touch screen. The two high-performance speakers deliver 360-degree sound with total harmonic distortion of less than 1%.


The Doss Touch allows you to enjoy music on the move. You have a unique design speaker that gives you more value for your money.

  1. Touch panel
  2. Charging from most USB sources Extended compatibility thanks to the Bluetooth 4.0 version
  3. High performance drivers
  4. Gets deep bass
  1. It is heavier than other speakers with similar capabilities

4.VicTsing Speaker Wireless Waterproof Speaker , Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 100

VicTsing Speaker Wireless Waterproof Speaker

Design Features

Nowadays, it’s stressful to find a reliable speaker that you can take with you to the bathroom. But the VicTsing is dedicated to providing an excellent sound that will not be drowned by the sound of the shower.

The 5W speaker offers crystal clear stereo sound so you can relax with good music. Thanks to its IPX4 waterproof rating, this enclosure resists dust and shocks. You can use it outdoors without fear that falls will cause mechanical failure. Plus, it comes with a metal hook that allows it to attach to your backpack or jeans.


With the Bluetooth 3.0 version, it allows connection with any Bluetooth enabled device. It can support smartphones, PDAs, Mac Air, iPads, MP3 players, laptops and PCs. With a built-in microphone, you can answer essential calls in the shower so you do not miss an important meeting.


The Bluetooth VicTsing Shower feature offers hands-free convenience. It exudes quality with impressive detachable suction and an aluminum alloy hook. It will remain protected against splashing water as long as you do not immerse it in the water.

  1. Turns off automatically after 15 minutes of non-use to save battery
  2. Bluetooth v3.0 supports any Bluetooth enabled device
  3. Small IPX4 water-resistant portable design
  4. Built-in speaker for taking calls
  1. It cannot be immersed in water

5.JBL GO 2-The Best Mini Bluetooth Speaker Under $50

 jbl go

This small box Best Bluetooth Speakers Under $50 with a size of your palm will provide you with high quality sound with correct bass. Although JBL GO 2 is a wireless model, it also has an audio cable entry. So, if Bluetooth is not available, it will not be a reason to panic. Another feature you will appreciate is its waterproof design. With JBL GO 2, you can listen to music by the pool or at the beach and stay calm when a trickle of water covers your Bluetooth speaker. It also comes with a rechargeable Li-ion battery with 5 hours of playback and a speaker. Easy coupling is also guaranteed.

  1. great sound
  2. compact size
  3. audio cable input
  4. waterproof
  5. speakerphone
  6. easy pairing
  1. can distort at high volumes
    misses deep lows

6.AOMAIS SPORT II-The Best Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker Under $50


Another Bluetooth speaker worthy of your attention is AOMAIS Sport II. It has a nice set of drivers that provide a full 20W stereo sound. In addition to Anker Soundcore 2, this speaker has a powerful bass and no distortion. Thus, you get an improved sound but at the same time balanced.

AOMAIS Sport II has a waterproof design with the highest level of IPX7 protection. This means that this chamber can remain under water for about half an hour.

In addition, it is dustproof, shockproof, mudproof and includes a seal. You’ll appreciate its sturdy design that prevents the speaker from scratching or any other kind of damage during your adventures indoors or outdoors. AOMAIS Sport II also includes 12 hours of playback and an integrated microphone for hands-free calling.

  1. durable
  2. 12-hour playtime
  3. waterproof design
  4. balanced sounding
  5. hands-free calling
  1. a bit bulky
    poor low-end response

7.ECHO DOT (3RD GEN)-Great Bluetooth Speaker Under $50 With Alexa


Looking for a voice-activated speaker? Echo Dot, especially its 3rd generation, comes with Alexa. Just use your voice to hear the latest news or ask for music. Need to call? Alexa will do it too, because there is a hands-free calling option. With such a speaker, you can also control all Smart Home compatible devices.

You can use Echo Dot to listen to your favorite tracks from Spotify, Pandora, Amazon Music or any other sound platform. Note that except for the Bluetooth connection, there is also a 3.5mm audio cable.

  1. improved sound
  2. hands-free calling
  3. Alexa
  4. audio cable input
  1. poor connection quality
  2. not compatible with Google music

8.JBL CLIP 2-Very Compact Bluetooth Speaker under $50


If you like to collect unique items, including devices such as Bluetooth speakers, pay attention to JBL Clip 2. Its design can not be described as typical because of its handle with which you can attach it to your belt without even realizing it. the speaker is quite small and light. JBL Clip 2 is waterproof IPX7.

In addition to some models mentioned above, this speaker is not only wireless, it is also wired because it comes with a 2.5 mm integrated audio cable. There is also a microphone for speaker calls. Thanks to its robust design, it is quite resistant to different types of damage.

  1. great sound
  2. compact size
  3. audio cable input
  1. poor bass

9.AUKEY BLUETOOTH STEREO SPEAKER-Great Sounding Bluetooth Speaker Under $50


AUKEY Bluetooth Stereo Speaker is another Bluetooth speaker that does not cost hundreds of dollars but can provide you with quality sound. It is designed with two upgraded 8W drivers and two passive radiators. With the Digital Signal Processor (DSP) provided with MaxxBass technology, you’ll get clear sound with good bass.

Two types of connectivity are available: wireless and wired. You can choose the one of your choice. The battery life is not the most powerful you’ve ever encountered, but we think that 10 hours of playback are enough, especially if the audio cable is also included.

  1. excellent sound quality
  2. quick charging
  3. audio cable input
  4. reliable connection
  1. heavy

10.DOSS SOUNDBOX-Great Loud Bluetooth Speaker Under $50


Thanks to its metallic design, the DOSS SoundBox is elegant and attracts many customers. But if you think that behind a nice look and a low price, there is nothing special, then you are wrong. This Bluetooth speaker under $50 is equipped with high-performance 12-W drivers that guarantee high-definition stereo sound with enhanced volume. It comes with a built-in 2200mAh Li-Ion battery that offers 12-hour battery life and fast charging. In addition, it supports Micro SD cards and includes an audio cable.

  1. stylish look
  2. good stereo sound
  3. fast recharging
  4. supports Micro SD card
  5. loud volume
  6. sturdy body
  1. annoying built-in voice
  2. not waterproof
  3. slight distortion at the highest volumes

12 Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 100

We know you’re here looking for the Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 100  Well, thanks to the powerful Google, you have landed on the Holy Land, we will help you in your journey to buy the Bluetooth speaker with all the required features. Instead of looking for random portable speakers , you made a good decision reading this blog.

We have prepared a list of the best Bluetooth speakers under $100  with all the mandatory features in a regular price range, which must be portable and used at home and in the office. All selected Bluetooth speakers are chosen based on customer reviews, seller ratings, battery backup, price range, Bluetooth and audio driver versions, and their IPX rating.

1.WONDERBOOM Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker – Phantom Black , Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 100

Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 100

Ultimate Ears WONDERBOOM IPX7 Waterproof Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 100 are an excellent solution for your party needs. They offer a clean sound with greater fidelity and powerful bass. The design is smaller with state-of-the-art chipset technology that will capture Bluetooth signals at a range of 30 meters. Simply connect to the Bluetooth of your smartphone by selecting UE WONDERBOOM and connect in one second.

The Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 100 are made from a high-quality metal alloy that delivers extreme bass and 360-degree surround sound. None of its competitors will give you such a good sound in a smaller size. The battery life is 10 hours and can be extended if used at lower volumes up to 11 hours of continuous use.

It features a fast charging mode that will take 2.8 hours to fully charge your WONDERBOOM speakers for the next 10 hours. No need to charge it all day, built-in lithium batteries can last more than a decade. The maximum sound level is 86 Db, which is enough for a whole room to be on the alert.

There are many built-in functions via the Ultimate Ears button that includes a play, pause and skip function during playback. All WONDERBOOM waterproof Bluetooth speakers are FCC regulated products. You’ll hear what you’ve never heard before with the awesome and beautiful WINDERBOOM speakers. There are more than 15 colors available, choose the one you prefer.

The Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 100 are designed to carry sound in all directions. There is no built-in application to update the firmware, it remains in developer mode. The huge waterproof design holds up to 30 minutes in one meter of water. This means that you can safely retrieve the speakers if you leave them in a pool or thrown in the water anywhere.

  1. Smaller and ergonomic design
  2. Available in multiple colors
  3. 360-degree sound
  4. IPX7 waterproof design
  1. No software update available
  2. Only 10 hours of charging time

2. Ultimate Ears BOOM 2 Tropical Wireless Mobile Bluetooth Speaker , Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 100

Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 100

The design of this Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 100 is perfect with extreme bass and high quality sound fidelity; Ultimate Ears Tropical Wireless BOOM 2 is an economical device for your music. The dimensions are perfectly balanced with a robust design resistant to shocks and water. The tropical edition is available in 11 colors, without adding or subtracting the quality of each motif. Portable speakers are designed for harsh environments.

They can be used everywhere, at any time, in deserts, rain and snow. The latest waterproof design IPX7 makes it suitable for any adventure up to 30 minutes up to 1 meter. Party mode amplifies the usual bass and treble, the sound is not distorted at higher volumes, the audio codec and the Nano-technology chipset are made from aircraft-grade metal that lasts a lifetime.

The battery life is excellent, play up to 15 hours without pause until the distance of 100 feet. The Bluetooth wireless range is finally satisfactory, beating all odds of compatibility and range. The number of compatibility is more than enough for your needs; it connects to more than 150 ultimate speakers. The cycle of the battery varies depending on the usage and the ambient temperature. At lower temperatures, the Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 100 work well with battery life up to 20% higher than normal.

There are many functions built into the Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 100. You can easily play, pause, or skip songs with greater accessibility. An application associated with the device allows you to update the features of the speakers. BOOM 2 is lightweight; it weighs 1.2 pounds with the packaging.

The range of sounds extends 360 degrees, high breath power and deeper bass, especially for parties and outdoor environments.

The companion app and the integrated ear connectivity option allow users to connect to Google Voice Control or the Siri app. They automatically connect to the already connected smartphone. Remember it once and will read as soon as BOOM 2 arrives on your smartphone range.

  1. 15 hours of music play
  2. Cost-effective
  3. Firmware update available
  4. 360-degree sound fidelity
  5. Lightweight
  1. Not available outside the US

3. Tribit XSound Go Bluetooth Speakers , Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 100

Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 100

Tribit XSound speakers will never let users down. The all-new XSound Go Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 100 is the latest addition to the contemporary Bluetooth wireless speaker series, offering dual bass backup and battery backup. Lithium batteries are powerful enough to allow two 6W speakers to operate at full volume and a rich bass capacity that is second to none in the specified price range.

 The best thing is their built-in mic and 360 degree surround sound, it will provide you with the best sound ever. the ups and downs are equally balanced, the mediums are clear and powerful, the rendering is totally impeccable. The material is metal alloy, This Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 100 is covered with IPX7 waterproof technology.

The robust design of Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 100 ensures that the device’s performance will not be affected if your hand falls. Waterproof technology is good to use for parties at the pool and summer vacation on a beach; do not worry about playing or partying in the water. It can withstand water pressure up to 1 m deep. Robust hardware has no effect on its design. The design of the hardware is elegant and sophisticated with its curved edges and a polished finish that gives it a beautiful appearance from the outside. The lightweight and ergonomic design makes it quite portable; take it anywhere to go to school or during the holidays, it can fit to any bag, purse or around the neck.

Tribit Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 100 works completely on wireless connectivity, the Bluetooth connection has a formidable range of 66 feet with Bluetooth 4.2 technology for faster connection. Multipoint technology allows users to connect to multiple Bluetooth devices. It memorizes the registered MAC address of your Bluetooth device and connects automatically after the first manual connection.

The built-in microphone allows the Siri application and Google voice recognition to allow commands and call monitoring from smartphones. The speakers are designed to produce a richer sound with high bass and deep treble. The solid design is intelligently designed by engineers to ensure the item is not overweight. Take it to your travels and forget to run out of battery for a whole day. Charging time is 3.5 hours, less than any other portable Bluetooth speaker.

  1. Rich sound and small size
  2. 24 hours of battery backup
  3. Built-in mic included for voice commands
  4. IPX7 waterproof technology
  1. 66ft connectivity range
  2. Only available in two colors

4. Bose SoundLink Color Bluetooth Speaker II – Coral Red , Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 100

Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 100


Bose is the leader in sound technology. If you are a Bose lover, you should buy it without even reading its reviews and features. Bose is one of the most sophisticated and innovative speakers in Bluetooth. it is a bit expensive than others, sometimes 3 times more expensive in price and quality. for quality lovers, this is the best thing to buy for your party scenes or a family reunion. It is available in four colors. Buy the right one for your home and enjoy the sound.

The audio technology is the first in the price range indicated, the sound mode is 3D Surround, it has a soft but strong exterior and shock resistant, the interior is designed to withstand shocks and falls. The design is ergonomic, easy to carry anywhere, lightweight and portable. Pick it up, put it in your bag or take it anywhere, as long as it stays in your hands.

The built-in microphone in this Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 100 is designed to facilitate connectivity via Bluetooth via voice commands via Apple’s Siri or Google Assistant. Li-ion batteries are upgraded for lasting connectivity for 8 hours of continuous music. Also enjoy a longer connectivity range with the small device and connect multiple devices to the Bose SoundLink Speaker II.

This Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 100 connects via Bluetooth or NFC up to a distance of 9 m or 30 feet. The design is completely waterproof thanks to IPX4 technology. The fidelity of the sound is immense, it has two modes: stereo and party mode for high and low fidelity sounds. Low fidelity mode has lower volumes with deep bass. Also connect to the Bose Connect app and explore your sound options with equalizer and playback, pause and volume control. You can listen to songs and ignore the ones you do not like with the app, adding or removing a Bluetooth device within its range.

  1. Small and bold
  2. Bose Connect enabled
  3. Siri/Google compatible
  4. The rugged and waterproof device
  5. NFC and Bluetooth connection
  1. Only 30ft of connectivity range
  2. Expensive

5. JBL Charge 3 Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker , Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 100

Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 100

JBL Charge 3 is the latest addition to the JBL Charge family with many added features to make sure the device stands out as the best on the market. JBL loudspeakers are known for their extreme functions and ruggedness. This Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 100 has a special connectivity option that allows the user to connect together to multiple JBL devices for amplified output.

Connect via Bluetooth to a smartphone or laptop manually for the first time, then the system will automatically connect to the registered device. JBL Charge 3 offers six colors. Choose the one that interests you the most. The color range includes Camouflage, Red, Gray, Blue, Black and Teal.

Connectivity is made reliable with a sophisticated Bluetooth v4.1 chipset. It offers a longer range and a reliable and secure connection to the device. the design is elegant with rounded sides and an oval-shaped construction.

JBL speakers are 100% waterproof. This Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 100 uses IPX7 technology that prevents spills and showers from entering the portable speaker. Use them at a poolside party or in a rat, play music at the beach this summer, in the carefree water. Stream wireless anywhere and anytime over a solid Bluetooth connection, there’s no jump or connection error within 100 feet. There is an integrated microphone for portable listening and voice commands from any smartphone.

Connect to the Siri app or Google Voice Command, make wireless calls through your built-in microphone, or access other voice features within 100m of your device using JBL Charge 3. Batteries last longer of 20 hours, thanks to the 600mAH Li-ion battery. Once connected to your smartphone, the built-in battery can charge your device with its battery. It serves multiple purposes, connecting to smartphones and charging via a USB cable. JBL connect will allow you to pair multiple JBL devices for a single amplified output. There is a 3.5mm audio cable with speakers for an auxiliary connection to a smartphone or laptop. The total loading time is 4.5 hours for the next 20 hours of playback. 

  1. Lightweight and long-lasting
  2. 100% waterproof and shockproof
  3. Available in multiple colors
  1. Expensive
  2. No NFC connectivity

6. Ultimate Ears MEGABOOM Lava Red Wireless Mobile Bluetooth Speaker , Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 100

best bluetooth speaker under 100

When it comes to cost-effective wireless portable speakers, nothing beats the Ultimate Ears portable Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 100. Rugged in design, they are lightweight, shock and water resistant, with a lower price and exciting features added to each updated device. the 2015 version is shock-proof and features advanced A2DP technology and an auxiliary input option available to users via the 3.5mm audio jack.

The total weight is 1.93 lbs; it offers a complete surround sound experience at 260 degrees for more or less all day. The design is made ergonomically to fit easily in the hands, the shape allows it to be carried anywhere or placed in a travel bag or purse with ease.

The ultimate IPX7 waterproofing technology can easily live up to 1m deep in a pool or beach; falling from a height in a pool or beach is not the end of its history. Remove it and use it as nothing has happened. The MEGABOOM Ultimate Ears is amazing for long-term use; the Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 100 is perfect for parties. Connect it with 50 EU speakers at a time and play your song on all the speakers in the range via a Bluetooth connection. The Party Rocker will emit deep bass and treble at low volume and high fidelity, with lower bass at higher volume levels. The Bluetooth range is 100 feet, more than enough to meet your musical needs.

In order to support high fidelity sound, the Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 100 are equipped with a high performance Li-ion battery with a maximum autonomy of 20 hours without interruption. It can charge your device, for example a smartphone or tablet, while connected via a USB port. The speakers can be connected to the UE MEGABOOM application for enhanced use and other options, play, pause, skip, volume control and connection options. The 360 ​​degree loyalty range will dominate every corner of your home with the party lights on.

  1. Brilliant battery life
  2. Greater accessibility through UE MEGABOOM app
  3. Rich and deep bass with high fidelity
  4. IPX7 waterproof device
  1. Expensive speakers

7. Soundcore Flare Portable Bluetooth Speaker , Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 100

Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 100

We are about to unveil the most satisfying portable Bluetooth speakers on our list. Anker’s Soundcore Flare portable speakers will have all your eyes and ears when they are turned on. It’s a complete solution for your party needs, the huge, rich sound with intensified, boosted bass creates an unparalleled environment when paired with its built-in disco lights.

For an extra boom, connect two Soundcore speakers together via Bluetooth and enjoy amplified music in 360-degree mode. the Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 100 are designed to give a multidirectional sound wave pattern, you will listen with the same intensity at every corner, the shape is designed to deliver the sound at a maximum distance; in addition, the halo lights make the music even sexier.

You can play with 5 customizable lighting modes when you switch to party mode. place the portable speaker in the center and enjoy listening for more than 12 hours. The battery is composed of Li-ion that lasts just over 12 hours of continuous use, no problem once fully charged. The best thing is its dual power mode in case of emergency, it will charge your smartphone when no other power source is available.

Both built-in audio drivers are designed to deliver powerful bass and clean sound at higher volumes. The bass is processed inside the speakers thanks to the BassUP technology in which a digital signal processing is performed for maximum efficiency and sound at the output without any noise or distortion created by the amplifiers. Bluetooth 4.2 is efficient and takes less time to connect; the connectivity range is 48 feet in an open space and 16 feet in the room.

Soundcore Flare Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 100 are designed to withstand all conditions, such as water, rain, dust or snow. It will never go out at a pool party, in the rain, or at a beach party. The latest IP67 technology is 100% dust and water proof, it will work even if it is submerged in water. Play it anywhere, at the pool or at the beach, thanks to the waterproof coating. The Soundcore app offers a customizable equalizer setting, which can be downloaded from the PlayStore or the Google App Store and set up EQs, volume levels, lights, and more.

The quality of the sound is improved thanks to two drivers back to back. This allows the user to enjoy the music in the room with the same intensity. The bass radiators improve bass amplification. Wireless stereo pairing connects manually for the first time with a smartphone or computer that supports Bluetooth; after the first connection, it automatically connects to the paired system when it is in range.

  1. Cost-effective portable speakers
  2. 12-hour battery backup
  3. Exclusive BassUP technology
  4. Custom equalizer option
  5. 360-degree sound
  1. Lesser connectivity range
  2. Only available in two colors

8. Bang & Olufsen Beoplay P2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker , Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 100

Best Bluetooth Speakers Under $100

The Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 100 Bang and Olufsen Beoplay are considered the most satisfying for a soothing sound and clear sound. All that interests them is the quality of the sound rather than being loud and the bass reinforcing the mediocre quality of the music, it fears to be loud and confused. The speakers are made with a unique, all-metal design; it is smaller than ever and fits the palm of your hand.

Enjoy quality music by personalizing your listening experience while adjusting the audio level according to the music you are listening to. Beoplay P2 Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 100 is made from waterproof and dustproof technology. Use it anywhere, in the pool or on a sandy beach, nothing will stand in the way.

Audio customization is another added feature that has not been adopted by other portable speakers; it will activate the voice prompt for Google and Siri wizards via Bluetooth and make it easy to set alarms and repeat functions by shaking or tapping the speakers.

Smart features will allow multiple users to create custom audio profiles and associate sound to recognize each profile through its smart sensors. The material is robust to withstand shocks and falls. It has an aluminum grid specially treated outside with a flexible polymer frame delimiting it.

The music is powered by a rechargeable Li-ion battery that will last more than 10 hours of continuous use. The battery is powerful for parties and uninterrupted holidays. It has a 3.5mm audio jack for auxiliary inputs as well as rechargeable USB plug.

The USB socket is type C and works in both directions, for charging the speakers and also as a power supply for smartphones in case of emergency. The P2 Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 100 is small and elegant with a huge audio output, crisp sounds and amplified bass at the outputs at the specified volume levels. The sharpness never goes out of its limits, it maintains the sound quality with its intelligent sensors.

Music never distorts at higher volumes; your Beoplay P2 Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 100 will be your ideal travel partner thanks to its built-in microphone and 10 hours of playback per charge. Audio drivers are protected from shock and water with waterproof IPX7, a dust-proof coating and a waterproof genuine leather carrying strap. The portability is provided by the strap, the robustness is preserved by the anodized aluminum covering all the chips and other circuits inside the frame. Sound can be customized via Boeplay’s smart app for iOS and Android devices, set music modes, equalize sounds, or play with volume setup directly from your smartphone.

  1. Extremely handy fits in the palm
  2. Sturdy design with a leather strap
  3. Boeplay app compatible
  4. Smart sensors with a shake and tap features for a snooze
  5. Up to 10 hours of music play
  1. Expensive for its features
  2. Lesser sound range than other speakers

9. DOSS DS-1685 Sound Box XL 32W Bluetooth Speakers , Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 100

Best Bluetooth Speakers Under $100

The powerful DOSS Sound Box Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 100 are suitable for all parties. They have huge 10W dual speakers with a 12W subwoofer for a thrilling and thrilling bass and high fidelity to fill the party space with vibrant music. It is manufactured in a vintage radio style with minimal distortion, thanks to a complex and efficient circuit for maximum power output as well as advanced DSP technology to produce the largest bass.

The Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 100 are connected via Bluetooth with a connection range of up to 33 feet. it can also be connected via a 3.5mm audio jack via an auxiliary cable to the smartphone or laptop. The TF card can also be inserted if the auxiliary cable or Bluetooth connection is unavailable. The Bluetooth connection is established via V4.0, providing more stable access to the user. It can also be ported via Echodot for manual settings, EQs and volume controls.

The batteries are rechargeable and are made of Lithium Ion material with a total capacity of 2200 mAh. It lasts up to 12 hours for a volume range below 50% and 10 hours at 50%. The charging time is 3 to 4 hours with a USB connection cable. The USB cable runs in both directions, it can be charged using a standard charger and also serves as a power supply for smartphones. The connectivity range is 33 feet, perfect for indoor parties. You can control music from anywhere in the house by having a party

Make your choice of music heard with the DOSS DS-1685 Sound Box XL Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 100 via stable Bluetooth connections. the speakers give deeper bass and greater fidelity with a distortion rate of less than 3%. The nominal speaker impedance is 4 Ohm with a sensitivity of 96dB. The DS-1685 is completely waterproof. It is equipped with IPX4 technology that allows the user to play anywhere, at the pool, at the beach or in the rain.

Playback and pause, volume control are touch-controlled from the device. the grille is made of anodized aluminum to withstand extreme temperatures and submersion in the water. The DOSS sound box comes with a full 12-month product warranty, a 30-day money back guarantee and a 30-day replacement warranty if purchased from Amazon, as well as free 24-hour customer service. 7d / 7.

  1. 2x10W drivers with 12W subwoofer
  2. IPX4 waterproof
  3. Ergonomic design
  4. Multiple connectivity modes
  1. Heavier for outdoor fun

10. Bose SoundLink Micro Bluetooth speaker – Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 100


Do not judge the speaker by his size; The idiom is perfect for Bose Micro Bluetooth speakers. Bose Micro Edition speakers are not expensive, they offer excellent sound quality and are reasonably smaller to fit the palm of your hand. The Bose Soundlink Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 100 will make your music more enjoyable for the ears with balanced voices and chords, crisp, clean edges, and satisfying highs, midranges and bass to complete the combination. Bose is the best speaker manufacturer in decades, there is no compromise on quality.

It is also suitable for indoor parties, camping trips, vacations or beach walks. A long leather carrying strap and speakers for better portability, carry it to your size and enjoy the sound wherever you are.

Enter the nature or stay at the beach listening to the soothing music when no one switches to stereo mode, or get carried away in the party style with bass bass and fidelity range by switching it to party mode. the leather strap is tear-resistant and is made of pure leather to last a lifetime.

Bose Soundlink microphone speaker playback time lasts up to 6 hours at full volume; it can be extended to 8 hours in a lower volume range. The speaker is rechargeable with its lithium-ion batteries. Pairing is via Bluetooth v4.2 technology, which detects signals up to 30 feet apart.

The wireless range of this Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 100 is ideal for indoor parties or beach holidays with a live music experience without having to take out your smartphone to control the volume, play, pause or skip a song. It has a multi-function button that does everything by itself. The speaker contains a built-in microphone for voice commands, alarms and calls from Google Assistant and Siri.

You can access sound equalizers and other features through the Bose Connect app, an official app for Android and iOS devices that control settings and alarms. Soundlink Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 100 are completely waterproof. The IPX7 coating is used for protection against rain and water. Play freely in the pool and beach parties, it supports water pressures up to 1 m deep when submerged.

  1. Balanced sound with deep bass
  2. Dual mode music play
  3. Voice prompts and Bose Connect supported
  1. Only 6 hours of battery backup
  2. Expensive

11. Douni A7 (20W) Portable Wireless Stereo Bluetooth Speaker , Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 100

Best Bluetooth Speakers Under $100


The Douni A7 Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 100 is ergonomic and has many features. It has everything you can find in the best wireless portable speaker. The dual connectivity option is at your convenience; connect to the Bluetooth device or listen to songs through the smartphone’s NFC connection if the smartphone is not available or in use. Bluetooth is supported by updated V4.2-compatible DSP chipsets, which provide faster connectivity and reliable connection with little or no distortion.

The Bluetooth connectivity range is 66 feet, enough to connect to any device in the house. The asking price is phenomenal, it will cost you $ 47.99 to buy a complete and portable solution for your music needs.
The sound quality of this Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 100 is better than expected, thanks to dual audio drivers and built-in codecs that improve sound quality. the bass is richer and deeper for higher volumes, treble and bass are perfectly matched to the equalizer settings. The physical control buttons are included in the unit with a built-in heat sensor to allow the buttons to light whenever it detects heat.

Thus, every time you approach the Douni Bluetooth speakers, the Bluetooth buttons and control buttons light up at your convenience. Physical control buttons include volume up / down, play / pause and skip, rewind, power button, and Bluetooth connectivity at the top of the speakers. Auxiliary input / output and charging port is located on the side.

The battery backup of this Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 100 is remarkable, a powerful rechargeable lithium-ion battery of 4400 mAh will last half a day of continuous use. In addition, for smaller volumes, the backup battery could be extended to more than 14 hours. On higher volumes, it depreciates regularly after 10 hours; smart battery sensors will automatically turn off the device after 40 minutes of inactivity. To fix it with your smartphone or TV, press the power button again. It can memorize up to 8 devices simultaneously, connect it once and it will play automatically when the device already registered reaches a distance of 20 meters.

Compatibility is universal: Listen to everything on your Android, iOS or TV after connecting it via Bluetooth or NFC.
The speakers are powerful enough for outdoor parties. The small package contains a 20W output of the box with two 10W speakers on the right and left. A built-in microphone in the A7 speakers lets you take wireless calls and read messages from the Google Voice Assistant or Siri App; make your handsfree calls when you are connected to Douni A7, answer or reject voice calls instantly without going to your smartphone. Douni A7 comes with a charging cable, an auxiliary cable, an AC adapter and a user manual. The speakers come with a 12-month replacement warranty and a 30-day money back guarantee.

  1. Cost-effective
  2. Full of features
  3. Lightweight
  4. Powerful battery and connectivity range
  5. Bluetooth and NFC enabled
  1. Outdated design
  2. Not waterproof

12. ZENBRE Bluetooth Speakers, Z4 Wireless Speakers , Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 100

Best Bluetooth Speakers Under $100


The ZENBRE Bluetooth Z4 Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 100 is the best and cheapest option available for a reduced budget. It has everything, a powerful battery, surround sound, extreme bass, waterproof and shockproof technology and dual driver technology for $ 35.99. the tiny speakers are there to meet your room or holiday needs, with extremely loud music and a balanced sound distribution on both sides. The speakers work on 2 × 5 Watt speakers with a completely wireless connection. there are physical buttons on the sides with volume control, power button, play and pause, auxiliary input, USB options for convenience. The unit provides full 360 degree surround sound with equal distribution at each corner; no need for additional speakers if you have Z4.

The battery is powerful enough to fill in your music needs for a day of continuous use; a powerful 1800 mAh Li-ion battery will last for 20 hours of continuous use; it can last for 24 hours on adjustable volumes and 18 hours of its full capacity volumes. There are two 5W speakers to the left and right coupled with the low-frequency radiators and a built-in subwoofer allotted to each of the speakers. the combination will do absolutely wonderful while playing mids, lows, and highs automatically.

The material is shock and water resistant; the rugged design will ensure that it does not have to damage the top layer in the event of a fall or drowning. The IPX6 waterproof technology will allow you to enjoy every evening by the pool with ZENBRE Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 100 at your convenience. If  immersed in a pool or beach, lift up and use  without doing anything. It offers a full range of compatibility for all smartphones and laptops. connect it to any Bluetooth-enabled Android, iOS, Smart TV or Echo Dot device and enjoy an uninterrupted and secure connection with multiple devices. This Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 100 is extremely light, it weighs only 0.80 lbs and can be transported anywhere in the pockets.

  1. Lightweight
  2. Cost-effective
  3. Balanced sound & powerful battery
  1. 10W output
  2. Available in two colors only



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