Top 10 Best Neck Massager 2020 – Reviews

We all know that the body needs to be rested and pain-free, so  we have the best neck massager 2019. This is something for which each of us aspires. However, in today’s work schedule, in a twenty-four hour period, if we are lucky, we end up resting on a stretch for an average of four to five hours. If we are extremely lucky, a stretch can extend this period to eight hours. But have we ever considered the impact on the body in our haste to get ahead?

This rush has a profound impact on the various parts of our body. The Neck is one part that bears the burden. This is one part throughout the day that takes a lot of load. Even when we rest, it doesn’t rest as our sleep posture ends up putting more stress on it. The end result is that we wake up with a sore Neck that is extremely painful more often than not.

It is always a good idea to read the instruction manual before using any type of best neck massager. If you are unsure about its suitability, it is best to talk to a medical professional to make sure that it is suitable for your health or medical conditions. It’s also a good practice to consult with your family physician especially if you have any illness.

  How we tested the best neck massager 2020

Every time we test a product that has a primary purpose, the most important metric is, of course, how well it performs that task. While that was also true for best neck massages, measuring “pain relief” can be difficult to quantify. A person’s rating of muscle pain or pain may be completely different from that of the next person.

In order to make our data more qualitative and control the variety of ways in which people classify muscle aches and pains, we assemble a group of 10 different people, with a range of ages and other demographic characteristics.

Together with the focus group, we observed the functionality of each best neck massager, how easy it was to configure and transport them, as well as the materials used and the general construction quality of each best neck massager.

Using a focus group to gain insight

We examined each of our 10 finalists in depth. However, it may be subjective to determine a best neck massager, as the opinion of all about what constitutes a “good” neck massage may differ. In addition to our own analysis and product testing, we used the feedback from our focus group participants to determine the best option available.

One of the main advantages of using a neck massager is the fact that it can be used at any time, unlike a professional massage therapist. Daily or weekly use of a neck massager is important for maximizing the health benefits of general neck massage, so our focus group questions focused on metrics that would indicate (and encourage) regular use of the product. We wanted to know how much better (or worse) their muscles felt before and after each massager was used and whether there was a significant reduction in their overall pain level.

Aesthetics and style

While the appearance of each neck massager is certainly not the most important measure used when choosing a product, it still makes a difference in the buying process.

If the product owner thinks that the item seems sticky, it will most often end up in the closet or in a drawer somewhere and will probably be used less frequently. If, on the other hand, a massager is well designed, it will be more likely to stay in the bedroom or living room, where it will probably be used more frequently to reduce muscle aches and pains.

User friendliness

When we selected our five neck and shoulder massager finalists, we decided to select products that were simple and easy to operate to help relieve pain without causing discomfort while using.


We ask each participant in our focus group to rate the overall design of each massager. Unlike the question of “aesthetics and style,” the design is more closely linked to general usability, as well as ergonomics and the design of the neck massager.

Pain relief

Pain relief is, of course, the most important measure when evaluating neck massages. For the purposes of our focus group, we ask our participants to group together anything that can be considered “pain relief”, including relaxation, reduction of muscle pain, reduction of muscle tension, improvement of blood circulation. , the feeling of well-being and the reduction of pain. had before using the best neck massager.

Would you use it again?

This question is somewhat redundant for the rest of the questions we asked, but we really wanted to emphasize the fact that a neck massager is only beneficial if it is really used.

10 Best Neck Massagers Reviewed for 2019

1.Brookstone – Shiatsu – Best Neck massager

For a variety of reasons, the Brookstone–Shiatsu Neck Massager was our top overall pick. Besides feeling like the most “premium” product among the finalists, the massager’s versatility along with the simplicity of operation made the Brookstone an accessible and effective tool. One of the things we liked most about the Brookstone was the ability to control directly where the massager worked and the exact intensity on your muscles at any given moment. While massagers such as the Gideon and the Zyllion can technically be placed along the neck, shoulder, or back anywhere, the Brookstone allowed much more precise and fluid control.

That additional control means that we could also attack very specific muscles in our neck and back. This was ideal for focusing on difficult knots that would otherwise be difficult to achieve, if not impossible.

This was also the case with the LiBa neck massager. However, there were other problems with LiBa that got him out of the fight for the best option in general. Most notable and significant was the fact that the material in the Liba began to wear out after a few weeks of testing. Compared to Brookstone, we predicted that the Liba would last much less with regular use.

The visual and physical aesthetics were another thing we particularly liked about the Brookstone. The material itself was sturdy and stable in addition to looking and feeling like a high – quality product, while having just enough “give” to make the product flexible and easy to use.

The Brookstone’s controls were also very simple. There are three buttons on the left side after you put your arms through their respective openings: one to turn on and off the massager, one to turn on and off the heat and one to reverse (or lock) the direction of the shiatsu nodes. That said, it’s worth noting that all our finalists were basically as easy to operate as they were.

Things we didn’t like

While Brookstone was the best neck massager we tried, there were a couple of things we did not like.

First and foremost for those who are elderly or have a medical condition, the Brookstone massager requires moderate arm strength and mobility. Although a healthy person of 30 years will not have any problem in this sense, it could be a problem for others.

If you are concerned about the strength and mobility required to use the Brookstone, here’s a good rule of thumb: if you can put on a heavy sweater easily, you should not have any problems using the Brookstone.

The other problem we had with Brookstone neck massage was the lack of portability. In addition to requiring a wall outlet to operate, we would have liked the cable to be a little longer. We discovered that the use of a tension strip or an extension cord together with the massager made things much easier.

If portability is a major concern for you, Brookstone offers a wireless version of  massager, which can usually be purchased for approximately $ 30 more on Amazon.


1. handled strap for intensity control
2. heat option
3. two massage modes
4. 8 deep-kneading nodes
5. less powerful for sensitive backs
6. continuous mode


1. must be plugged in
2. not the most powerful option
3. heat is very mild
4. no mode for intensity

2.Five Star FS8801 Neck & Back Massager

The Five Star FS8801 is a shiatsu neck massager for your neck and back with 8 kneading rollers. The rollers will put direct pressure on your muscles with shiatsu massage, encouraging them to relax and release. What distinguishes this particular product is that it has been added to heat benefit. The FS8801 has the ability to warm your muscles before and during the massage, not only helping to relax your muscles, but also reducing pain.

A shiatsu neck massager has the benefit of relieving pain and muscle tension. Shiatsu massage can be an option for those who suffer headaches or migraine to help reduce the severity of their symptoms. Since the FS8801 is completely portable, it can be used at home, in the office or even in the car. Powered by an AC adapter, plug it in and let the neck massager get to work. Also included is a car adapter that allows you to reduce stress and tension while traveling.

  1. 8 Kneading Rollers
  2. Addition of Heat
  3. 2 Directions for Massage
  4. Portable
  5. Automatic Shut Off
  6. Includes Car Adapter
  7. 3 Year Factory Warrant
  1. Not Recommended for Longer than 45 Minutes
  2. Must be Plugged in to Use
  3. Only Two Levels of Intensity

3.TruMedic Instashiatsu Plus Neck and Shoulder Massager

Pain and tension are not only limited to the neck and back, and TruMedic Instashiatsu best neck massager is a worthwhile option for those of us who experience muscle pain throughout the body. This versatile unit can be manipulated in such a way that it can be connected to any part of your body that needs a massage. As in a full massage chair, truMedic neck massager provides the user with control over where it should be applied to most of them. Comfortable wristbands are used to direct the Instashiatsu to your neck, back, arms or legs.

A heat option is also included in the Instashiatsu neck massager, which gives you a warm feeling against those tight muscles. You can turn the heat on or off with a simple control panel, as well as control the direction of the kneading. There is no specific intensity option, but you can use the arm rests to either increase or decrease the pressure depending on how tightly you pull it. Losing your grip could bring the massage down to a more comfortable level for those who have more sensitive areas.


1. rechargeable and cordless
2. simple control panel
3. can be used full body
4. includes adaptor to plug-in
5. auto reverse option
6. has heat option
7. includes a carrying case


1. no settings for intensity
2. does not tend to last long when not plugged in
3. takes a while to charge


4.Neck & Back Shiatsu Massager by Bruntmor

Designed with simplicity in mind, Bruntmor neck massager offers an easy-to-use shiatsu massager. You can relax and enjoy a massage with your long-lasting battery, as long as you feel it is necessary. Using a combination of 8 massage nodes, this neck massager is designed to press in all your worst places, reducing tension and helping the blood circulate correctly. These nodes can work in two different modes, offering rotation to the right and to the left. You have the power to choose exactly in which direction you need the nodes to move, making sure that the muscles are working equally in both directions.

This model also includes a heating option to help penetrate your muscles deeply for ultimate relaxation. By simply pushing a button on the control panel, the heat can be turned on and off. A highlight of this neck massager is that it is well built to provide a long-lasting machine with strong materials. The shell is made of PU leather and is double-stitched in order to make sure the body does not wear easily with use.


1. 8 Kneading Nodes
2. Heat Option
3. Two Massage Options
4. Cordless and Rechargeable
5. Carrying Bag Included
6. Crafted with PU Leather
7. Long Lasting Battery
8. 1 Year Warranty


1. Straps are not Adjustable
2. No Button for Intensity Option
3. Only 1 Speed
4. Leather Casing Makes It Less Flexible

5.Neckteck Shiatsu Deep Kneading Massage Pillow

What distinguishes the Neckteck Shiatsu Massage Pillow is that it provides control of speed and direction. This allows the user to adjust the mass to be more specific to their own needs with 3 different speed modes. The Neckteck allows you to personalize the massage and replicate the feeling of having a masseuse working on your neck and back in combination with the 2 management options.

 This model is equipped with 8 shiatsu kneading nodes that are firmly compressed in the muscles that are sore and sore. Adding the heat option will help you relax and warm up the muscles during the massage to make it easier to loosen them.

The Neckteck is completely portable and designed to be used wherever you need it and can travel with you on the go. The power adapter has an impressive length of 6 feet, so you don't have to crouch to enjoy a massage next to an outlet. You will be able to plug this in with the included car adapter while driving and hopefully helping to reduce some of the stress that comes with driving. Experiencing road rage can be much harder when you're in the middle of a full massage!


1. 6 Foot Long Adaptor
2. Included Car Adaptor
3. 8 Massaging Nodes
4. 2 Directional Options
5. 3 Speed Options
6. Built In Over Heating Mechanism
7. Automatic Timer
8. Directional Change After 1 Minute


1. no wireless option
2. There is no control over the temperature of the heat.
3. The length of the strap is not adjustable

6.Naipo Shoulder Massager with Shiatsu Kneading Massage and Heat

The Naipo Shoulder Massager is ergonomically designed to fit a human neck correctly using a 3D rotation technique. The U-shaped roller head is designed to allow close and angled contact to be directly pressed into your muscles. You can choose from a selection of different options with a control panel placed on the side of the massager to help customize the massage just for you. You can select the speed from three options, low, medium or high, depending on your preference, and find the speed that allows the right amount of pressure.

With 8 deep kneading nodes, the Naipo also allows 2 directional modes, moving from clockwise to anti-clockwise with the push of a button.

In heat mode, the Naipo shoulder massager penetrates your muscles to relieve the tension you have accumulated and can help improve blood circulation in the area that worries you. For greater safety and protection, this massager has an automatic 20-minute shutdown for heat and is equipped with an overheating protection device, which allows you to relax without worries.

A notable addition to the Naipo shoulder massager is its inclusion of an anti-dust cover for the device. This mesh cover can offer an additional layer or protection between your skin and the rotating nodes. Since the device itself is not waterproof, the mesh cover can be removed and flushed, wiping off any sweat or dirt that may have accumulated after each use.

  1. 3 different speed modes
  2. 2 directional options
  3.  heated
  4.  ergonomic design
  5.  8 shiatsu nodes
  6.  Car adapter included
  7.  mesh protective fabric
  8.  protection against overheating
  1. not wireless
  2.  not rechargeable
  3.  width not adjustable
  4.  also the length of the strap is not adjustable

7.GESS012 Kneading Shiatsu Neck Waist Back Shoulder Infrared Massager

What makes the GESS012 unique and stands out is that its heating mode is powered by infrared technology. This type of heat is aimed at helping penetrate deep into the muscles for maximum relaxation, and goes beyond simply heating the surface.

Using infrared heating technology, this GESS012 model relies on electromagnetic radiation to warm up your muscles, allowing you to warm up deeply in your muscles and help reduce pain and inflammation.

Completely flexible, this device can be used on the entire body and includes padded straps for your arms while in use. The 8 kneading nodes are designed to target each muscle with which they come in contact, and there are 2 ways to select the direction.

With the included car adapter, you can plug it in wherever you are and it's completely portable so you can receive that massage when necessary.

  1.  8 kneading nodes
  2.  2 directional options
  3.  fully flexible
  4.  included car adapter
  5.  heat option
  6.  infrared technology
  7.  padded straps
  1. without intensity control
  2. the adapter is not adjusted
  3. it must be plugged in
  4. the straps are not adjustable

8.Cordless Shiatsu Neck & Back Massager , small neck massager

One of Cordless Shiatsu Neck & Back Massager’s great features is that you don’t need to use arm straps to get a massage anymore. Sometimes we like to have the option to work or complete other tasks while still taking advantage of a personal massager. They designed it using Velcro technology with this model, so you can strap it on and leave your hands free to complete anything else you want to do.

 This does not mean that they have completely removed the straps, but you have the option of either choosing to use this hand-free or straps depending on what type of intensity you are after.

Equipped with rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, you can use this while traveling without plugging in an electrical outlet. Recharge when necessary and enjoy a shiatsu massage on your neck and back, whether at home, in the car or sitting at your desk at work.

Since the straps are still included, you have the option of moving this massager to any area of ​​your body that experiences discomfort, and you can control the intensity of the massage according to the strength with which it grips against your body.

The heat from this device will increase with the time you use it, so you have the option of keeping it low and turning it off before it gets too hot for you. For those of you who like the warmer side more, leave the heating on throughout the massage to really feel how your muscles warm up.

  1. Without cable
  2.  rechargeable
  3.  hands-free option
  4.  2 directional modes
  5.  Car adapter included
  6.  It comes with a massage cloth to protect the skin.
  7.  8 kneading nodes
  1. No intensity options
  2. can be n​​​​​oisy
  3. charging can take awhile
  4. short battery life
  5. tends to offer lighter pressure

9.LiBa Shiatsu Neck Back Massager Pillow , small neck massager

Moving away from devices that require straps, the LiBa Shiatsu neck back massage pillow is a small, compact device that has the shape of a small neck pillow.

This best neck massager is designed to be used in the car and can be fastened to the head rest on your seat, allowing you to lean in and receive a relaxing and deep massage on the go. You can use this not only for the car, but also at home or in the office.

Simply put the pillow behind your neck and enjoy the feeling of working in your sore areas with its 4 kneading nodes. All nodes are heated, created to imitate a massage of hot stone, applying warm pressure to soothe and relax.

The built-in overheating protector allows you to use the heat mode without worry, and depending on your preference, the warming feature can be turned on or off. LiBa Shiatsu best Neck Back Massager Pillow can be used as a pillow exactly as the name says, and you can put your body in bed and rest while getting all the benefits of a shiatsu massage. The one-minute timer changes the direction of the nodes automatically, so you don't need to focus on pressing a button to cover both directions.

  1. strapless
  2.  small and compact
  3.  portable
  4.  4 kneading nodes
  5.  2 directional options
  6.  heated
  7.  ergonomically u-shape design
  8.  car adapter included
  1.  no control for intensity
  2.  shape is aimed mostly just for the neck and back
  3.  must be plugged in
  4.  no option for straps
  5.  can be quite rough

10.Zyllion ZMA13KB Shiatsu Pillow Massager , small neck massager

The Zyllion ZMA13 KB best neck massager, crafted with a unique 3D design, pushes deep into the muscles, providing you with a powerful muscle massage. The shape is both ergonomic and compact, designed with no extra bulkiness or weight to fit your neck properly. The Zyllion ZMA13 KB Shiatsu Pillow Massager is versatile and portable due to its small shape and light weight design, making it a great choice for those who prefer their massages on the go.

The small straps on the back of the neck massager are designed to bind to your chair or car seat headrest, allowing you to work on those tight and sore muscles wherever you are. But the straps are not just for connecting to a chair, and the multi-purpose handles allow you to adjust both the positioning and the intensity depending on your needs. The Zyllion ZMA13 KB Shiatsu Pillow Massager includes the option to heat it up to help you relax and release your muscle tension. You can enjoy the heat without worry with a built-in Overheat Protection Device and automatic 20 minute shutdown.

The 4 kneading nodes are programmed to change direction automatically every minute, so you don't need to press anything to get a complete rounded massage.

  1. 3d design
  2.  ergonomically shaped
  3.  lightweight and slim
  4.  portable
  5.  heat option
  6.  overheat protection device
  7.  4 kneading nodes
  8.  automatically changes direction
  9.  1 year warranty
  1.  No intensity control
  2. Has to be plugged in
  3. No long straps for firmer control
  4.  Nodes are more widely separated

What is “Shiatsu”?

Many personal neck massagers offer a particular type of massage, called a shiatsu massage, but what does that mean exactly? Originating in Japan and pulling from traditional Chinese therapy, Shiatsu Massage is meant to help the body use its own self to heal whatever muscle and pain you experience. With a masseuse, and Shiatsu Massage involves using fingers, palms, and even elbows to put firm pressure on muscles that are tense and sore. The intention is to foster an energy flow to that particular area and create more and better blood flow throughout the body.

Shiatsu Massage is credited with the ability to revive both stress and tension and to deeply relax the person receiving the massage. The pressure applied to certain parts of the body can help regulate the different body systems, and some believe this can help relieve different conditions. Those experiencing chronic pain, joint problems, and other conditions may be relieved by Shiatsu Massage.

What makes Shiatsu Massage unique from other massage therapies is the belief that the pain and discomfort that we feel in our muscles is caused by an imbalance in the energy system of our bodies. These imbalances and blockages cause the tension to build up, and if not treated, they can lead to long-term conditions. Shiatsu Massage is believed to restore the energy flow to its proper condition by realigning the energy of the bodies and to increase the blood flow to help the body heal itself.

Benefits of Best Neck Massagers?

Consistent neck and back massages can bring a wide variety of benefits to the body, and a best Neck Massager can help people with all kinds of conditions or discomforts. There is evidence that massage can help relax your body and mind, not only are Massagers great for discomfort. By lowering your blood pressure and heart rate, some people find that massage can help them achieve a deep relaxation state, giving them a moment of relaxation and distress.

Moving the muscles physically can cause blood to flow into the area and increase blood and lymph system circulation. Increased circulation means that the muscle will receive more oxygen and nutrient, promoting a healthier and looser area. Massager can go deep into your back or neck for those experiencing nerve compression or pain, helping to reduce nerve tightness and spasm frequency and intensity.

You are given all the benefits of a massage with personal best neck massagers, without having to leave your own home. This means that when you need it most, you have the tool for relief at your fingertips, not to worry about setting an appointment or waiting for someone else to help you. At any time, Neck Massagers can be used and many are designed to be portable and easy to travel with. You are no longer limited to finding relief in a doctor's office, but you can bring relaxation and relief with you in the car, at your desk, or even just on the couch at home.

Best Neck Massager provide you with the tool you need to push deep into your muscles and remove the discomfort you have built up, no matter what your need for relief is.

Different Features of Neck Massagers 2019

Not all nest neck massages are created equally, and several brands and models offer a variety of unique features to help you get the most out of your massage. Looking at the different options, there are some features that you will see repeatedly, and these are some of the key things you should keep in mind when deciding which best neck massager is right for you. Each option has the ability to be positive or negative, depending on your own body, so it is important to consider all the different characteristics before making the decision to buy.

Some of the key features to search for are the number of nodes in the device, how intense the device can be, whether or not heat is included, and whether or not that heat is created using infrared technology. These key features are included in most Neck Massagers, but each brand and model will offer a variety of degrees for each, which means you can choose a model with the right combination.

Number of Nodes

Many Neck massagers rely on kneading nodes, or balls, to provide the feeling of a massage. These nodes are designed so that they provide both pressure and movement, digging deep into the muscles for relief.

The number of nodes in a device can have an impact on the massage it receives, and the selection of the correct number will determine how the device is used, as well as where in the body it is most appropriate.

From about 4 to 8 nodes, those that offer less tend to be smaller and more compact models. These are excellent for those who want something they can use at their office desk or in their car, and do not want bulky or neck massages, this is too noticeable.

With 4 nodes, they tend to be more separated, so while providing a good general massage, they may not go into the smaller muscles that make up the neck. The 4-node models also lean more towards the use of larger-sized nodes, so those with very small or delicate features may find that they are a little too large and pinch the skin rather than massage the muscles.

For neck massages that have 8 nodes, they are often divided into 4 large nodes and 4 smaller nodes, providing more options for large and small muscles. With 8 nodes, you have more capacity to control exactly which muscles you are targeting, and for those with smaller bodies, or who want to use the device in small areas such as limbs or feet, the 8 node model is more suitable.

However, unlike the 4 nodes, the 8-node models tend to work in the largest size, and can be bulky and perceptible depending on the brand and model you select.


It has its own advantages attached to the ability to add heat to a massage, and many people find that they prefer options that allow them to use heat before or during the massage. Heat has been known to alleviate muscle rigidity and tightness, and many masseuses include a heat element to stimulate circulation and prepare the muscles for what is to come. It becomes easier to undo any knots that have been created by loosing the muscles before massage, because the muscle starts working with you instead of against you.

If you are suffering from muscle spasms, heat can help to decrease both the amount of spasms and the intensity, and it can soothe the muscle to help loosen and reduce joint pain. Continuing to apply heat during the massage will ensure that the muscles do not try to tighten up, helping you to achieve the best possible results. Heat is not only beneficial from a medical point of view, but many people also find the heat is soothing for the body itself and makes you feel warm and comfortable. Having a warm Neck Massager draped around you can reduce our stress levels and give a similar feeling to a long, warm hug for those of us who have endured a long and stressful day.

The way a neck massager heats up can vary, and some devices keep the process simple with just one heater, while others include infrared technology to deepen.

If you prefer only the warmth of your skin and a soothing heat applied to your muscles, a neck massager with basic warm-up should meet your needs. The disadvantage of a traditional heating method, however, is that heaters tend to increase with duration, so the longer you leave it on, the hotter it will get.

If you prefer a more constant but deep type of heat, infrared heating may be a better option for you. This type of technology uses electromagnetic radiation to transfer the heat from the device to your body. What this means is that the heat is much more direct and can penetrate deeper into the muscles for a more intense loss of stiffness. The infrared heaters also take time to warm up, nor does the heat increase with duration. In contrast, infrared technology is instantly heated and maintains the same degree of heat throughout the massage.

Intensity Levels

An important characteristic that must be taken into account at all times is the intensity of the power of the massagers. You may want a neck massager that has more power for people with deep tissue conditions, and who can press the problem muscles firmly and deeply. Neck massagers that offer intensity levels, or those that come with straps so you can intensify the massage, are best suited for people looking to relieve pain symptoms, and less for those who just want to be distressed after  long day.

If your ultimate goal is simply to relax, the selection of a powerful massager can cause more harm than good, and after use, muscles that previously did not experience pain may end up in some discomfort. You may want to aim for a neck massager for relaxation, which offers the option of using it in a lower setting, or is generally less powerful. Many neck massages are designed with straps to select how intense the massager becomes. An adjusted option can be a better option for people who want to have variety, as it can adjust to the body or loosen the grip, allowing you to decide how powerful the massage is.

Things To Consider To Find The Best Neck Massager On The Market

Desired Outcome

Some of us decided to buy a neck massager because we have a lot of stress in our days and everything we want is something that relieves us and gives us a deeper sense of relaxation. You may be facing a health condition or an injury to other people, and are looking for something to help you fight your physical discomfort and help you heal faster. Whatever the desired result, it is important to take into account those needs in your purchase decision. By focusing on the various functions we have listed above, you can be sure that you will get the results you need.

Just as there are different types of massage therapists, there are also different types of massagers that offer a variety of techniques. Shiatsu is one of the most popular types of massage, but not everyone wants pressure on their muscles, so there is the option of neck massagers that simply vibrate or rumble. Devices that do not apply pressure tend to be older models, and often individuals feel that it is less a massage and more a sensation. However, if this seems better, you should review the different types available in the market.


If driving every day to and from work causes a lot of stress and tension, it may be ideal for you to look at a car-specific best Neck Massager. Not all models are intended for every situation, so it's important to know if you can use your specific Neck Massager in a vehicle while away from home or in an area that has no power.

You will probably look for one that is compact and discreet for those who want a massager that they can use at work, so it is not necessary for the entire office to know that they are enjoying a relaxing massage. Choose a pillow-shaped best neck massager that holds your chair and you can enjoy all the benefits without using your hands to hold it in place.

When it comes to domestic use, you can opt for a more varied approach to the devices, since most people can connect their neck massager and do not have to worry about whether the model is wireless or not.

The wireless, plug-in and rechargeable models will impact when and where they can be used, and for how long the neck massager can be used. To make the most of your device, it is important to consider where you will use this most frequently and then find a model that suits your needs.

Many models include a car adapter with the purchase, but not all, so you need to check and see what is included if you specifically want it for your vehicle. When it comes to driving, it's also unsafe and not recommended to use a Neck Massager that requires you to hold straps, so you'll want to make sure that whatever you choose is safe to use while driving.

If you spend time away from home in a place that lacks current or power outlets, it is essential to choose a neck massager that runs on battery or rechargeable, and depending on how often you plan to use it, you will want to consider how long. a single charge will be executed. A battery-powered model will allow you to pack spare batteries and increase the duration of use as needed for long-term use away from electricity.

Where the Pain is Located

Muscle pain is not just in your neck or back, and you may want something that can be used throughout your body. This is another important thing to consider, as not all Neck Massagers are versatile, and if you need something that can do multiple locations, you need to carefully read to make sure it fits the area you're looking for. It is necessary to select a model for people who want to use their Neck Massager on small areas such as limbs or feet that can wrap around smaller places and still provide an effective massage.

If a model is only designed for the neck or back, you may find it difficult to get the results you need in other areas and may limit your overall satisfaction with the massager. Most massagers with longer straps and multiple nodes are more suitable for a general massage, since the straps give you more control over how and where the device is placed.

However, some of us experience pain only specifically in the neck and/or back, and you may want to consider a model designed just for that area for those individuals. There are Neck Massagers that are designed ergonomically to fit the neck properly and snuggly, providing you with a very localized and specific relief type. The nodes in a neck-specific massager are aligned in a way that best affects the muscles of your neck and can get deep into the tissue of such a small and sensitive area.

Wherever you pain or discomfort is, keeping that in the back of your mind will help you get more satisfaction out of your Neck Massager. Some models are completely versatile, while others are exacting and precise, what you choose is a matter of personal preference and need.

Final Verdict

With all the options currently on the market, you’re likely to find something that gives you exactly what you need. You can narrow down your search and find the best neck massager for you by doing your research, considering all of the above points and focusing on what you want.


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brookstone shiatsu neck massager

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