10 Best Hypoallergenic Deodorants in 2020 – Reviews

Best Hypoallergenic Deodorant : Some people have very sensitive skin, which makes it difficult to wear regular deodorants. The main reason for this is that most deodorants contain ingredients that cause itching and skin irritation. Fortunately, some deodorants are made with organic ingredients. These deodorants are called hypoallergenic deodorants.

This means that you are unlikely to experience a skin allergy when using these products. For this, they are ideal for people with hypersensitive skin. That said, here is an overview of the main hypoallergenic deodorants on the market.

1.Tea Tree Sensitive Deodorant Stick by Schmidt’s

Tea Tree Sensitive Deodorant Stick by Schmidt’s

The Schmidt Tea Tree best hypoallergenic deodorant Stick is just right for you if you need a trendy deodorant with a refreshing fragrance. The deodorant has a creamy texture that gives a feeling of softness when applied. In addition, it is made without baking soda, so when using this deodorant, you can be sure that the skin is safe.

It’s vegan and cruelty-free, and was developed to provide reliable odor protection that lasts all day. It is ideal for sensitive skin, so there is no risk of skin allergy, irritation or itching. The fragrant scent of the tea tree should also be emphasized.

2. Junglemint All-Natural Deodorant by Jungleman Naturals

Junglemint All-Natural Deodorant by Jungleman Naturals

This best hypoallergenic deodorant is made from natural ingredients such as corn starch and baking powder. Unfortunately, these ingredients make it a lightweight deodorant that can melt in excessive light or heat. Typically, this deodorant may not provide 100% sweat protection, but it is sure to get rid of the bad smell. It contains no parabens, aluminum, propylene glycol, talc or other toxic ingredients.

This best hypoallergenic deodorant comes with a light mint fragrance that is suitable for both genders. The scent is light, which doesn’t dominate your nose, but strong enough to mask the body odor. It contains corn starch, which makes it a little dry. It can be too dry at extremely low temperatures. Unfortunately, white residues can occur due to corn starch.

3.Natural Protection Men’s Body Deodorant Stick by Crystal

Natural Protection Men’s Body Deodorant Stick by Crystal

If you are a man who wants a reliable deodorant that keeps you dry and also combats body odor. It is hypoallergenic and it is made without harsh ingredients like aluminum, phthalates, parabens and perfumes. The ingredients are made to eliminate odor causing bacteria and prevent unpleasant odor.

Recommended by dermatologists for people having sensitive skin. This best hypoallergenic deodorant has been tested hypoallergenic and will not cause cancer cells to develop. In addition, manufacturers promise that it can last a whole year.

4.Original Essence Natural Deodorant by Bali Secrets

Original Essence Natural Deodorant by Bali Secrets

Many deodorants can contain natural ingredients, but may not be safe for your skin. However, this deodorant is both completely natural and very safe to use on your skin. The deodorant consists of gluten-free paraben and aluminum chloride.

It is one of the most versatile deodorant on the market because you can wear it to work, the gym, during your intense workouts, and even on long trips. The best part is that when you use this deodorant, you will not feel itchy skin, irritation, or other allergies.

5.Clinical Strength Clear Gel Hypoallergenic Women’s Deodorant by Secret

It is a natural antiperspirant for women, which is perfect if you are very active or sweat a lot. It comes with incredible sweat protection that can last 48 hours. You can wear this deodorant if you are on a long trip or in flight. This best hypoallergenic deodorant prevents odors before they even start, making you feel and smell fresh from morning to night.

6. Pomegranate Essence Mineral Roll-On Deodorant by Crystal

Pomegranate Essence Mineral Roll-On Deodorant by Crystal

This best hypoallergenic deodorant contains natural mineral salts and is also free of parabens and aluminum. For this reason, the deodorant is hypoallergenic and you will not feel an allergic reaction when you use it. The deodorant is above all free of stains and residues, which is an additional advantage. The pomegranate fragrance gives you an attractive smell that lasts all day.

7.Crystal Spray Mist Deodorant by Naturally Fresh

Crystal Spray Mist Deodorant by Naturally Fresh

If you want a good hypoallergenic and aluminum-free deodorant, the Crystal Naturally Fresh spray is just the thing for you. The deodorant is also free of parabens and cruelty, which makes it perfect for sensitive skin.

It’s also fragrance-free – so you can wear it with natural cologne. Alternatively, you can wear it as it is to enjoy permanent protection against sweat and odors.

8.All Natural Deodorant Stick by Primal Pit Paste

All Natural

This best hypoallergenic deodorant is made from natural ingredients, including organic cocoa butter, mango butter, sage oil, lavender oil, arrowroot powder, vanilla oil and beeswax. It contains arrowroot powder, a natural ingredient with high antiperspirant properties. This way you can stay dry without causing a possible skin allergy. In addition, it has an attractive smell that lasts all day.

9.Fragrance-Free Amazing Crystal Deodorant by Thai Deodorant Stone

Crystal Spray

It is one of the unique deodorants contained in a crystal stone. One of the advantages of crystal stones is that they easily kill the odor-causing bacteria. Ideally, you should apply this deodorant immediately after showering. It is a crystal stone that perform very well when wet partially.

Therefore, you should use it after showering when your armpits are still wet. Alternatively, you can apply some water to it to make the application fairly smooth. It offers reliable odor protection that lasts all day. You don’t have to reapply this deodorant because it lasts long enough. You may still feel sweaty, but this eliminates body odor.

10.Hypoallergenic Sensitive Skin Antiperspirant Deodorant by Almay

Crystal Spray

This best hypoallergenic deodorant is use to stop excessive sweating. Even if it contains 25% sesquichlorohydrate aluminum, this deodorant is tested in dermatology as hypoallergenic. It can lock sweating for 24 hours without decreasing its effectiveness.

This means you can wear it in the morning and stay cool and dry at night. If your skin is prone to rashes and hypersensitivity, consider this deodorant. You may feel a little too dry when applied, which may not be suitable for dry skin.

How to Select  a Best Hypoallergenic Deodorant

Anyone with sensitive skin problems is extremely careful when buying an antiperspirant or deodorant. And it is more than understandable. If you choose the wrong product, the results can be extremely irritating or in some cases debilitating. This makes their caution a good security mechanism for them to ensure that they don’t run into the same problems again and again.

However, some of these people may be a little too careful when choosing a deodorant. This is because they do not know exactly which products they can and cannot use. For this reason, we have decided to publish this guide. We want everyone with sensitive skin to find a hypoallergenic product that meets their needs and prevents them from developing annoying or painful symptoms. Below is the guide we created for people with sensitive skin. We hope that this will serve you well.

Ingredients to Avoid

Although we have provided our readers with what we believe to be the best hypoallergenic deodorants, we understand that some people want to know how these products work. Here are some things you should avoid when buying a hypoallergenic deodorant.


Although some forms of aluminum are generally well tolerated by most people, some people may not tolerate aluminum in their antiperspirants. This is unfortunate since most antiperspirants block the sweat channels and aluminum is the main ingredient for this purpose.

For people who are sensitive to aluminum, they should choose a product that does not contain any of these metals. Other people may just want to choose a milder form of aluminum like sesquichlorohydrate aluminum.

Artificial fragrances

Perfumes can cause all sorts of problems in people with sensitive skin, especially artificial ones. Therefore, it is important for people with sensitive skin to choose a product that contains natural fragrances. Although we cannot guarantee that natural fragrances can be tolerated by everyone, they are more likely to not react than artificial fragrances.

In this case, the user may need to find the natural scents that they can tolerate. The only thing that should probably be completely avoided are the antiperspirant / deodorant combinations. This is because they almost always have artificial scents and most have aluminum, so it’s probably best to avoid most of them.


Alcohol is another problematic ingredient for most people with sensitive skin. In fact, it can dry out the skin and this process can cause irritation. Unfortunately, too many products in the market today use alcohol as one of their main ingredients.

It is used in a variety of different antiperspirants because it is used to deliver aluminum compounds to the skin. However, it is also found in deodorant sprays, roll-ons and even gels. For this reason, it is always a good idea for consumers to check the label to make sure that the product they are considering is an alcohol-free formula.


At some point, parabens were used in almost all cosmetic products and were a widely used preservative. Then it was found that it caused skin irritation in some people, even in people without prior sensitivity.

Therefore, it is always best to avoid products that can contain parabens. Look for ingredients that end with the paraben suffix, including ingredients like propylparaben or methylparaben.

Propylene glycol

This ingredient is found in a wide variety of different products and is often used in antiperspirants to allow aluminum and other ingredients to penetrate deeper into the skin. It is a low-cost ingredient, which is why it is used, and it is made from various petroleum products.

Unfortunately, it is a product that is currently linked to a number of health conditions, not just skin sensitivity. It is also known to increase the likelihood that a person will develop skin sensitivity, even if they have not had skin sensitivity before. Therefore, it is probably best to avoid products that completely use this ingredient.


Phthalate is another commonly used ingredient that can cause not only skin sensitivities but also health complications. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to find on some labels as it is simply listed as a perfume. Of course, these are not the real ingredients of deodorants or antiperspirants.

No, it is often used to dissolve synthetic fragrance compounds. If the consumer sees this ingredient on their label or the common term for artificial flavors, they should avoid purchasing this product. Instead, they should try to find a deodorant or antiperspirant that specifically states on its label that it does not contain phthalates.

Ingredients To Consider in a Best Hypoallergenic Deodorant

Of course, there is more to choosing a hypoallergenic deodorant than simply avoiding a long list of ingredients. There are a number of common ingredients found in many hypoallergenic deodorants that not only allow the product to do the work they were designed for, but are also safer to use on sensitive skin. What are these miracle ingredients? Well, we have put together a list below.

Corn starch and baking soda

These two ingredients are not only capable of working as antiperspirants, but they can do so without all of the problems often caused by real antiperspirants. This is why they are a good choice for any hypoallergenic formula.

Tea tree oil

This ingredient works by killing bacteria in the user’s armpits. Although it is not a hypoallergenic ingredient for everyone, for most people it is safe to use and will not cause skin irritation.

Green tea extract

This is another ingredient that is generally well tolerated by most people, but effective in controlling body odor. It is also an extremely safe ingredient to use on just about any part of the body.

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