10 Best Overnight Diapers For Babies

Best Overnight Diapers For Babies: Does your baby wake you up frequently at night because his diaper is soaked? Are you tired of losing sleep because the diapers you use don’t cut it overnight?

There’s no question: you need a better diaper.

Nothing is more precious in those first months than a few extra hours of sleep each night. Like many new moms, I was a zombie during the day because I spent the whole night changing wet diapers. If I had been less exhausted, I might have understood that I needed a better solution!

To make sure you and your little one are sleeping well, read our reviews of the best diapers for the night and what you should consider when looking for a diaper that will make your baby dream sweetly until the morning light.

10 Best Overnight Diapers For Babies

1. Huggies OverNites Diapers | Best Overnight Diapers For Heavy Wetters

Huggies OverNites Diapers Best Overnight Diapers For Heavy Wetters

Heavy wetters have a hard time and so do their parents. You feel awful walking into your child’s bedroom every night only to see him cry because he disturbed another night’s sleep by wetting his diapers. You need to find a solution that resists this type of volume.

Huggies OverNites best overnight diapers for babies can keep your baby dry for up to 12 hours, but for heavy wetting agents, I wouldn’t count on them to last that long. I really enjoyed this brand when I was a new mom. In the morning, I couldn’t believe the amount of fluid in these diapers, and I couldn’t understand how they weren’t leaking.

Their SnugFit size helps ensure these layers fit well, but not too tightly. They also have a Leak Lock design that keeps moisture away from your baby, which means less risk of diaper rash by wearing a single layer all night. The tabs of these layers stay in place, even after a long night of sleep and a heavy layer to support.

Plus, these best overnight diapers for babies are more than functional – they’re cute and have little pictures of Winnie the Pooh on them.

  • very good leak control
  • good for heavy wetters
  • The tabs remain in place
  • expensive
  • They may have a chemical odor, which can be annoying for people with sensitive noses.

2.Pampers Baby Dry Diapers | Best For Day & Night

Pampers Baby Dry Diapers Best For Day & Night

If you don’t want to buy an extra pack of diapers especially for the night, consider getting a brand that can just as easily be used during the day. Look for a diaper that has a high absorbency but is not too bulky. You don’t want to stuff your poor baby with a giant, soggy diaper that he has to hang around all day long, but you also don’t want a thin diaper by day to let you down during the night.

Baby Dry diapers have a humidity indicator on the outside of the diapers, but only on sizes N, 1 and 2. The indicator changes color when your baby’s diaper is wet, which ends this game. delicate where you crush your baby’s diaper to see if it is soaked.

These best overnight diapers for babies have three layers, while many diapers have only two. They provide moisture protection for up to 12 hours and use a large UltraAbsorb layer to add to their leakage protection.

One of the reasons why these best overnight diapers for babies retain so much moisture while feeling thin when dry is because of the absorbent gelling material inside. The gel, when dry, almost looks like small hard pebbles. When the material is wet, it softens and increases in size.

These are soft both inside and outside of the diaper. With flexible leg and waist openings, you can find a comfortable fit for your baby.

  • These offer long-lasting leak protection.
  • Fairly cheap for an overnight diaper.
  • The tabs are elastic, not rigid like some other brands.
  • If the diaper becomes too full, the absorbent gel material can puncture the diaper, causing a mess.
  • The sizing seems to be working a bit small, so you may need to increase the size.

3. Sposie Booster Pads | Best Overnight Diapers For Tummy Sleepers

Sposie Booster Pads Best Overnight Diapers For Tummy Sleepers

As all new moms know, it’s safer for a baby to sleep on their back. But once they have learned to turn around by themselves, all bets are turned off – even if you position them correctly, at some point they can roll over on their stomachs to sleep. Because most diapers are padded underneath and at the back, this sleeping position presents a challenge when trying to keep a baby dry.

While these little boosters are strangely similar to anything else, you’ll get by when you realize how much extra fluid they’re sucking in – which means more precious sleep time for you and your little one. You simply place one in any layer and the absorbency is doubled.

The glasses are free of latex, chlorine and fragrance, so they are less likely to worsen delicate skin. The quilted top is soft, so although you add extra volume to the diaper, it won’t be uncomfortable while your baby is sleeping. You don’t have to worry about the fit as they come in a universal size, and you can adjust the position to help your baby sleep.

  • Flexible, so they move with your baby.
  • A lifesaver for heavy wetters.
  • It can be used to add extra absorbency to other less suitable diapers.

  • The pads do not come with a sticky backing, so they can move around.
  • Some parents have complained that the absorbent “crystals” are leaking and causing damage.

4.Pampers Overnight Swaddlers |Most Comfy And Soft

Pampers Overnight Swaddlers Most Comfy And Soft

Your baby sleeps better when he is comfortable and comfortable. Pampers has created a special diaper for the night that is as soft as a blanket to help your baby (and everyone!) Sleep well.

There are two different parts to this diaper that make it so comfortable. The first is the Heart Quilt lining which keeps all the mess away from your baby’s delicate skin. These layers provide 12 hours of protection.

Then you have the outer cover made of a super soft cover-like material that is twice as soft as other major brands. This is especially important at night, as irritating or stiff materials can wake your baby up if he squirms.

Other features include patented air channels to keep baby dry and a humidity indicator to let you know when accidents happen.

You can get Pampers Overnight Swaddlers in several sizes.

  • Super plush and soft for all-night comfort.
  • Inner quilt lining keeps the mess away from your baby’s skin.
  • A wetness indicator lets you know when it’s time for a change.
  • All the added features don’t make this diaper very eco-friendly.

5. Bambo Nature Diapers | Best Overnight Diapers For Sensitive Skin

Bambo Nature Diapers Best Overnight Diapers For Sensitive Skin

Many diapers will do a great job of absorbing everything your baby throws at them, but they are useless if you are woken up by a child who is red and irritated, and who cannot sleep anyway. Diaper rash is no joke, and children who are aggravated by a rough diaper will have much more trouble than those who are too wet. If your baby has sensitive skin in general, try to find an entirely natural and hypoallergenic brand.

These best overnight diapers for babies offer an ecological method for changing your baby’s diapers while providing a high absorption capacity to avoid accidents during the night. They are made from bamboo pulp using sustainable forestry methods, where each cut tree leads to more planted trees.

So if you are worried about finding a natural night layer that does not contain all of the chemicals that the other layers have, you should consider Bamboo Nature. Children with sensitive skin will not have to worry because they have been tested by dermatologists to make sure they do not cause skin irritation or allergies.

They are breathable, thin and soft, and they can be used day and night with a large absorption capacity which will not require you to change your baby’s clothes and sheets at 2 am each morning.

  • No chemical odor.
  • Very soft on baby’s skin.
  • Absorbent, even for overnight.No chemical odor.
  • Very soft on baby’s skin.
  • Absorbent, even for overnight.
  • They run small in size — you’ll want to size up.
  • Occasionally you’ll run into a diaper with defective tabs.

6. Luvs Ultra Leakguard Diapers | Best Budget Overnight Diapers

Luvs Ultra Leakguard Diapers Best Budget Overnight Diapers

Just because you have a limited budget doesn’t mean you can’t find diapers to do everything you need. Diapers can be incredibly expensive, but luckily, there are many brands that offer high-quality options for parents who might not have the money to throw the tubes out. It just takes a little extra research to find them.

These best overnight diapers for babies have special legs with a leak barrier to prevent moisture from spreading from the diaper. The anti-leakage core also sucks in the liquid quickly to keep your baby dry and warm.

Best of all, Luvs are one of the most affordable diapers of the big brands and they are always so soft. The stretch tabs can be reattached, so if you don’t get the best fit the first time you put the diaper on, you can just peel off the tabs and try again. Basically, these are cute and pretty layers who are solid artists.

As additional protection, Luvs offers a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the behavior of the diaper. Just send your receipt and UPC to Luvs within 45 days. All moms love the money back guarantee because it takes the risk of trying new products.

  • Affordable overnight diaper option.
  • These open really well when you are doing a diaper change.
  • Tabs can be refastened.Affordable overnight diaper option.
  • These open really well when you are doing a diaper change.
  • Tabs can be refastened.
  • No wetness indicators

7.  BumGenius Freetime All In One Cloth Diaper | Best Overnight Cloth Diapers

BumGenius Freetime All In One Cloth Diaper Best Overnight Cloth Diapers

If you want to get a good night’s sleep and save the world at the same time, you can consider going the way of cloth diapers. You will not throw 10 diapers a day, so you will reduce the waste your baby creates. Washable diapers have come a long way in the past two decades. They are now comfortable, absorbent and easy to use.

BumGenius best overnight diapers for babies are your best choice when it comes to cloth diapers that will keep your baby dry all night. They also have a waterproof outer cover.

They use snap closures, which are easy to use and don’t break as tabs sometimes do. Additionally, the snaps can be adjusted to grow with your growing baby, so a single diaper is suitable for children weighing up to 35 pounds. The elastic gives just enough stretch to this diaper to comfortably tighten your baby’s legs and waist without causing the red marks caused by too tight diapers.

The absorbency of this layer comes from the flexible semi-attached inserts which suck up the liquid. You do not need to put anything more in this diaper, and when it is dirty, you simply remove it from your baby and throw it in the washing machine. It is a cloth diaper that requires little maintenance, much like a disposable diaper.

  • These diapers have cute, colorful designs.
  • adjustable snaps.
  • No diaper stuffing is required.
  • Easy to wash.
  • one single diaper is pretty expensive to buy.
  • They do look bulkier than disposables.
  • Diaper ointment can stain these.

8. Honest Overnight Baby Diapers | Most Adorable Design

Honest Overnigh

Just because your little one can fill their diapers with untold horrors doesn’t mean diapers can’t be cute outside! If you are the kind of mom who likes a soft design, you will be spoiled for choice because the layers have evolved today from the boring white in which they fit. And you don’t have to settle for the same old blue – boys-pink-for-girls.

The Honest Company has a great deal of experience in creating diaper designs that are truly adorable. Your baby falls asleep quickly most of the time, but these designs can still make you smile when you change diapers in the morning.

These have a fun little sheep design, but make no mistake: they are still perfectly effective diapers. They adapt perfectly for a leak-free night, and they are soft, hypoallergenic and absorbent without being too bulky on the buttocks. They are made from sustainably harvested pulp that is not treated with chlorine or other unpleasant chemicals.

Other models in the range include the T-rex and panda, skulls, space travel, feathers, giraffes and more. Your sleepy little head may not appreciate the style, but you will appreciate it.

  • A good, eco-friendly company.
  • Plant based layers that are kind to baby’s skin.
  • Waistband fits neatly without tugging or squeezing.
  • May be too thin for heavy wetters.
  • Quite stiff and may be uncomfortable for some babies.

9. GoodNites Bedtime Underwear For Boys | Best Overnight Diapers For Toddlers

GoodNites Bedtime Underwear For Boys

Toddlers can hold more liquid in their bladders than babies, which means you need a tough diaper at night. To make matters worse, toddlers are like mini escape artists, and can shrug their shoulders and get away with almost anything that makes them uncomfortable. So you will need to focus on finding a soft, ultra-absorbent diaper to get the job done.

These GoodNite best overnight diapers for babies are more like training underwear and are made up of five absorbent layers and a fun design of Marvel superheroes on the front, so they’ll appeal to little boys. Even after your toddler is potty trained, it can still be difficult to stay dry overnight. A diaper like this is specially designed for older children who need a little help to stay dry after bedtime.

Children who work on their independence will gain confidence thanks to these layers and they will be happier to wear something if they are printed with their favorite characters. This brand also makes diapers for girls with Disney characters, but be careful – not all characters are of all sizes.

  • Wide, stretchy sides.
  • Double gusset around the leg to stop leaks.
  • Thicker padding in the front for boys.
  • If the diaper breaks you’re stuck with tons of messy “beads.”
  • Some children may be sensitive to these diapers and get rashes.

10. Naty By Nature Eco Friendly Disposables | Best Eco-Friendly Overnight Diapers

Naty By Nature Eco

I know how it is – being an eco-friendly consumer and caring about the environment is sometimes very difficult when you just want the convenience of a disposable diaper that works, period. Fortunately, all-natural and eco-friendly diapers have come a long way, so you don’t have to settle for something less effective just because it’s the most responsible choice.

These best overnight diapers for babies are the real deal. No toxins, chlorine, dyes, perfumes or phthalates, and they are certified by a multitude of health and environment agencies like EcoCert, FSC and the Swedish Asthma and Allergy Association. These breathable diapers are made from natural and renewable resources that will not leave you guilty every time you throw a wet diaper in the trash.

These best overnight diapers for babies are ideal for a natural and hypoallergenic option and are gentle against small buttocks. If you’ve always been bothered by the plastic and padding layers you know can end up in landfills, these lighter, softer layers may appeal to you.

  • A truly green choice for diapering your baby.
  • Simple, minimalist design with no garish colors.
  • No odor.
  • There seem to be a few tab-less “duds” in some packs.

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