10 Best Diaper Pails for Odor Control in 2020

A parent with and using the best diaper Pail for odor control can be a lifesaver. These devices keep the disposable diapers contained in a unit that is sealed until it is ready for disposal. These pails not only prevent the house from smelling like dirty diapers, but they are also convenient to use. Much more practical than wrapping each diaper in a plastic bag and throwing it in the trash.

Although these pails are extremely easy to use, it can sometimes be difficult for busy parents to find the one that is right for their household among all the models available. That’s why we decided to break down the ten best models available, so parents can choose the one that’s right for them without having to do a ton of research.

10 Best Diaper Pails for Odor Control

1 . Ubbi Steel Best Diaper Pails for Odor Control

Ubbi Steel Best Diaper Pails for Odor Control

This Ubbi diaper removal system has won a ton of awards, and that is probably because it is one of the best diaper pail for odor control currently available. This model is made of steel, so it is not only solid, but helps to completely retain odors from diapers.

It also has a child lock which prevents toddlers from entering it and is easy to use. It also has a large capacity of around 50+ layers. And probably one of the best things about it is that it doesn’t require any special bags to be used.

  • It locks in diaper odor
  • It’s easy to use
  • Has a childproof lock
  • Doesn’t require special bags
  • None

2 . Baby Trend Diaper Champ Deluxe | Best Diaper Pails for Odor Control

Baby Trend Diaper Champ Deluxe Best Diaper Pails for Odor Control

In our book, the Baby Trend Diaper Champ is a champion when it comes to containing dirty diapers. This best diaper pail for odor control has a capacity of about 30 diapersand is very easy to use and provides excellent odor control. It offers better odor control than most fancy, high-priced models available. While it would have been nice if it had some kind of childproof lock to keep little ones out, it’s still a good product that works very well and should serve parents very well.

  • Has excellent odor control
  • It’s easy to use
  • Holds approximately 30 diapers
  • Children can easily open it

3 . Safety First Easy-Saver Pail

Safety First Easy-Saver Pail

There are many diaper removal systems that are quite complicated, but this best diaper pail for odor control remains simple to use. It does not require a special diaper disposal bag, can be used with one hand and is made of plastic. It does a decent job of retaining diaper odors, and it contains a fair amount of diapers at a time. Although the lid sometimes has to be opened manually because its lid spring is not very strong, it is still a good model for parents with newborns.

  • Doesn’t require special diaper disposal bags
  • It’s easy to use
  • Holds in diaper odor well
  • Sometimes the lid has to be opened manually

4 . Dekor Plus Hands-Free Pail

Dekor Plus Hands-Free Pail

The Dekor Plus is a best diaper pail for odor control that you should almost love. It is a hands-free system that eliminates twisting, bending and crushing of diapers through small holes that other pails make parents bear. And once a layer has been applied, it does a great job of preventing the smell from escaping. It also contains a good amount of layers and is easy to use. All of this would make it one of our best choices, if it weren’t for problems with the waning spring. That said, it is still a large pail that is at least worthy of a parent’s gaze.

  • Completely hands-free
  • Holds in diaper older well
  • Doesn’t rust like metal pails
  • Spring in it may begin to wear after frequent use

5. Dekor Classic Hand-Free Pail

Dekor Classic Hand-Free PailDekor Classic Hand-Free Pail

Many diaper pails claim to be hands-free, but many are not. Fortunately for parents, this best diaper pail for odor control also happens to be hands-free and easy to use. It does not require the user to crush the diaper into an incredibly small hole or twist the unit abnormally to deposit the diaper there. This makes it easy to use, although we have to admit that it can be a bit small. One good thing about this product is that it is made of closed cell plastic, so it does not absorb odors and does not rust either.

  • Seals out odor
  • Bags can be changed quickly
  • Easy to use
  • Pail is kind of small

6 . Playtex Diaper Genie Baby Registry Gift Set

Playtex Diaper Genie Baby Registry Gift Set

Playtex has done it again with this complete baby gift set. Suitable to give as a gift in baby showers or to place on baby gift registers, this complete set contains everything a person needs to get started. It comes with the antimicrobial plastic pail, 8 Diaper Genie refills and 8 carbon filters. It is easy to put layers in this pail, even with your hands full, and it contains great work to contain odors. While removing the bag can be difficult when full, it is otherwise a great system that will help any new parent.

  • Comes as a complete baby registry gift set
  • Keeps foul diaper odors contained
  • Easy to put diapers into with full hands
  • Emptying the bags can be a pain

7 .Munchkin Diaper Container With Pedal

Munchkin Diaper Container With Pedal

We think this best diaper pail for odor control is better than the other Munchkin diaper pails we have tried because its higher height makes it easier to use. This pail is approximately 27 inches tall and has an easy-to-use foot pedal, so parents don’t have to bend down as much as they would with other diaper removal systems. Another thing that we appreciated is that it has succeeded in eliminating bad odors from diapers. Although it is a little difficult to press the layers in this model, it allows a more airtight system which does not stink too much.

  • Has a tall height that makes it easy to use
  • Has a convenient pedal for opening the lid
  • Made out of durable plastic
  • Diapers have to be pushed with effort into device

8 .Munchkin Diaper Disposal Starter Set

Munchkin Diaper Disposal Starter SetMunchkin Diaper Disposal Starter Set

This complete set of Munchkin contains everything a person needs to start properly eliminating their diapers. Not only does it come with a best diaper pail for odor control, but it also comes with 6 refill bags, a diaper pail filling ring and a baking soda scent that smells of lavender.

This makes it a great gift for baby showers. Other features of this model include a self-sealing system that traps odors and a child safety device to prevent children from spilling the contents. It measures approximately 21.5 inches high and 12 inches deep. And for each pail sold by Munchkin, they will plant a tree to offset the carbon footprint.

  • Feels like a very sturdy unit
  • Has a childproof lock to it
  • Comes as a complete set
  • More difficult to push diapers into it than it should be


Best Diaper Pail For Odor Control Buying Guide

Diaper pails are probably the best invention a parent will buy for their home. Not only do they keep dirty diapers or sheets safe, but they also keep that powerful smell away. Unfortunately, too many parents have bad experiences with what they think are poorly designed diaper pails. And while this may be true under certain circumstances, the most likely parent behind a malfunctioning diaper pail is the parent.

We realize parents don’t like to hear it, but sometimes they don’t buy the best diaper pail for odor control for their home. They buy one that is too small or too large, which forces them to empty the pail too often or not empty it enough. This can lead to that dreaded smell that permeates the whole house. And sometimes parents just don’t buy the diaper pail that has the features they need.

In this guide, we will remedy the situation and help parents choose a best diaper pail for odor control they will love. Although we have already listed ten of the best diaper pails currently available, this guide will help the parent choose from these pails to find the best one for their home. Now that our goal is clear, it’s time to find out what parents should look for when buying a new diaper pail. Let’s start.

Step One: Choose The Right Size Pail

The first thing the parent should do is choose the right size best diaper pail for odor control. As we mentioned in our introduction, the size of the pail is probably one of the most important things for parents. Buy a pail that is too small and the parent will empty it all day. Buy one that is too big and the layers will stay longer than they should, which creates a horrible smell. Even if the pail effectively seals odors, the latter is problematic because the parent may have to empty it and this odor can be omnipresent.

All of this means that parents need to take some time and figure out the size of the pail they need. How do parents decide the size of a diaper pail? The first step is to determine the number of diapers to change per day. On average, most babies spend 10 to 20 diapers a day, depending on their age. With this information in hand, the parent can then determine the size of the pail they need. For most parents, the ideal size for a diaper pail is one that is medium in size. The one that only needs to be emptied every 2 days or so. If the baby goes through 10 diapers a day, he will need a pail containing about 20 to 30 diapers. If the baby goes through 20 diapers a day, he will need a pail containing about 40 to 50 diapers.

Step Two: Consider Liner Cost

The next thing parents will want to consider when purchasing a best diaper pail for odor control is the cost of its liners. The parent needs to know what type of liners the pail is using, then determine how much the liners hold to determine how much it will cost to use liners for a particular diaper pail. Let’s give an example. Let’s say the parent estimates that their child is going through 300 diapers a month, and that a roll of liners can hold up to 600 diapers and costs $ 20, so the parent will spend about $ 10 a month on pail liners . It is also important to consider whether the pail can use an appropriately sized layered pail liner or whether it needs a specific brand of pail liners. If the pail needs a specific brand, this can add additional cost to the diaper pail budget. This is because branded liners tend to be more expensive.

Step Three: Choose Between Steel Or Plastic Pails

The next thing the parent will want to consider is whether they want a steel or plastic best diaper pail for odor control. A steel diaper pail will likely cost a little more than plastic, but it will last longer and be easier to maintain. Although we have nothing against plastic pails, the main problem with them is that plastic can absorb odors from dirty diapers. And once the plastic has absorbed these odors, it is almost impossible to remove it from the plastic.

Step Four: Choose One With An Easy-Open Lid

Although some blogs and parenting sites suggest that the parent only buys an open diaper pail with a pedal, we believe that this is just one of the great mechanisms used today that allows you to use these practically hands-free pails. For example, some of the Ubbi diaper pails can be opened by pushing the cover lid forward. These pails are easy to open because the parent can use their elbow to push the hatch and then simply drop the diaper on it. Now don’t get me wrong, we also like the pedals, but we appreciate how less likely the top hatches are to break than the pedals.

Step Five: Think About Buying One With A Child-Lock

While we certainly do not want to preach to parents to tell them what we think they need, we think it is important to buy a diaper pail with childproof locks. As anyone with a small child can tell you, they get into anything and everything, so if the pail is unlocked or has a lock, they can open, so expect that 20 to 30 layers end up everywhere in the house.

Step Six: Think about how the pail deals with odors

The last thing parents will want to think about is how the diaper pail deals with odors. At the very least, the pail should be fitted with rubber gaskets that help keep odors from diapers in the pail. Another feature of some pails is a scented baking soda dispenser that dispenses baking soda in order to mask odors each time the pail is opened. These work well for odor control, but they don’t work as well as the models that use carbon filters. Charcoal filters filter out bad odors from diapers, but they must be replaced regularly. When buying a pail with charcoal filters, think that they will need to be changed every 30 to 60 days, so be sure to factor this into the diaper pail budget.

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