10 Best Breast Milk Storage Bags Reviews 2020

It was not easy, you are now a mother with a precious baby, you are feeding your baby and you are not perfect in  your breast pump.To make sure all of your hard work is not wasted, you will want a storage solution that keeps your milk healthy and fresh for your baby when he needs it. Let’s see how to find the best breast milk storage bags to store your liquid gold.

10 Best Breast Milk Storage Bags

1 – Lansinoh Breastmilk Storage Bags – 100 C​​ount

Lansinoh Breast Milk Storage Bags

A package of Lansinoh best breast milk storage bags contains 100 pieces, yet the package is very affordable. No wonder they are the top sellers on Amazon. They are made of thick material that is difficult to tear or destroy.

The spout of the bag is as wide as the length of the bag itself, and therefore easy to pour milk in and out of it. However, you cannot pump milk directly into the bag. It is sealable to keep contaminants out and to ensure that your milk does not spill in the refrigerator.

One of its best features is the base that stands alone in the fridge freezer. When you fill the transparent bag with milk, its diameter does not expand, but instead, the base extends a little to allow the bag to stand independently. This way it takes up minimal space in the fridge. You can also put down the bags to save space.

The double zipper of this best breast milk storage bags ensures the milk stays intact, no matter how you put it in the fridge or freezer. These bags are designed to resist freezing and thawing so that you can freeze milk for as long as six months.

They take up to 160 ml of milk. This is not much compared to plastic storage which will take up to 1000 ml, but the advantage is that the milk in the bag thaws more quickly. It is also portable. The bags do not contain BPA and are pre-sterilized. They are not reusable, which can be seen as both an advantage and a disadvantage.

The bottom line is that Lansinoh breast milk storage bags are the best in quality and size on the market.

  • Leak-proof, BPA and BPS free material.
  • Ideal for storing and freezing breastmilk.
  • Holds large quantities.
  • They take up little space, easy to store.
  • Inexpensive compared to other brands.
  • Occasional leakage, be sure to seal it properly.
  • Quite thin, so be careful when the milk is not frozen.

2 – Kiinde Breast Milk ​​Storage Twist Pouch

Kiinde Breast Milk ​​Storage Twist Pouch

Most mothers hate the transfer process where you pump the milk into a container and then transfer it to the storage bag.

The Kiinde storage pouch skips this process, as it is compatible with all brands of breast pumps. Less dishes to clean and a shorter procedure, right? Not only will you skip the cleaning and transfer step, but you’ll also reduce the risk of exposing the milk to germs.

The twisted cap is certainly the best feature of this pouch, as it seals it perfectly to prevent leakage and contamination. It stores up to 6 ounces of milk, which is a third of what your little one will need per day.

You’ll need three for the day, but again, this capacity is better than most storage bags on the market.

It is certainly more expensive than Lansinoh breast milk storage bags. Since they are not reusable, they are not ideal for everyday use, unless you do not mind separating yourself from this amount each week. However, they are great for traveling.

The best breast milk storage bags are pre-sterilized, saving you from trouble. They are also clear, so you can see how much milk is left after use and even how much you pumped. The transparent surface is also ideal for labeling and marking the date so that whoever feeds the baby notes the oldest pouch and uses it up first.

The best breast milk storage bags are compatible with all nipples, so you can feed the baby directly from the bag. The nipple naturally attaches to the mouth of the bag to ensure that there is no space for air to enter during feeding time.

  • The twist cap seals perfectly.
  • Thick durable plastic.
  • Very easy to pour and store.
  • The bag can be easily held on the counter without tipping or overturning.
  • Require more space.
  • More expensive than the typical storage bag.

3 – Nurture Right Breastmi​​lk Storage Bags

Nurture Right Breastmi​​lk Storage Bags

Made from phthalates and BPA-free material, these 6 oz storage bags are quite inexpensive. A pack contains 100 pieces, and they will last all month.

As with most breast milk bags, they are not reusable. They will only last until you dispense the milk, then you will throw them away. They save you the cleaning part, because you buy a new one and get ready for the day. These bags are also pre-sterilized to save you time.

The base is autonomous when you fill them. You can place them flat in your fridge or freezer to save space.

This best breast milk storage bags allows easy transfer depending on the width of the bag. Placing them on a flat surface when frozen will speed up the thawing process.

The thick plastic material that makes these bags is durable and tear-free to keep milk safe and fresh. The bag has a double zipper to secure the top and prevent leaks and contaminants.

The locking system is so strong that even if the pocket fell on a hard surface, it would not give way. The material is not only solid, but it is also free from toxic substances.

On the face of the bag is a unique and thoughtful feature. You have ample space to label the package with a place for the name, date and time when the milk was expressed. That way, whoever looks at the bags will say the oldest of the freshest.

  • Leak-proof seal.
  • Pre-sterilized to insure the milk stays SAFE and FRESH.
  • Made from a BPA-FREE and Phthalates-FREE non toxic material.
  • You can record Name, Volume, Date and Time.
  • Bags can sometimes be difficult to seal. Therefore, there may be leaks.

4 – NUK Seal N Go Brea​​st Milk Bags

NUK Seal N Go Brea​​st Milk Bags

A package of NUK Seal N Go contains 50 pieces which is great for the price. The 10 pieces are pre-sterilized to save time. The spout does not allow you to pump directly into this bag, so you will need to transfer the milk from your pumping container.

The gravity-fed spout is designed to prevent spillage and facilitate transfer. When you’re done, filling the 6 oz bag will seal it with the double zipper seal that keeps precious breast milk from spilling or being contaminated.

When opening the bag, you can tear off the top with a pair of clean scissors to reveal the seal. The tear line is correctly indicated for information.

The transparent BPA-free material that makes this best breast milk storage bags clearly marked to allow visibility when filling. You can also label the bag on the transparent front to indicate the date the milk was pumped.

The bags will not allow your nutrient-rich milk to lose any of its qualities. It has an oxygen barrier that keeps milk fresh when frozen for a long time.

There is a lot of space between the Ziploc and the last filling point to allow the milk to expand during freezing. This is why it is advisable to fill the milk to the authorized capacity and no longer.

The self-supporting grooved bottom allows you to fill the bag without interruption and even to label it in this position.

You can choose to store it in this standing position or place it lying down to save storage space.. The milk stored in this bag thaws faster than that in a glass container.

  • Leak-proof guaranteed.
  • Self-standing bottom prevents spills.
  • The pack is reasonably priced.
  • Pre-Sterilized and disposable for safety.
  • Bags can sometimes be difficult to seal. Therefore, there may be leaks

5.Medela Breast Milk Storage Bags

Medela Breast Milk Storage Bags

Busy moms who are breastfeeding understand how difficult it can be to transport breast milk. These special milk storage bags are perfect for transportation, whether you have a daily routine or are on a fun family trip.

Made from a durable double layer material with a double zipper, these bags will not leak and can withstand being pushed around in a diaper bag or purse. They stand on their own or can lie flat, depending on how you want to transport them.

One of the reasons we like this best breast milk storage bags is the included resealable carrying pouch, which allows you to carry all of your unused bags and keep them organized and clean. Moms can’t just take breast milk with them, but they can pump on the go and know they have a clean bag that won’t leak.

Each bag can contain up to six ounces of breast milk and each box comes with 100 bags, and does not contain BPA.

  • The double layer material and the double zipper seal provide waterproof protection during transport.
  • The bags can stand upright or flat.
  • Includes a resealable carrying pouch.
  • Supplied with adapter to pump directly into the bag.
  • You cannot feed your baby directly from these bags, so you will need to have other bottles with you for on-the-go feedings.
  • On the small side.
  • Currently non-recyclable plastic.

6.Mommy’s Precious Breast Milk Bags

Mommy’s Precious Breast Milk Bags

These best breast milk storage bags are not only BPA free – they are latex and phthalate free. Mom’s precious bags stand by themselves due to their bellows design, so you have no trouble filling them.

They use a double zipper for closing and freezing is simple. They are large and can hold up to 8 ounces of milk. Once filled, they freeze flat to save storage space.

These best breast milk storage bags also claim that their measurement lines are 95% accurate, which should be of great help to women who track every ounce of their child’s eats.

  • Precise measurements should help moms assess the amount of milk to pour into each bag.
  • The security seal on the bags prevents bacteria from entering.
  • The bags are recyclable.
  • Moms may find these bags difficult to open due to the perforation of the bag.
  • Although the plastic is thick, it can seem a bit brittle, especially in the freezer.

7. Ameda Store ‘N Pour Breastmilk Storage Bags

Ameda Store ‘N Pour Breastmilk Storage Bags

These best breast milk storage bags have been manufactured with a multilayer design to avoid cracks and cracks. Ameda Store ‘n Pour bags have easy-to-close reclosable zippers.

They also have a spout to reduce spills. The bags are BPA free and safe for the freezer. You can pump directly into these bags, but you will need an adapter.

The thick plastic helps the bags stand up on their own and eliminates the need for extra arms to transfer milk into the bags. Ameda bags are also smaller than many others, containing only 5 ounces.

  • Moms like it, the bags don’t burst if they’re too full.
  • The practical spout allows you to fill a bottle even when you hold your baby.
  • The shape of the bag – the top is smaller than the bottom – makes them difficult to stack evenly.

8. Lansinoh Breast Milk Storage Bags

Lansinoh Breast Milk Storage Bags

These are some of the biggest bags on the market, and they have a patented double zipper, which means your breast milk shouldn’t end up everywhere on the fridge shelf and unsuspecting vegetables.

This saves you from having to clean your fridge and pump extra milk to make up for the loss. Lansinoh bags have a spout to help put breast milk in baby bottles without spilling a drop.

These bags are designed to stay flat in the fridge or freezer to save space while storing multiple bags. If you have a Lansinoh pump, you can attach it directly to the bags, or you can buy one of the adapters if you use a different brand. Also BPA and BPS free.

  • It’s easy to know when the double zipper is closed.
  • If your baby is a little older and needs more breast milk, you may like these large bag sizes – they contain 6 ounces.
  • Environmentally conscious moms should be happy to know that these bags are recyclable.
  • These have no plastic smell or taste.
  • These bags are recyclable in the recyclable plastic bag in local stores!
  • To open these bags for use, you need to tear off the top and open a perforated edge that some women find longer than opening other storage bags.
  • Moms might not like the fact that it is difficult to stand up while pouring milk because they are made of thinner plastic than other bags.

9. Nurture Right Breast Milk Bags

Nurture Right Breastmi​​lk Storage Bags

Latex and BPA free, these best breast milk storage bags are also made from a phthalate free material. Bow-Tiger bags are self-contained and have a double zipper, which makes leaks less likely.

Made of thick, sturdy plastic, these bags contain 6 ounces each and come with a security seal to ensure that the bags have not been contaminated before use.

A large registration panel on these bags allows you to write your baby’s name, the number of ounces in the bag, the date and time you pumped the milk.

  • These bags do not spill when you pour milk in them because the plastic is so rigid.
  • Moms can enjoy the fun decorations of the heart on the bags.
  • These bags have a lot of extra space after the full mark, which could make moms more confident that the bags won’t leak after the milk has expanded in the freezer.
  • Some pens do not work on the labeling area – you may need to use markers or self-adhesive labels.
  • Women may not appreciate having to use scissors to cut the top of the security seal of these bags.

10. Kiinde Twist Pouch Breastmilk Storage Bags

Kiinde Breast Milk ​​Storage Twist Pouch

If you’re the kind of mom who prioritizes convenience above all, these nifty bags might be for you. Halfway between a bag and a bottle, these pouches come with a rotating cap that attaches to most breast pumps and the brand’s own bottle converter. They are BPA, PVC and phthalate free.

This means you can pump directly into the bag, store it, and then attach the bag to an adapter and a range of teats to feed your baby. No need to pour, decant or measure – everything stays in one bag, from “boob to baby”

Although very practical, an additional advantage of this system is that you reduce the chances of bacteria entering the milk and causing problems. In addition, you will reduce bottle washing, which is always a victory.

  • The bags are recyclable.
  • Suitable for narrow bottle pump parts, such as Medela.
  • The cap closes tightly so you don’t have to play with the zippers and risk leaking and spilling.
  • Practical: collect, store and feed everything with the same pouch.
  • The bags are not completely flat and not as easy to store as those with a simpler design.
    Only one size available.
  • The full range with all accessories may be too expensive for some.

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