The 10 Best Curtain Rods in 2020 Reviews- Buyer’s Guide

Curtains are an excellent solution to complement the treatments and decoration of your window. To hang them, quality materials will be necessary to keep them firmly in place. One of the main requirements are best curtain rods that come in different types and require you to factor out some features to make sure you get nothing but a quality brand that can last you for generations to come.

However, choosing best curtain rods may be a challenge if you don’t have enough information. We reviewed the top best curtain rods for this piece to help you select a quality brand that suits your needs.

10 Best Curtain Rods in 2020

1. Decopolitan Urn Single Rod Set-Best curtain Rods Editors Pick


Bright your home with this decopolitan best curtain rods. This best curtain rods have quality materials designed to make elegant and useful over the coming years. The set features a superior 1 “rod diameter steel construction that gives you the freedom to hang even the most heavy fabrics.

Incorporated in this model, there is a unique black urn finish that combines well with most of the decorations. All mounting hardware is also included. The Decopolitan curtain rod is a unique set that is designed to provide elegance and great versatility to adapt to different applications. Its robust construction makes it one of the best curtain rods for heavy fabrics.

Highlighted Features

  1. Built to last
  2. Designed with a high-quality steel material with an antique finish which blends well with most décor
  3. 1” rod diameter for accommodating heavy fabrics
  4. Comes with mounting hardware
  5. 72 to 144 inches telescopic range
  6. Elegant

2. Kenney Decorative Window Curtain Rod

Kenney Decorative

With this Kenney best curtain rods, designed not only to bring stylish looks to any room, enjoy creativity at its best, but also to compliment your decor. You’ll enjoy great flexibility with its two adjustable lengths. The rods are designed using a strong steel construction that features a smooth black finish with elegant bronze plastic finishes rubbed with oil ideal for installation in any room.

5/8 “rods are also available in various finishes so you can choose your preferred style that fits perfectly with your home decor, curtain rods and accessories for installation are included in the package. Kenney best curtain rods are quality, elegant and perfectly designed to give medium curtains the maximum support for light.

Highlighted Features

  1. Ideal for installation in any room
  2. Comes in varied sizes lengths (28 to 48, 48 to 86) and finishes for increased flexibility
  3. Comes along with matching hardware
  4. 5/8” diameter
  5. Pairs well with light to medium curtains
  6. Accommodates curtains with grommets, back tops, pockets, and tab tops
  7. Projects 3.5” from the mounting wall for increased privacy
  8. Can be used with clip rings

3. Kenney Chelsea Standard Window Curtain Rod

Kenney Chelsea Standard Window Curtain Rod

Enjoy the versatility of this Chelsea best curtain rods . The decorative rod features a black finish that adds elegance to your home decoration and window treatments. You will give your room a luxurious touch with its metal rods and resin finishes while preventing your curtains from slipping off the ends.

Its 5/8 “diameter allows you to adjust between 28 and 48” to perfectly fit your window with a 3-inch projection, improving your privacy and side light. The rod comes in another five different finishes apart from black to allow you to choose one that compliments your room.

Highlighted Features

  1. Ideal for medium and light curtains.
  2. Adjustable diameter with a 3-inch projection for privacy and side light
  3. Complements most home decorations and window treatments
  4. Mounting hardware is included
  5. Available in five finishes to satisfy different customer preferences.
  6. 5/8 “diameter to accommodate standard windows

4.Kenney Valencia Window Curtain Rods

best curtain rods

Kenney Valencia is a standard best curtain rods designed for use in conjunction with medium or light curtains. The rod has a 5/8-inch adjustable 86 to 120-inch diameter with a 2.75-inch wall projection for privacy and side light. In a long-lasting plastic construction, it boasts a natural finished design for extended use and to keep your curtains in place without slipping off.

Its chocolate finish perfectly blends with the mounting hardware and finishes to give any room elegance. You will have the freedom to select your preferred color with three different finishes that compliment your decor and window treatment.


Highlighted Features

  1. Add a touch of style to any room.
  2. It comes with mounting hardware
  3. It has strong spikes and a steel construction to keep the curtains in place
  4. It has an adjustable diameter that can be adjusted to fit different window sizes
  5. Avoid side light and improve privacy with its 2.75-inch projection.
  6. Available in three different finishes.
  7. Ideal for medium or light curtains.
  8. Accommodates curtains with back tabs, grommets, pockets, tab tops, and clip rings

5. Decopolitan End Cap Curtain Rods

Decopolitan End Cap Curtain Rods

This Decopolitan Cap End is a quality curtain rod designed for extremely heavy fabrics. It is creatively designed to fit all design styles and add a contemporary touch to your window treatments and your home with its elegant nickel finish.

Its 7/8 “curtain diameter is adjustable and allows you to customize it from 36 to 72 inches, depending on the size of your window.These best curtain rods are also compatible with 7/8 inch clip rings that provide a function and They allow you to easily hang your curtains.

Highlighted Features

  1. Designed with robust steel for maximum support of heavier fabrics
  2. Adjustable 7/8 “diameter rod that accommodates 7/8 inch clamping rings
  3. It has a contemporary nickel finish that brings elegance to any room.
  4. It comes with all mounting accessories
  5. Customizable size from 36 to 72 inches long.

6. Kenney Single Curtain Rod

best Curtain Rods

The simple curtain rods can be adapted to almost any application and that is what you will enjoy with this Kenney series. With your metal rods, you will give maximum support to your light curtains. Its diameter rod can be adjusted from 28 to 48 inches with a 2 “space that gives you the freedom to stretch it to fit the size of your window, leaving enough space for enough side light.The metal bar has a finish Expresso that brings a contemporary look to any room.

Highlighted Features

  1. All mounting hardware is included
  2. It has a smooth and elegant espresso finish to enhance the elegance and complement your
  3. window treatments
  4. The diameter rod can be adjusted between 28 and 48 inches, leaving a space of 2 inches for
  5. your privacy
  6. Product of USA
  7. Recommended for light curtains.

7. ​Montevilla Leaf Ball Curtain Rod

Nothing can consume much of your time like a curtain rod difficult to install. But with this Montevilla, you can easily mount it without much hassle. The bar features a 5/8 “adjustable curtain rod that holds the curtains in place.With two adjustable sizes, you can enjoy flexibility like no other.

Its double steel rod is strong enough with a vintage bronze finish to bring that style of look to your home. The ball design of this best curtain rods is built with great creativity to complement your decoration.

Highlighted Features

  1. Available in two adjustable sizes (26-48, 48-86)
  2. Has a 5/8 “adjustable curtain rod
  3. Strong double steel rod for optimal support
  4. Easy to install
  5. Features a Vintage Bronze finish
  6. It comes with mounting hardware

8. Rod Desyne Lockseam Window Curtain Rod

Window Curtain Rod

In case you are looking for the best curtain rods for pocket curtains or valances, then Rod Desyne can be an excellent choice for you. The bar is super strong with a professional coating on both sides. Its white finish blends perfectly with most home decorations and window treatment to bring that modern look to any room.

Thats not all; the set of rods has a “high strength” blocking seam that helps give maximum support to your curtains.The diameter rod extends between 28 and 48 inches and leaves a 2 “free space for the wall for privacy and side light. For easy installation, the curtain rod comes with mounting hardware that offers a complete decorative window solution.

Highlighted Features

  1. has a 3/4” tall heavy-duty lock seam for optimal support
  2. an adjustable diameter of between 28 to 48 inches
  3. recommended for pocket drapery and valances
  4. compliments your window treatment and décor with its matching mounting hardware
  5. leaves a 2- inch wall clearance for side light
  6. rod coated on both sides for added elegance and durability

9. Kenney Spring Tension Curtain Rods

Curtain Rods

This Kenney spring best curtain rods is easy to install and you will not need any tools. It offers an easy and uncomplicated solution to hang the curtains. Its 7/16 “adjustable brass finish blends well with most decorations, with anti-slip and non-slip rubber on its ends that provides maximum support for your curtain rod, the diameter of the bar is adjustable between 28 and 48 inches It is designed with open seam and to function when the seams are open.

In general, the Kenney spring tension best curtain rods is an excellent solution for anyone looking for a simple solution. It is practical and versatile, making it an excellent choice for your apartment, bedroom or any place where a simple solution is required.

Highlighted Features

  1. Adjustable brass finish 7/16 that complements its decoration
  2. Easy to install and use has rubber anti-slip and non-slip ends to keep your curtain rod in place
  3. Operates when the seam is open Adjustable diameter between 28 to 48 inches

10. Achim Home Furnishings Buono Ii Rod & Finial 

best curtain rods

Achim home furnishing is a market leader in designing quality curtain rods that meet the industry standards. The drapery set comes with matching hardware to complement your window treatments and décor. Its mounting brackets can be extended between 3.5 to 4 inches giving you the freedom to adjust it to suit your preferences.

With three different sizes, you can choose your preferred size in regards to your window size, which makes it a great pick for those who are looking forward to bring a stylish look to any room with different sized windows. Its beautiful Antique cream PVC bring a stylish touch to any window. Its 0.75″ adjustable telescopic diameter perfectly extends to fit your window size.

This best curtain rods are easy to install and does not require a lot of installation tools to get the job done.

  1. Available in three different sizes (66 to 120 “, 48 to 86” and 28 to 48 “)
  2. Easy to install
  3. 0.75 “adjustable diameter telescopic rod that can be extended to fit the size of your window
  4. Designed with creativity to bring that elegant look to your room.
  5. It comes with mounting accessories to complement your window treatments
  6. The mounting brackets can be adjusted between 3.5 and 4 inches

11. Ivilon Drapery Treatment Window Curtain Rod

Ivilon Drapery Treatment Window Curtain Rod

This decorative curtain rods provides you with the elegant look. In addition to this, with 3 different sizes, you can easily choose the one that perfectly meets your needs. In addition, supports, as well as finals of different sizes, are available. This ensures that the installation is also a breeze.

The Ivilon Curtain Rod is easy to use and ready to install. As a result, you can install it in a few minutes very easily. The colors are such that you can use them in the kitchen, the bedroom as well as in any other room. In addition, the quality assurance of the road is controlled, which ensures that you can install medium heavy curtains using the rod quite easily.

  1. 3 different sizes available
  2. Versatile look
  3. Can handle medium heavy curtains easily
  4. Quality assurance
  5. Elegant look

12. AmazonBasics 1″ Curtain Rod:

AmazonBasics curtain rod

With 2 different sizes, you will likely find the one you are looking for. In addition, there are 3 colors available, which is an added benefit. It can easily support weights up to 22 lbs. Thus, you can also easily hang the heaviest curtains.

In addition, the colors included in this best curtain rods are visually appealing and elegant. All the equipment you need to install it is included in the package. You will not have to spend separately for the equipment. For all these reasons, they are not only easier to use, but also very versatile.

  1. Can handle heavier curtains
  2. Easier to install
  3. Hardware included
  4. 2 different sizes available
  5. 3 different colors available

13. Achim Home Furnishings Buono II Rod:

Achim Home Furnishings Buono II Rod

If you are looking for an old-school design for curtain rods, you must choose this one. It is composed of PVC florets. As a result, you can get the old school look quite easily. In addition, all the material matches perfectly.

Whether you look at the color of the support or look at the color of the stem, the match is perfect. As a result, you can use them at home fairly easily. All you need is a screwdriver and nails to install it. Thus, the installation also becomes easier. When you look at the size, 3 different size options are available, which is an added benefit.

  1. Hardware included
  2. 3 different sizes available
  3. Old school look
  4. Easy to install

14. Sheffield Home AMG and Enchante Accessories Ultra – Refined Cage Curtain Rod:

Sheffield Home AMG and Enchante Accessories Ultra

If you are looking for a more unique design, you should definitely consider this best curtain rods. However, you must first make sure that it will go well with your interiors. The sizes available are 4. In addition, when you look at the colors, 8 different colors are also available.

In addition, all necessary accessories for installation are included. The construction is made of solid metal. As a result, it can last longer without any problems. In addition, the high quality steel construction guarantees their ability to withstand the load of heavy curtains. Thus, not only are they versatile, but they are quite easy to install and durable.

  1. Available in 8 different colors
  2. Available in 4 different sizes
  3. Metal construction
  4. Easy to install
  5. Versatile

15. Kenney 5/8″ Beckett Decorative Window Curtain Rod

Kenney Beckett Decorative Window Curtain Rod

With the bronze finish, you can be sure they will look much better compared to modern curtain rods. If your decor is old school style or heritage, these are the chopsticks that will suit you best. Plus, they can handle medium weight curtains quite easily. So you can use them in the kitchen or bedroom or living room.

In addition, they rubbed oil on the outside. This ensures that the polish does not go away anytime soon. They come with the brackets and other hardware you will need to install them. As a result, they are fairly easy to install and with installation instructions you can do it yourself.

  1. Available in 4 different designs
  2. Available in 2 different sizes
  3. Highly durable
  4. Bronze finish
  5. Hardware included

16. Achim Home Furnishings Buono II Jordan Curtain Rod with Finials:

Achim Home Furnishings Buono II Jordan Curtain Rod with Finials

This best curtain rods has 3 different sizes, you will have no problem choosing the right one. In addition to this, support, as well as hardware, is included, which is an added benefit. In addition, you can install it quite easily on the wall without any problem. Installation instructions are included with the rod.

The assembly required is quite easy to do. You will not have to hire separate professionals for the same. You can also adjust the stem quite easily. Thus, not only is it versatile, but it is also easy to install.

  1. 3 different sizes
  2. Metal rods
  3. Highly durable
  4. Easy to assemble
  5. Installation instructions included

17. Decopolitan 1-Inch Urn Single Window Treatment Rod Set:

Decopolitan 1-Inch Urn Single Window Treatment Rod Set

With the help of 3 different sizes, it’s easy to find the size you need. In addition to that, there are 5 different colors that are also available. The sturdy steel construction ensures their durability.

In addition, you will not have to purchase additional equipment as all the necessary equipment is also included. If you’re looking for the antique look, these rods are the perfect option for you. In addition, they are very durable and therefore you will have no complaints.

  1. Available in 3 different sizes
  2. Available in 5 different colors
  3. Good enough for heavier fabrics
  4. Highly durable
  5. Steel construction

18. Kenney Chelsea 5/8″ Standard Decorative Window Curtain Rod

Kenney Chelsea Standard Decorative Window Curtain Rod

If you are looking for the classic curtain rod, you should consider this option. They come in 6 different colors. Thus, you can use the one that perfectly meets your needs. On top of that, they are also decorative, which ensures that your home decor will not be spoiled too.

The brackets are included in this best curtain rods. Thus, you will not have to buy any additional accessories. When it comes to metal rods, you can be sure they will last long enough. Both sizes guarantee their versatility.

  1. Available in 6 colors
  2. Available in 2 different sizes
  3. Classic look
  4. Metal construction
  5. Brackets included

19. Kenney KN90030 Adler Outdoor Window Curtain Rod

Kenney KN90030 Adler Outdoor Window Curtain Rod

With 2 different colors, you can easily find the one that best suits your needs. In addition, they come in 2 different sizes. They are perfect for the bedroom as well as the family room and even the dining rooms.

In addition, the roads are resistant to rust. As a result, they will last longer without any problem. In addition to this, they can be mounted on walls or ceilings, which is an added benefit. Thus, they are not only versatile, but also very durable.

  1. Available in 2 different colors
  2. Versatile
  3. Rust resistant coating
  4. Can be mounted on the ceiling or walls

20. Decopolitan 7/8-Inch End Cap Window Treatment Rod Set

Decopolitan End Cap Curtain rod 36 to 7

This best curtain rods comes in 3 different sizes. In addition, 3 different colors are also available. The rods have a copper finish that adds to the look.

In addition to this best curtain rods, the steel construction ensures that they last longer without any problem. All the mounting material you will need is also included. With the help of the classic copper finish, you will be able to get the old school look quite easily.

  1. Copper finish
  2. Robust steel construction
  3. Good enough for heavier fabrics
  4. Mounting hardware included

21.Decopolitan Urn Single Rod Set

Decopolitan 1-Inch Urn Single Window Treatment Rod Set

Anyone with heavier fabrics should definitely consider this best curtain rods. It is manufactured in a robust construction that makes it strong enough to support the weight of thick curtains. The robust construction also helps to improve the durability of the curtain rod. Ideally, this set of rods is manufactured by Decopolitan; a company with more than two decades of experience in the interior design industry. The set therefore ticks all the boxes. Decopolitan has designed it with the utmost attention to detail so that it can hold your curtains while enhancing the visual appeal of your home’s decor.

The set includes 7 rings to hold your curtains carefully. In addition, it is available in several colors: antique black, white, brown, bronze and antique silver. Needless to say, you can easily find a rod that will perfectly match the finish of your living room, your bedroom or your kitchen. The set is also available in adjustable sizes, including 18 “to 36”, 36 “to 72” and 72 “to 144”. The sizes are adjustable to give you a custom fit. The diameter of the stem, on the other hand, is 1 inch, which is fine.

Decopolitan includes mounting hardware, so you can install the rod immediately that you receive. If you like a curtain rod that combines durability and traditional finish, you’re in the right place. Its supports are aluminum, and this is another reason why it is one of the strongest on the market. We are sure that you will be impressed by its appearance and by its ability to hold heavy curtains without any problem.

22. AmazonBasics Tension Curtain Rod

AmazonBasics Tension Curtain Rod

Most people like multi-purpose curtain rods, and if you’re one of them, the AmazonBasics Tension Best Curtain Rods really has to be for you. It can be placed between two walls in the bathroom to easily hang shower curtains, as well as in other rooms of the house. For example, you can install it in your bedroom window to hang blackout curtains or install it in a door to hang privacy curtains. You can also use it to hang a curtain instead of a closet door.

This best  curtain rods are available in a variety of sizes, including 78 “to 108”, 36 “to 54”, 24 “to 36” and 54 “to 90”. Once you have chosen a size and delivered to you, retract or enlarge the rod to achieve the desired tension for a secure fit. Increasing the stem is super easy. Simply hold the rod with both hands and turn the left side of you and the right side towards you. Continue until the stem is longer than the 1 “or 2” opening, depending on its size. Once this is done, pull the rod back to create tension and slide it into place. This will allow a tight fit.

The rod provides constant tension, which means it stays in place safely and reliably over time. That being said, you do not need to worry about falling or slipping. It has a contemporary style, which presents an elegant and modern profile. It will complete the general decor of your living space. Plus, it comes with a one-year limited warranty to give you peace of mind during use. If you value versatility and contemporary art, cane is worth your money.

23. Kenney Chelsea 5/8” Standard Decorative Window Curtain Rod

Kenney Chelsea Standard Decorative Window Curtain Rod

Buying a business is a great idea. Well, it’s obvious that such a company has done something to keep this going. Kenney has been around for more than a century; therefore, he definitely falls into this category. Its products are high-end and this best curtain rods is no exception. It is designed to inspire creativity and complements your decor and window treatments. Because of its style, this curtain rod can be installed in any area of ​​the house. You can have it in your dining room, your office, your kitchen, your living room, your bedroom or wherever you need a stylish curtain rod.

The 28 “- 48” and 48 “- 86” range includes 28 “- 48” and 48 “- 86” inserts. That said, expect a perfect solution for your standard size windows. Kenney provides a media mount template that you can download for easy installation. The manufacturer also supplies equipment and supports. The brackets project the rod is a central support, which you get when you purchase the 48 “- 86” rod.

The curtain rods is available in a wide range of colors, including weathered brown, oil-treated bronze, white, silver, champagne, soft brass and black. This means that choosing a perfect size for your interior decor will not be a daunting task. There are many things to consider when buying a curtain rod. But if yours are only versatility, elegance and confidence, look no further than the 5/8 “Kenny Chelsea decorative window curtain.

24. Decopolitan End Cap Curtain rod 36 to 72-Inch

Decopolitan was created in 1998. Therefore, they know what it takes to make high quality curtain rods that will impress customers. They do things differently and that’s why their products are unique. For example, their curtain rod has a contemporary nickel finish that goes well with all modern pieces. The curtain is also available in other beautiful finishes, including copper and black espresso. Well, it’s easy to choose a model that will complement your room. In addition to having a nice look, this rod is constructed of sturdy steel for solid performance.

In addition, its diameter is 7/8 “and combines with the robust construction to allow it to support heavier fabrics. The manufacturer provides mounting hardware for quick and easy installation. Since the windows are different sizes, the rods are available in a wide range of lengths, including 18 “to 36”, 36 “to 72” and 72 “to 144”. Therefore, whatever the size of your window, be sure to find a length that suits you perfectly. You will need a number of tools (Philips screwdriver, ¼ “drill and level) to install this curtain rod. Nevertheless, the fact that tools are needed for the installation does not mean that this rod is difficult to install.

This best curtain rods are blends with both modern and traditional decor, making it a great buy for everyone. Decopolitan is one of the leading manufacturers of curtain rods. So, if you are looking for absolute perfection, this curtain rod should be a frontier for you.

25. Decopolitan 7/8-Inch Square Window Treatment Rod Set

Decopolitan Inch Square Window Treatment Rod Set

Having a modern, well-constructed best curtain rods will greatly improve the appearance of your window and your home in general. That’s why this set of square window treatment rods has been highly applauded by customers. It is available in contemporary black nickel, copper and espresso finishes. The finishes are unique and beautiful; therefore, they will enhance the visual appeal of your home. In addition, the rod is available in three different sizes: 18 “- 36”, 36 “- 72” and 72 “- 144”. So you can easily find one that fits perfectly to your window frame.

The sizes are adjustable, which makes the rod very convenient to use. The best curtain rod  diameter is 7/8 “and the material used to make it is robust for superior durability. Ideally, this solid combination allows the rod to hold heavier curtains with ease. The manufacturer provides the mounting hardware when you buy the curtain rod for easy installation. However, you will need installation tools such as level, Philips screwdriver and drill bit with a 1/4 “drill bit. Nevertheless, the need for an installation tool does not make the rod heavy to install by any account.

If your home décor has a traditional style, this best curtain rods will work great for you. It has a unique square design that transforms the look of any place where it is installed. The rod is also perfect for those looking to hang heavier curtains. It is sturdy and, therefore, will not be overwhelmed by the weight of a thick curtain.

26. AmazonBasics Room-Darkening Curtain Rod

AmazonBasics Room-Darkening Curtain Rod

Sometimes all we want is total privacy. And that’s where an innovative curtain rod like Amazon Basics is useful. It is a curtain rod that darkens the room and has a special design and increased length to allow you to easily hang blackout curtains. Needless to say, this cane is a great buy for those who work at night, have light sleepers and those who love privacy. It creates end-to-end coverage, preventing sound, light, and drafts from entering your room. It has a diameter of 5/8 “and works well with AmazonBasics blackout curtains.

Like the other rods we examined in this list, it is available in many sizes. Well, sizes include 28 “- 48”, 48 “- 88” and 88 “- 120”. This means that you can easily find a length that fits your window perfectly. The lengths of the rod are adjustable for convenience. In addition, AmazonBasics provides mounting hardware and easy-to-follow instructions to make this rod very easy to install. Some of the pieces of material that you will get with the rod are anchors and screws.

These best curtain rods are available in a variety of finishes and includes nickel, black and bronze. The finishes are extraordinary and will go perfectly with the decor of your home. The stem also has a contemporary design that will compliment or contrast the color of your curtain or wall treatment. The cane is inexpensive, but it is well designed to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

27. Bali Blinds 5/8” Rod Set

Bali Blinds Rod Set

What most people consider when buying a curtain rod is durability, style and uniqueness. The Bali Blinds 5/8 “rod set is unique and durable; therefore, we believe that you will really like it. It is made of metal, which makes it strong enough to support much heavier curtains. The exceptional quality also makes the rod expensive. In addition, you will have peace of mind knowing that you will not buy a curtain rod so soon.

These best curtain rods are available in a variety of colors, including satin nickel, white, gloss black and bronze. These color options are amazing and blend with the decor of most homes. Because of their elegance, the colors allow the stem to complement or contrast with modern and traditional styles. That said, expect this rod to enhance the aesthetics of your home. The stem is also available in a variety of sizes, which are 28 “to 48”, 48 “to 84” and holdback. The different sizes make it easy to choose the perfect length that fits your window perfectly. As if that was not enough, the cane is adjustable for a custom fit.

The diameter of the stem is 5/8 “(the stem itself and not the ball), and that’s fine. Ideally, the manufacturer provides all necessary mounting hardware to facilitate the installation of the rod. Given its simple finish, this curtain rod is ideal for hanging your favorite heavy wall hangings. Both combine to achieve the desired look and help warm your room.

28. Eclipse Room Darkening Curtain Rod

Eclipse Room Darkening Curtain Rod

We have another wraparound curtain rods darkening the room for you. And it works as advertised. We are talking about the darkening curtain rod for Eclipse room. Eclipse has designed it for those who work at night and sleep during the day or those who simply want total silence at night. The curtain rod is designed to surround the frame of your window and provide complete coverage. It allows the curtains to completely cover the window to improve privacy, block side lighting and even reduce noise from outside.

The diameter of this best curtain rod is 5/8 “, which makes it perfect for use in many different rooms, including kitchens, living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms. Whatever the size of your window frame, this curtain rod will certainly work for you. There are many sizes (28 “to 48”, 48 “to 86” and 86 “to 120”), which means that all you need to do is choose a size based on the size of your window frame . In addition, this rod has an adjustable length which also allows it to fit perfectly. It protrudes 3,125 inches from the wall so that the curtain is well suspended and adds an aspect to the room.

To speak of looks; the curtain rod is available in black, espresso and silver finishes. These color options are unique and, to some extent, neutral. Needless to say they fit a lot of styles. Because there are three of them, finding a suitable color for your curtains and your interior design will not be a difficult task, is it? Ideally, Eclipse will provide you with two mounting brackets, drywall anchors, screws, and installation instructions when purchasing this rod. The accessories make the curtain rod super easy to install.

29. Ivilon Drapery Treatment Window Curtain Rod

Ivilon Drapery Treatment Window Curtain Rod

We always want to improve the decor of our living space. That’s why high-quality curtain rods like this curtain rod for windows should not be overlooked. Its elegance is irreproachable and it will undoubtedly be reflected on the general decor of the room in which it is installed. Ideally, it blends with most household finishes and curtain styles because it is simple. So you can associate it with all the draperies of your living room, sliding door, bedroom, etc. Ideally, you can go a bit higher by purchasing the corresponding Ivilon clip rings.

These best Curtain rods consists of a solid metal pole with a diameter of 1 1/8 “. The solid metal construction allows it to hold heavy curtains without any problem. In addition, this rod comes with mounting hardware, anchors, screws, brackets and end caps. All of these make the rod extremely easy to install. The rod is also delivered with installation instructions to guide you step by step on how to configure it.

It has a telescopic design, so you can manipulate it to get a custom fit. Plus, it’s available in many sizes, including small ones, that fits from 28 inches to 48 inches; medium that ranges from 48 inches to 86 inches, and wide, which telescope from 72 inches to 144 inches. In addition, the aforementioned stem and accessories are carefully packaged in an environmentally friendly corrugated box. Its black finish is discreet and therefore suitable for a variety of styles.

30. Umbra Twilight Darkening Curtain Rod

Umbra Twilight Darkening Curtain Rod

The Umbra Twilight darkening curtain rods combines functionality and style perfectly. That’s why it’s attracting a lot of attention from those who want to improve the aesthetics of their rooms. It has curves at both ends to create a room darkening solution. This means that if you are looking for a way to reduce noise in your living space or want to prevent light from entering your room, this darkening curtain rod should not be overlooked. Because of this, you can have these reflective blackout curtains that do more than just block the light – they also help keep the room isolated.

Umbra provides everything needed to install these best curtain rods. It provides plastic dowels, metal screws and easy-to-follow instructions. This means that once you have received the curtain rod, you can install it immediately and quickly. Best of all, the rod does not require a bracket to be installed. So even before you start installing it, you will have a less problem. It is a practical rod that fits several window sizes, since it is available in 3 different sizes and has a diameter of “.

Designed for darkening curtains, the rod will help you save energy. Indeed, it works with curtains that block the light or darken the room and isolate the room, reducing the need to light a heater. A product may have all the promising characteristics, but if its manufacturer does not support it, buying it can be very risky. Fortunately, this is not the case at Umbra, which offers a money back guarantee to ensure that its customers are satisfied.

Benefits of Using Best Curtain Rods


The curtain rods are affordable and you do not need to break the bank to buy one. Therefore, you do not have to follow traditional forms.

Helps organize your room

You can invest in quality curtains, but without a curtain rod, your windows will be disorganized and can not be presented. Curtain rods help you organize your room and give a contemporary touch to your home.

Help save energy

Modern curtain rods are designed with space for the wall for side lighting. This feature allows enough light to penetrate through the window or minimizes the need to turn on the lights during the day, which helps you save energy.

Improve the value of your home

Curtain rods feature various styles, designs and colors to complement the treatments and decoration of your window. They come with matching hardware to make your room more lively and give it a touch of elegance that enhances its aesthetic value.

Easy to install

Things to Consider When Buying Best Curtain Rods

Curtain rods come in different color, style band design and before you decide to buy the perfect drapery rod, you need to consider some important aspects.

Window size

Drapery rods come in varied sizes just like your windows. To ensure that you get the right window size, you’ll need to know the size of the window. You need to measure each individual window and write down the size if you need more than one.

Even the adjustable models require you to know the size of the window before selecting your favorite rod. As a rule, to avoid any disappointments, the rod size should be 8 to 12 inches longer than your window width.

Rod material

The curtain rods are designed using different materials. The most used materials are plastic, wood and metal. Usually, the type of wood comes in a varied style depending on the type of wood and is an excellent option for light to medium curtains.

Although they are affordable and easy to install, they can be difficult to remove. The wooden bars for curtains are also susceptible to scratches. Hanging heavy curtains can cause the wooden rods to break for a replacement.

The plastic curtain rods are affordable and easy to trim and install. However, they can not hold heavy curtains like wood and metal, but they are an excellent choice for medium weight fabrics.

Metal window bars, on the other hand, are sturdy compared to wood and plastic models. Unlike the type of wood, the metal rods give a touch of elegance and style. They have different styles that can complement your window treatment. Unlike wood and plastic types, metal rods are an excellent choice for heavier fabrics.

However, some metals, such as iron, can scratch the coating exposing them to rust. The material of the curtains will help you select the preferred rod material.

Rod diameter

Another important aspect to consider when shopping for your curtain rod is the rod diameter. For rod diameters of less than 1 “tall, lightweight and medium fabrics are great, while heavier drapes require at least one-inch thick diameter to prevent them from shrinking.

Curtain rod type

The curtain rods can be single or double. Each type has its benefits and this may vary depending on what you are looking for. One of the advantages of installing a single curtain rod is that they adapt to almost any application. However, if you want to hang two curtains, you may need a double bar.

Although you can still hang two curtains on a single curtain rod, they do not look more presentable.


The color of the best curtain rods can improve the aesthetic value of your room or destroy it. Let your decoration guide you to choose the correct color of the curtain rod. The curtain rods with matching hardware give a contemporary look.

Included items in the package

Installing your curtain rods will require mounting hardware. Get to know if all the necessary hardware is included or not to help you determine how much you may need to get it installed before making your purchase.

How to hang curtain rods properly

The curtain rods must be installed correctly to make sure they are in the correct position or, otherwise, the curtain will not hang properly and will provide an aesthetic appearance. Professionally installed curtain rods help organize your window and make it look presentable. With these tips, you can easily navigate through this.

Measure your curtain size

Before deciding where to install your best curtain rods, you must first get your curtain measurements in advance to help you choose the right place to hang the bar. Measure the curtain and the widths of the windows and make sure that the curtain has a margin of 2 inches on both sides for the presentability and uniformity.

Determine where you would like your curtains to fall

Measure the length from the floor and leave a space of ½ inch from the floor to prevent the curtain from touching the floor. With a pencil, make a visible mark to guide you when you hang the curtains. Place a measuring tape where you would like your curtains to fall and measure the length of the curtains in an upward direction to determine the correct place to place your rod. Use a ladder to avoid stretching and minimize the risk of falls.

Measure your curtain rod length

Before mounting the brackets, you must obtain the length of the curtain rod to help you determine the correct place to install them. As a general rule, your curtain rod should extend between three and six inches beyond its support, which requires you to deduct the space on both sides before marking the correct position.

Using a level and a pencil. Place the brackets on the wall and mark where the screws should go.

Drill hole where you will fix your screws

With the right drill size, drill holes in the wall where the screws will go and make them large enough to allow easy placement of the anchor bolts. Using a screwdriver, tighten the screws until the brackets are firm enough.

Put the curtains on the bar and hang them.

What makes a good curtain rod

  • A good curtain rod should be able to firmly hold the recommended weight of the fabric without slipping or bending
  • A good curtain rod should be easy to install and use
  • A lperfect curtain rod must be of the correct size as described


Curtain rods are one of the biggest investments you can make as a homeowner. Not only do they complement your home décor and window treatments, they also make your room look more presentable, organized and classy. Better yet, they can be installed in different rooms and once you buy one, you can enjoy its use for generations with less or no maintenance.

While the market will have different brands to choose from, you should take the time and choose the appropriate curtain rods according to your needs. Let the curtain fabric, window size, interior decoration, design, style and material help you identify the bar that best suits your needs. All the best curtain rods we have presented above are an excellent option if they are chosen correctly.

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