The 10 Best Diaper Pail You can buy in 2020

There are some items that every baby room needs, but parents often miss them because they think an alternative to DIY will do. Do not make this mistake when it comes to throwing away your baby’s diapers. You need best diaper pail for odor control.

You will find that the diaper pail market is awash with options because it is a high priority. Below we will help you find the best that the world’s leading brands have managed to design. They have to face all the challenges that you will face with regard to the interesting layers that you have to deal with. Which one will end up in your baby’s room?

Top 10 Best Diaper Pails 2019

1.Ubbi Steel Pail-Best Splurge

Ubbi Steel Pail-Best Splurge

This best diaper pail combines some of the most wanted features in one product, making it a real winner. And that’s why he is at the top of the list.

You take care of yourself, your baby and the environment if it’s at home. It is steel and therefore not likely to become a danger to the environment. It works well and effortlessly so that the diaper change is quick and easy for you and your baby.

It looks stylish and practical while holding up to 50 newborn nappies.

How it works?

The lids trap odors through the rubber seals on the rims. The top cover has a sliding cover. You should only open it enough to insert the dirty layer. Minimal movement does not disturb the air, so less odors spread upward when you open the lever.

What is it?

This Best Diaper Pail is a steel container that is more odor resistant for long periods of time. This is because steel is less porous than plastic.


You can use any type of bag in this best diaper pail thus avoiding unnecessary expense on custom designed bags.


Best of all is that you can get this unit in one of the many models and colors so you can buy one that complements your decor.

Its oval shape makes it a bulky unit but thin enough to slip between other furniture without taking up too much space on the floor.

Dimensions: 12.5 “x 8.75” x 21.5 “


In the lid, you’ll see a child-resistant lock so that toddlers and curious animals can not get discarded diapers.


You can choose from several colors or three patterns. Note that the latter is only limited editions.

  • Seals well
  • Slim design
  • Metal locks in odors
  • Child lock provided
  • Huge capacity
  • Do not lock the layers in another container; odors can escape when opening the sliding door
  • Can develop odors after long use

2.Munchkin Step Diaper Pail-Best Diaper For Smell 

Munchkin Step Diaper Pail

Yes, this Best Diaper Pail is made of plastic, but it can really help the environment because a tree is planted for every bucket sold. We are impressed when brands really care about the environment.It looks good and works well. The white exterior is home to intelligent operations. At the bottom is a pedal that opens the lid so you do not have to touch it at all.

How it works?

This Best Diaper Pail works with custom bags combined with a patented technological device. This system insulates odors through the way the bags are twisted over the layer each time the lid is closed.

Note: Occasionally, retouching of the bags forces you to lower the diaper, which is neither ideal nor hygienic.

How it works?

It works with custom bags combined with a patented technological device. This system insulates odors through the way the bags are twisted over the layer each time the lid is closed.

Note: Occasionally, retouching of the bags forces you to lower the diaper, which is neither ideal nor hygienic.

What is it?

This is a plastic unit that will not work as well as metal, but it has methods to lock layers and odors that are very effective.


On the top, this diaper pail allows you to use either ring refills, or to break, seal and discard the bags. However, you can not place any bag inside, so you will have this monthly expense to put in your budget.


It’s a very elegant design that will enhance the aesthetics of your room. Although it is made of plastic, the silver finishes give it a very modern look.

It measures 12.2 “x 27.6” x 13 “.


The child lock button is out of the reach of toddlers, so it is unlikely to be accessible to children or pets.


You can reduce odors when using the baking soda cartridges. These pucks are scented with lavender to fight against bad smells.

  • Looks stylish
  • Plastic is easy to clean
  • Locks away odors
  • Custom bags are ongoing expenses
  • Plastic absorbs odors and can smell bad after long use

3.Diaper Dekor Classic-Best Budget diaper pail for odor control Diaper Dekor Classic-Best Budget diaper pail for odor control

When working with soiled diapers, you want to touch as little as possible and this design is designed to help you work hands-free.

It’s a basic design that works perfectly. This is not the most elegant best diaper pail for odor control on this list, but it still serves many parents. One reason is the unique type of plastic used that reduces odors on surfaces.

No matter how long you use it in your kids room, it will not be a waste of money because it can easily be converted into a normal trash bin.

How it works?

Press the lever down to open the lid so that the bag can be placed inside. The release of the lever closes the lid and the smell is blocked inside. Because your baby may be surprised by loud noises, this lid closes very gently. It is really designed for babies.

Under the lid is an Odor Keeper hatch. This is activated by a spring to allow the layer to pass and close. This helps keep odors trapped inside.

This best diaper pail can hold up to 45 diapers at a time (newborn size). When you take out the trash, cut the bag continuously with the knife installed and attach the bag.

What is it?

Made of closed-cell ABS plastic, this best diaper pail for odor control does not absorb as much odors as other types of plastic.


This best diaper pail for odor control works best with custom bags on which you can buy refills.


This is not the most stylish but a neat design that will fit into a bathroom or a children’s room.

White or gray patterns are compatible with most nursery decorations.


The design includes a child-resistant lock so no toddler can open it and release those odors.


The bags are scented with baby powder. This helps to fight the odors you hate.You can also use it for washable diapers by incorporating the Dekor washable diaper liner.

  • Affordable price tag
  • Multiple mechanisms to lock away odors
  • Easy to use
  • High quality plastic used
  • Must use customized bags
  • Plastic may smell after a while

4.Diaper Dekor Plus

Diaper Dekor Plus

If a diaper pail is designed to allow 20 second changes, it will always be high on our list. Parents want quick fixes and this could be one of them.

This is similar to other Dekor products, but this best diaper pail is for disposable diapers up to 60 in total. This makes it an ideal option for parents who still have several children still in childbirth or for twins. Even when your children’s diapers are getting bigger, you can put the ones for a day.

How it works?

You place a refill bag into which you will cut and attach below and above the cup. Now your old bag is ready to be discarded and the new one is ready for use.

Every time you throw a diaper, you press the lever down, the lid lifts up and you throw it inside. No need to touch the bucket to keep it very hygienic.

What is it?

Made of quality plastic with fewer pores, it is less likely to absorb odors or allow them to enter the room.


You have to use the Dekor bags, but thankfully, the cartridges are reusable, which will save you money.


It’s a bit big (24 “x 15” x 11 “), so make sure you have enough floor space and clearance for the lid. You can choose a gray one or get a white one that suits most decor styles.


A child lock button lets you leave the room safely even if your toddlers wander around the house.


Because of its size and layered Dekor fabric coverings, it is an ideal solution if you prefer a cloth to disposable diapers.

  • Large size ideal for cloth diapers
  • Can use for other waste—e.g. pet waste—later on; long term investment
  • Neat design
  • Must use custom made liner bags
  • Doesn’t lock away smells 100%

5.Baby Trend Diaper Champ Deluxe

Baby Trend Diaper Champ Deluxe

Here is a dynamic solution that will suit everyone because it does not require a custom bag. Even your ordinary garbage bags will work well. It’s the budget solution!

It is a user-friendly design and although it is not the most stylish item, This Best Diaper Pail for Cloth diapers has helped many parents. This is an upgrade from a previous similar model with some improved features.

How it works?

At the top you will find a lever. This is used to reveal the compartment in which you drop the used layer. Flip the lever position to return this compartment and the layer will fall into the bag. Most odors are retained inside the bag, its design protecting it from the outside air even when the plastic components are moving.

The mechanism also means that you should never touch the parts where the diapers go to keep your room hygienic.

To exchange the bags, you remove the entire upper part.

What is it?

It’s a plastic model, so you have to keep it perfectly clean to avoid the accumulation of odors over time.


Here is the best feature of this Best Diaper Pail because you can now use the 13-gallon bags that you have in the closet. No need to spend more for personalized items. If you wish, you can use Diaper Champ refill bags that will improve odor control.


This Best Diaper Pail is big enough for one-day diapers because it can hold up to 30 diapers. It measures at 11 “x 14.5” x 21.6 “.

Different colors such as pink and blue are available.


It’s low enough that toddlers can reach the lever. They can understand how to move it and there is no specific child protection feature.


When you buy Best Diaper Pail, you receive it already assembled. This avoids a faulty configuration that can lead to odors.

If it starts to feel, you can separate it completely – even the seals – and wash it thoroughly.

  • Affordable pail
  • Use any bags
  • Large capacity
  • Not child proof
  • Plastic may smell over time

6.Tommee Tippee 360 Sealer –Best Diaper pail For Small Spaces , Best Diaper Pail for Cloth diapers

Tommee Tippee 360 Seale

From time to time, it is necessary to drop the usual way of doing things and try something new. It looks different and works differently, and if you master one, it’s a winner.

Many consumers who like this Best Diaper Pail talk about the learning curve needed. Its unique mechanism may not seem to work at first, but you just have to learn a few tips and it could be your new best friend.

Of course, not all parents have the time to learn how to use it, so it would be good if this design becomes more user-friendly in the future.

How it works?

Everything is done with Super Seal technology. You place specially designed liners inside. The liner creates a sealed pocket by sticking to itself when you turn the rollers – located inside – that spill the bag. With the sealed layer, there are fewer odors to fight.

What is it?

The container itself is plastic.


Unfortunately, only specially designed liners can be used if you want the rollers to do their job.


It looks ultra modern and could well integrate this factor X into the decor of your baby room. With its square design, it should easily slip between other furniture.

You can handle it with one hand and it is a pleasure to empty you because you do not come in contact with the layers.


It is more complicated to open than other Best Diaper Pail and because the diapers are sealed inside, it is unlikely that children will have access to dirty diapers.


The system uses antimicrobial protection. This limits the odors and prevents them from getting worse during the day before you have time to get the bag out.

  • Locks away diapers and odors
  • Looks modern
  • Requires refills bags
  • Refill bags are expensive

7.Diaper Genie – Best Diaper Pail for Cloth diapers , Best Diaper pail for odor control

Best Diaper Pail for Cloth diapers

It’s not just an observer! This stylish layered Best Diaper Pail has made many parents smile because it blocks dirty diapers so that those smells can not enter the room. Another winner on this list.

The reason this design was not ranked high on our list is:

It is not ecological.The plastic ends up absorbing an odor

But it’s still a favorite of many consumers because of the other great feature for which it is famous: how to keep locked diapers until you take out the big trash bag. When you open the top lid, odors can not escape, so you will not have to worry every time you have to discard another one.
It is also easy to use, so you will not lose valuable time knowing the features.

How it works?

This Best Diaper Pail has a fastening mechanism that prevents foul odors from escaping when you open an area. This waterproof clip blocks the layers thrown down and you can place the next layer in the top of the bag without feeling them. This movement is initiated each time you step on the pedal.

When you take out the bag, the tray can tilt forward, making it easier to lift the heavy bag. The basket knife will slice the bag and you can bind it before throwing it away.

What is it?

It is plastic. To fight against odors, bags consist of seven layers that retain odors.


Only specially designed bags can be used in this bucket. These refills are sold separately and can hold 270 dirty diapers.


This device is designed to be so big that you will not have to bend much when you throw away the diapers or take out the bag. The dimensions are 10.25 “x 13.5” x 21.75 “.

It’s a slim design that does not take up much space and you can choose one of the following five colors:



As the bin clamps close the bag every time you step on the pedal, your children are unlikely to get into trouble.

Be careful: some consumers realize that the bag can get caught in the components when you empty the bucket. It could tear it up and let the content spread.


You can insert carbon filters in the lid, which will help to manage unwanted odors.

  • Odors are locked away
  • Ergonomic design limits bending
  • Easy emptying
  • Variety of designs available
  • Bin’s sharp edges can cut bag
  • Custom bags are expensive
  • Not environmentally friendly

8.Safety 1st Easy Saver

Safety 1st Easy Saver

As one of the smaller models in this list, it’s the dynamic answer if you have limited space.
It’s remarkable how many features they have inserted into this compact design. This Best Diaper Pail does not have high tech features to keep diapers or smells, but it has deodorizing features that make a huge difference in small spaces.

It’s easy to discard the diapers and dispose of the garbage later because you just have to pick up the bag. no complicated features. Of course, this means that odor treatment is not as dynamic, but some consumers prefer a simple solution, right?

How it works?

You lift the lid and drop the layer inside. Then you can close the lid and go away. It’s a one-handed gesture, so practical for parents who have to hold their baby while managing dirty diapers.

What is it?

In polypropylene, a high quality plastic, you will need to keep it ultra clean to prevent the odors from getting worse over time.


Consumers love this Best Diaper Pail because they can use almost any bag inside. Use garbage bags or even kitchen bags. If you find scented bags cheaper than some custom bags for diaper pails, this is a dynamic alternative that always benefits your budget.


It is quite small at 15 “x 10.9” x 18.4 “The exterior is smooth for easy cleaning, but note that this is not the most stylish unit you can find.


Remember to keep an eye or store it in a closet because it is easily accessible to small children.


You can fight some odors by regularly replacing the Dorizer discs in the lid.

  • Compact bin
  • No twisting or cutting necessary
  • Can use your kitchen garbage bags
  • Doesn’t lock away odors
  • Not child safe

9.Tommee Tippee Simplee Pail

Tommee Tippee Simplee Pail

Not everyone has a lot of floor space and this bin is compact enough to fit into a closet or other furniture.Fortunately, you find all shapes and sizes on the market and this unit can be ideal for small nurseries.

It’s a simple model if you want a no-frills diaper solution that still treats odors. It even helps to limit contamination by fighting germs.

How it works?

You lift the lid manually, then place the layer inside by pushing through the smart lid. This locks the smells.

When the pail full, you cut the bag into a custom made film. This knife is part of the unit. Then you can throw it out and the bin is ready to be reused.

What is it?

It’s a plastic bin, so keep it clean to prevent it from quickly absorbing odors.


You must use specially designed films that you cut and convert into bags each time you discard a set of discarded diapers.


This is a pretty small design at only 16.4 “x 11.6” x 10.1 “The piece will not be cluttered but make sure it does not invite curious dogs and toddlers. is that you can easily place it in a cabinet.

It’s a simple design but not very elegant.


Unless placed in a closet, it will be easy for pets or children to open.


This can kill up to 99% of germs, which means that your bucket can help keep your nursery hygienic.

  • Compact design
  • Lid locks away odors
  • Bags neutralize germs
  • Small design is accessible to kids
  • Need customized refills

10.Charlie Banana Hanging

Charlie Banana Hanging

It’s the perfect space saver because you can hang it instead of using valuable floor areas.
Do not be disturbed by the unconventional. It’s just a bag, but it makes sense to save space. And yes, it can help you fight those odors.

How it works?

First of all, it is easy to install in any room, no matter how big it is, as it can be hooked to anything, like a door handle or clothes hook at the door.

When it is full, you can throw the diapers in the trash and this bag can be washed. This means that odors will not accumulate over time, unlike plastic containers.

You will also find that it sometimes works better than regular buckets because dirty diapers are not kept in confined spaces. This combination of heat often leaves the odors increase. Of course, everything depends on the air flow in the room.

What is it?

This best diaper pail is made of polyester and polyurethane. You get these features:

A waterproof bag

An ecological option


You do not have to put bags inside this one; Just add your diapers empty them when they are full. Some parents use this reusable bag in other diaper pails. Try to limit monthly expenses.


This is a large hanging bag measuring 7.3 “x 1.2” x 10.6 “. This can take up to 20 layers at a time.


As it is not sealed, be sure to hang it high enough so that toddlers and pets can not reach it.


Although it is sufficient to contain soiled diapers, it can also be used as a dirty laundry bag. Use this for everything you need in the nursery.

  • Washable and waterproof
  • Reusable bag
  • Multiple applications
  • Doesn’t combat smells 100%

Best Diaper Pail For Smell



We have reached the Bubula Diaper pail review and wanted to make this very obvious, because if you only look at the picture, chances are you are confusing it with the Ubbi Diaper pail review. Very similar in design, but with a few distinctive features, it is a model that will do the job brilliantly.

It can double as a standard trash can when your baby grows, and it’s great for those of you who don’t want to invest for a limited time. Its airtight cover keeps bad smells inside; the safety lock is great if your little one wants to inspect it, and the fact that he uses regular kitchen bags is also a big plus.




Another Dekor best diaper pail for smell finds its way into our list, and this time it’s the classic version of the one we presented earlier. We understand why it is so low in our list; however, the fact that it beats other similar models speaks volumes. When dealing with poop, you will want to touch as little as possible and the hands-free operation of this plastic diaper pail model is excellent in this regard. Its cover is lifted when you press the pedal, and underneath you will find the OdorKeeper door which is activated by spring, so that it will only let through the diaper, then it will close. Being able to process up to 45 newborn size pieces, it may not be comparable to examining the Munchkin step diaper pail; however, it is definitely worth it.



If you’re looking for an elite diaper genius that’s great at keeping bad smells away and also small enough to take them in the car, check out this Baby Trend solution. It is smaller than the Bubula diaper pail; however, this makes it extremely mobile. The built-in handle on the top clearly indicates how easy it is to take this device with you. You can use any 13-gallon bag with it, and replacing the bags is simple.

Best Diaper Pail For Adults

9.Bubula Diaper Pail, Light Pink

Bubula Diaper Pail, Light Pink

This diaper pail was made from steel and aluminum materials, which ensures it lasts a long time. Compared to its plastic counterparts, it will not emit any odor to keep you in a cool atmosphere. The pail has won several awards, which guarantees its sustainability.

The diaper pail includes an airtight lid to prevent odors from leaking out. Its advanced design also helps make it easier to use. The high base and its ergonomic lid allow the user easier access to the pail. You will also appreciate the fact that it has a safety lock for the safety of your children.

Key Features

  • Unique design
  • Ergonomic design
  • Comes with a safety lock
  • Steel & aluminum construction
  • It is odor-free
  • Comes with a child lock
  • It has an ergonomic design
  • A bit pricey

10. Janella Akord Adult Diaper Disposal System

Janella Akord Adult Diaper Disposal System

The first adult diaper pail on our list is the Janella Akord Adult Diaper Disposal System. Let’s review its features, advantages and disadvantages.

  • Janibell Akord diaper pails solve the problem of potentially embarrassing odors by facilitating the discreet removal of soiled briefs.
  • It has a double sealing system which provides maximum protection against odors.
  • This diaper pail for adults has a pedal for one step, without touching and the elimination of hygienic diapers.
  • Its elegant design fits into any decor.
  • This best diaper pail has a unique continuous coating system which means zero waste and flexible disposal.
  • The liners are infused with a lightly scented powder for additional odor control.
  • It is designed to accommodate adult size briefs.
  • This adult diaper removal system is made of non-porous ABS resin so it is durable and easy to clean.
  • Sturdy construction
  • Discreet
  • Odor free
  • Elegant design
  • It requires special trash bags (i.e., continuous liner system).

Best Diaper Pails for Odor Control

1 .Playtex White Diaper Genie

Playtex White Diaper Genie

There is a reason why Diaper Genie is often regarded as the gold standard in diaper disposal systems, and it is because it does a superior job of sealing diaper odors. This is because this best diaper pail for odor control is not only made of antimicrobial plastic which helps prevent bacteria from gathering in the device, 7-layer refill bags that help retain odor and a filter. charcoal to filter out the rest of the odors. Although it doesn’t contain as many diapers as the Diaper Genie Deluxe models, it’s still a great pail for just about any parent with a baby still in diapers.

  • Has a built-in carbon filter
  • Has a nice look to it
  • Locks air-tight
  • Won’t hold as many diapers as Diaper Genie Deluxe models

2. Bubula Steel Diaper Pail

Bubula Steel Diaper Pail

This quality best diaper pail for odor control is made from a combination of steel and aluminum, and it is a beautiful gray color that looks elegant in any room. It also has a slightly higher base than comparable models, so parents don’t have to lean as much. Another key feature of this device is that it has a security lock which prevents pets or children from knocking it over and spilling its contents. Although it is not as airtight as we would have liked and it is a little expensive, it is still a great model for parents to use in their nursery.

  • Made of metal
  • Has a beautiful look to it
  • Easy to use
  • Feels durable
  • Lid isn’t always airtight
  • It’s a bit expensive

Best Diaper Pail For Cloth Diapers

1. Bubula JR Steel Diaper Pail

Bubula JR Steel

It has a security lock on the top. So your little one will not be able to open it and get into trouble. It has a non-slip bottom to prevent tipping or scratches on hardwood floors. I did not find it to be too much of a problem with other buckets. But, I guess anything that reduces the risk of tip-over and tip-over of the diaper pail is a good thing.

This one uses standard coatings, so there’s no need to spend money on something personalized.

This best diaper pail for cloth diapers has a large capacity. So you won’t have to do laundry more often than you want.

Some parents report that it can be difficult to press the top button to open it. Like most others, it doesn’t have a pedal.

2.GroVia Perfect Diaper Pail

GroVia Perfect

It closes automatically. So it does a good job of keeping odors locked in when you put on dirty diapers. Some parents have reported that they sometimes have a little “mess” of dirty diapers on the flap due to the way it opens.

Once it fills, just hold it on top of your washing machine and unzip the bottom. It is a very convenient way to wash cloth diapers. By the way, the bag itself is machine washable. So you can just throw it in the same charge.

This bag has a large capacity. So you don’t have to do laundry more often than you want.

Guide to Buying the best diaper pail 

Do You Really Need One?

You can simplify your life or do it the hard way. We suggest the first option and that’s why you need a diaper pail. And no, it’s not just a glorified container. You do not want something that keeps you from those unpleasant smells when you throw a diaper?


The list of benefits will indicate how much you need it:

  • Quick solution to where you are going to throw this dirty layer
    No unpleasant smell every time you open the trash
  • No smell affects the baby’s room because most buckets lock it
  • Even when there is already a dirty diaper inside these high-end buckets, they are designed to
  • keep those smells locked up
  • The high-end models allow you to exchange garbage bags without feeling bothered by dirty
  • diapers.
  • Some products help fight germs and maintain nursery hygiene.

It sounds good?

Are there any disadvantages? Of course. You will pay a little more than for an ordinary trash. If you need to manage a budget, it’s wise to choose a guy who can take almost any bag. Your monthly costs will be lower.

Many baby products are designed to make parenting more enjoyable and enjoyable. This should not be considered a luxury. Remember: each element that makes a task faster or easier gives you more time and energy to focus on other tasks. In the end, it will make you a more patient and happy parent.

So now you can decide: Run between the nursery and your outdoor trash each time you change diapers or simply use the sealed unit located in a corner.

Characteristics to be taken into account in the appropriate diaper pails
Of course, the market is full of products with absurd characteristics. We will help you reduce marketing noise and determine what you really need.

What makes a diaper bucket different?
It’s not just a container, because manufacturers strive to deal with an essential element: odors.

It’s not just about sealing odors, it’s about creating a mechanism that allows you to add more layers to the bucket without smelling bad smells. It is magic!

There is worse before getting better
You may think that you do not really need it, because the layers you have changed are not so revolting. I must warn you that this will change.

The diapers of babies who only drink milk do not always smell so bad. But remember that your baby will start drinking more and you will expand his diet. This will have a huge effect on the smell of diapers. This is especially true at each transition period, as the digestive system must become accustomed to new food products.


You will find all shapes and sizes so that you can really choose what you like. You do not want your baby’s room cluttered, so find one that will fit inside the room without having to move all your furniture.

Tip: Make sure you can place it in a place that’s clear enough for the top to open. This is ideal if it is near the changing table and not under other furniture, which makes it difficult to place a diaper on the inside. You do not want layers to fall to the ground at the same time.


These diaper pail have great value because they can protect odors. So, this seal is essential. Study the operation of the device to make sure it keeps odors at bay if you open it and it already contains layers


Why not do something that you really like to watch? Your purchase should focus more on functionality than aesthetics, but you also do not want a single object to spoil the overall look you’ve created in the baby’s room.


This is ideal if you can find a bucket that can hold any bag instead of custom refills. It means less expense.

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