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Best Wireless Gaming Mouse – Top 10 Wireless Mice for Gaming in 2019

As technology evolves, Best wireless gaming mouse become more and more attractive, and today we are looking at the best options on the market in 2019.

If you’ve been playing for a while and have a playground at home, you may feel something or two about how annoying wires can be. According to the installation, there may be more than ten wires around the table. Thus, wireless devices have become increasingly popular over the years.

Yes, wireless gaming mouse can increase comfort and aesthetics, but you may have to sacrifice some performance. It is well known that acceleration is significant during gameplay, and this is when wired devices generally have an edge. However, we have compiled a list of the best wireless gaming mouse that are excellent in performance.

Name Weight DPI Programmable


Logitech G Pro 80 grams 16.000 DPI 6 Check Price
Asus ROG Spatha 2.34 pounds 8200 12 Check Price
Logitech G903 0.95 12,000 11 Check Price
SteelSeries Sensei Wireless 0.2625 8200 8 Check Price

E-Blue Mazer II

140gm 2500 6 Check Price
Razer Naga Epic Chroma 0.7625 8200 19 Check Price
Logitech G602 0.65


11 Check Price
Razer Lancehead 0.65


9 Check Price
Mad Catz R.A.T.9 1.1 pounds 6400 6 Check Price
Razer Mamba 0.28 pounds 16,000 9 Check Price

1. Logitech G Pro-Best Wireless Gaming Mouse



Logitech’s ambition with the brand new G seasoned turned into to create to quality-performing best wireless gaming mouse available on the market, and after working for two years collectively with 50 distinct esports athletes, they succeeded. The G seasoned wireless mouse for games is de facto pricey, however it additionally comes with without a doubt pinnacle-tier performance, cutting-edge capabilities, and is our favorite best wireless gaming mouse in the marketplace these days.

It isn’t always best the indoors specs that make this best wireless gaming mouse unique however additionally it’s ultra light-weight and ambidextrous layout. Weighing in at only eighty grams it’s far notably smooth to slip throughout the desk and every flow completely without resistance. Although it makes use of skinny, light-weight substances its endoskeleton design feels fairly strong and qualitative.

The smooth lightweight design perfectly complements the honest cruelty of the horse in this mouse. Its 16K Hero Gamma Sensor is perhaps the fastest and most accurate sensor on the market capable of handling up to 400 IPS and 16,000 DPI, an unprecedented best wireless gaming mouse.

This mouse for games is not only absurd, but it is also incredibly effective because it is a Lipo battery and a low consumption sensor. It is advertised to withstand up to 48 hours of continuous gaming when the LEDs light up and up to 60 hours without testing and there were no signs of being exaggerated in our testing. Although you can use all its power, it will charge you in less than an hour, and if it is not good enough, you can also play it during charging.

Logitech G Pro Wireless mouse for games is very expensive, but it is also the best wireless gaming mouse on the market today, which has sufficient performance and capabilities to justify the high price.

Although I never recommend casual players to use such money on their devices, I highly recommend them to all players who take their productivity seriously, and especially to those who enjoy competing games, will benefit from this best wireless gaming mouse.
1. The most powerful wireless mouse on the market today.
2. Built for professional players.
3. 16K Hero Gaming Sensor is nothing unusual
4. Very light makes it incredibly smooth.
5. 48+ hours of non-stop game.
  1. Pricey

2.Asus ROG Spatha Best Wireless Gaming Mouse


Asus took everything plundered when they announced their flagship best wireless gaming mouse Spatha, if you feel the name sounds aggressive, consider the mouse for games itself.

Spatha definitely owns the Asus Top-Rated Republic Gamers line, which means you should know that you would get a massive game of mouse full of features, additional buttons, RGB effects that even sync around other ROG branded products such as motherboards, graphics cards and in many cases the Asus keyboard.

Now, before we begin the detailed details of the discussion, you should know that Spatha mouse for games is a little more than a wireless gaming mouse, from the construction point of view, it is certainly a miracle, and even though the ASUS number uses a magnesium alloy instead of traditional materials that can be used in a gaming machine. This mouse may well be rather heavy and not competitive, and the price is also simply for the hard players.

When you say if you are interested in technical details, you should understand that ROG Spatha has a huge number of programmable buttons, and that you can’t assume all, and in addition you get a stylish charging bad. . Now, after all, you could have guessed that this mouse for games is wireless, well, here’s the catch, not just wirelessly without the delay of the input, and countless uses for the flash. Get RGB LEDs and you’ll find another feature you expect with the flagship mouse.

This mouse for games has 12 programmable buttons that can be programmed according to your needs with the Asus Armory software, plus 8,200 max DPI, amazing ergonomics and comfort for too long gaming. Basic buttons use Omron switches that can be evaluated for all really high click cycles, as well as if they explode, you can replace them.

We are not saying that this ROG Spatha is an best wireless gaming mouse, it may have some mistakes just like the buttons feel private touching too unpleasant, but that doesn’t mean it would be less capable. So, go ahead and read more about the advantages and disadvantages of the mouse.
1. Beautiful design
2. Strong built
3. Very comfortable
4. Versatile features
  1. Very expensive
  2. Side buttons are mushy

3.Logitech G903 Chaos Spectrum.



Primary, the better is not always true, but in the case of the Logitech G903 it is present. The G903 is one of the most powerful and effective best wireless gaming mouse currently on the market.

Where do we start? This cordless gaming mouse has all the best optical sensors up to the end of the battery life and almost everything in between. It was the strongest best wireless gaming mouse of recent years, and only G Pro Wireless gaming mouse recently won it which also belong to Logitech. The good news is that when G Pro version is released then G903 reduces in cost now more accessible and still one of the best options on the market.

The battery is not just over 30 hours, but you can even play when it is charging, so you never have to end.

The RGB color options light up the best wireless gaming mouse without being too blatant. This, combined with the G903’s overall starry, futuristic look, makes it one of the most attractive and best wireless gaming mouse today.

The latest mouse addition is the Powerplay feature, which is only important if you are ready to spend extra money on a Powerplay mouse pad. However, if you select a Powerplay mouse pad, the G903 mouse will always charge when it is used on that particular mouse pad. the meaning is that the battery of the mouse is never ended ..

The maximum DPI offer for 12000 was a complete and significant improvement for Logitech’s G602 and 700 series. While playing, you can cover all the pixels on the map with high resolution.

the best wireless gaming mouse Logitech G903 is expensive, but honestly, we don’t blame it. Due to its professional performance and the high quality of its material, it is worth the money in the long run.

We feel that this is a competitor or crosses many mice of brands like Razer and SteelSeries. It is one of the few best wireless gaming mouse that works just as well as wired counterparts. So if you take gaming seriously, this mouse is a good value.
1. The best semi-high end wireless gaming mouse on the market.
2. Excellent sensor and performance
3. Play during charge(Lightspeed or wire)
4. Mechanical button tightening gives excellent tactical feedback
  1. Expensive
  2. No charging dock

4.SteelSeries Sensei Wireless



The next in the list of best wireless gaming mouse 2019 is Steel Series Sensei wireless gaming mouse.The SteelSeries Sensei Wireless Mouse for games is a classic Steel Series mouse, especially aesthetically. Although the Sensei wireless solution is not cheap, it is one of the most effective today.

The minimalist design of the Vintage Steel Series and the overall design is very comfortable, regardless of the grip used. Nail finger grip is recommended for maximum comfort.

One strange thing we noticed was that the mouse had to sit on the right for recharge. Most of the time we can only place the mouse quickly, and even though it looks right, the mouse does not charge. The simpler structure would undoubtedly have to be used for ease of use.

We liked that you can customize everything from the elevator distance, DPI and more. The laser sensor offers excellent accuracy, and this mouse has an excellent acceleration for the wireless version.

Summarizing, we can say that this best wireless gaming mouse provides excellent performance for the avid gamer, and also provides excellent customizability of the SteelSeries engine software. The mouse does not justify the price tag a bit because of the shortcomings that we outlined earlier, plus customer support can be a daunting task at times.

  1. Ergonomic design
  2. Long battery life
  3. Programmable Macro Buttons
  4. Everything is regulated
  5. Fast and accurate
1. Expensive
2. Requires cable connection or placement at the base station to charge the mouse.

5.E-Blue Mazer II 2500 DPI – Best Wireless Gaming Mouse Budget Friendly



If you have a limited budget, but you are still demanding of best wireless gaming mouse 2019, think about the E-Blue Mazer II cordless mouse for games. It has a nice design that is perfect for your wrists. This is especially true if you want to play for hours with short breaks. It discusses the concept of an airplane wing, which prevents destruction when performing precise actions.

Designed for the right hand, the wireless gaming mouse is not only easy to use, but also very easy to use. It has a matte black and white finish, so it fits to your computer if you need more information. You love the glossy plastic base because it adds aesthetics, and the rubber-like scroll wheel design makes it easy to use without holding it.

The core of this wireless gaming mouse is the robust performance that players have been waiting for. It has four different DPI parameters. You have easily accessible DPI buttons for switching from 500 DPI to 2500DPI. It has six buttons, five of which are programmed to help you customize various functions.

The E-Blue Mazer II wireless mouse for games uses a 2.4 GHz wireless connection. This is not a malfunction, so without any interference, this mouse can receive signals up to 30 feet away from the nano receiver. Now you can use your favorite games in any room without connection problems.

This model requires only 2 AA batteries that balance the weight of the mouse in your hands. These batteries give you about ten days of continuous play, so you have an idea when the cells die.

High speed FPS provides an extremely accurate level of tracking for the E-Blue Mazer II. This is an incredible and best wireless gaming mouse when you do not have the money to spend extra features on high-tech wireless games.

However, we took one DPI LED to inform you when you change the DPI setting.

1. Four adjustable DPI settings
2. Ergonomically designed for right-hand users
3. It has rubberized legs
4. 30ft nano receiver range
5. Affordable price
1. It doesn’t have its own software

6.Razer Naga Epic ChromaMMO Wireless Gaming Mouse



The next mouse in the list of best wireless gaming mouse is Razer epic chroma. Razer epic chroma is dedicated to the MMO functions. In case you are searching out a wireless gaming mouse specifically for multiplayer online video games, you are thanking this wireless gaming mouse for the exquisite overall performance it brings to the desk.

This wireless gaming mouse incorporates many thumb buttons and an upscale full palm grip. You like the patterned feeling, because it gives you a strong grip, even if you preserve the mouse for lengthy hours. Chroma special lighting fixtures is a feature that all of us love on this new version of chroma 2014 reincarnation.

Every MMO fan knows how critical your spells are. It truly is why the wireless gaming mouse offers you 19 programmable buttons. This allows you to maximise capability and get acessto greater than one hundred buttons. Hardcore players don’t forget it very powerful in titanfall, starcraft ii, assassin’s creed cohesion battle and so on.

The wireless function of this mouse for games is the top of the game. The frequency of its response is 1 ms, which means that you may obtain maximum performance whenever. It’s far geared up with a 8200 dpi 4g laser sensor that gets a maximum acceleration of 50G. It has the function of communique between devices, which lets in you to trade the sensitivity of 1 key at the keyboard, even for a short time frame. It has a 32-bit ARM processor, which lets in you to ship each command at a totally high pace.

You’ve got a reliable wireless gaming mouse with regards to charging, because you can hook up with usb whilst the battery is low, so you can continue to use the razer naga epic without downtime. You may speedy turn on the razer grid help display, which allows you to personalize the parameters of the mouse inside. This allows you to customize each MMO-optimized weapon button.

Razer naga epic chroma combines Wireless capabalities For mmo-gamers. It has a gaming controller and impeccable wireless performance. It experiences no lagging whatsoever, and the battery life is dependable.

But if you want a multipurpose wireless mouse for games for other genres, you might need to consider a multipurpose mouse like the Logitech G-602.

  1. 19 buttons at your disposal to maximize your actions
  2. 1 ms response speed
  3. 8 million custom color options
  4. Dedicated to MMO gamers
  5. Distinctive buttons are easy to learn and manage.
  1. Some users believe that the mouse is too big for small hands, especially for women.

7.Logitech G602


mouse for gamers

We were very excited to try the Logitech G602 best wireless gaming mouse because we have a lot of love for the G502, and I was hoping that it was just a wireless version. Although it does not match the performance of the G502 wireless gaming mouse, it still has some desirable features, and casual games are an excellent option.

This wireless gaming mouse is as good as this price range. First of all, the battery life is crazy (250 hours), which is, of course, the deciding factor when it comes to wireless gaming mouse. This is possible because Delta Zero sensor technology has been developed specifically for this wireless gaming mouse. This technology even achieves the best performance of the wireless gaming mouse, while the battery life is doubled.

Its performance in terms of speed and accuracy is low compared to cable game moves, but it remains effective in what it is. Wireless gaming mouse.

As with most mice in the Logitech G series, the grip is excellent. But the extra weight caused by the battery. It makes it a little less comfortable than the other in the same series. The key connections are not as effective as the G502, but most are very easy to use.

If you want to play at a competitive level, you should not get a wireless mouse for games in this price range. Technology does not yet exist to be valuable. But if you are dead to get a wireless gaming mouse, this is one of the best options and I highly recommend it. Therefore, if you want to compete at a high level, we recommend that you look for options similar to G903 or that you buy a wired mouse.

Like most other wireless options, you may experience random stunning when the battery is low. But compared to other wireless gaming mice options, it feels quite stable and surprising was very rare and short.

1. Nice
2. Good button placement
3. Awesome battery
4. Excellent and reliable tracking

  1. Low max DPI
  2. Lacks bells and whistles

8.Razer Lancehead wireless gaming mouse


best wireless gaming mouse

Razer Lancehead is often forgotten when people talk about Razer mice, which is a huge mistake. It is the most powerful laser sensor in the world with extremely ergonomic grip and modern wireless technology.

For those looking for a powerful Razer performance, but wanting more ambitious options than the Razer Mamba, Lancehead is an excellent choice. It provides the same high performance as Mamba or Deathadder, but it has its own unique design.

The combination of the latest 5G DPI 16k DPI sensor and the Adaptive Razer Frequency Tech combination is completely lethal performance. It provides one of the most sensitive wireless technologies with incredible acceleration and power.

What makes Lancehead surprisingly different is its ambitious design, it doesn’t matter if you are left or right handed, Lancehead fits like a pea pot.

The mouse for games is quite ergonomic and has side textured rubber, which increases comfort and grip.

Performance is not just technical information, so adding mechanical buttons is a desirable feature. It gives you incredibly emotional feedback and makes you feel full.

Razer fans or people who need superior performance in a double-sided mouse should definitely consider the Razer Lancehead. It has all the best from Razer in combination with modern design and a cheerful look.

  1. High DPI sensor
  2. Great design and build
  3. Useful on-board profiles
  1. Software isn’t perfect
  2. Limited wireless range
  3. Expensive

9. Mad Catz R.A.T.9 Wireless Gaming Mouse for PC and MAC


best wireless mouse for games

If you don’t want to purchase a premium-grade mouse for games with wireless gaming capability, Mad Catz R.A.T. 9 offers precise comfort. Its efficiency extends to a wide range of advanced features, high DPI classification and a wide range of customization.

This wireless gaming mouse is the dream of every tweaker. With an adjustable thumb, three palm rest and three pinkie seats, you can customize how it feels in your hands. It comes with a print cartridge that can be used to increase or decrease weight without affecting performance. We love that it comes with a key that keeps the weight firmly on the bottom when you adjust the weight.

The R.A.T 9 wireless gaming mouse has a lightweight aluminum body. It is lightweight but significant enough to be able to use rigidity for everyday use. The rubber ring is convenient for natural scrolling, while precision buttons allow the cursor to move accurately according to the DPI setting.

The wireless gaming mouse uses 2.4 GHz connectivity for seamless connectivity. At its core is a 6400 DPI double-eyed laser that can track up to six meters per second and can read each axis separately. If you are a pro player who wants quick movement but low sensitivity, this mouse offers the right tracking and accuracy.

DPI settings are adjustable and customizable 25 – 6400DPI. With the DPI button, it’s just cycling to get to specific settings.

Mad Catz R.A.T 9 gives you effective macro programming. It has six programmable buttons including a scroll wheel. This means that for each button you can share programs for simple commands or complex macros.

With Cyborg’s game configuration software, you can create an unlimited number of profiles to help you conquer. Each profile offers the ability to share a specific DPI setting, set key readings, create powerful macros, and set target accuracy. Now you have the advantage in every game, so you are always in front of the package.

Mad Catz R.A.T 9 has considered all aspects of wireless performance. It can work perfectly from 2ft on your desktop and can fit into any game because it has no delays at the interface. We love the modular structure and we also hope you like it.

The only problem with this wireless gaming mouse is the battery compartment because it is well embedded, with the batteries removed and replaced. It feels awkward for a moment or two and then it becomes easier.

  1. No wireless lag
  2. Customizable to fit the hand
  3. Twin-eye laser sensor offers adjustable DPI settings
  4. Perfect feel is created through a custom weight system
  5. Supported by advanced software to give you an edge in gaming
  1. It is expensive compared to mice with more programmable buttons

10.Razer Mamba Wireless gaming mouse


best wireless gaming mouse

One of the world’s most powerful mice also comes with a wireless package, and the result is pretty fantastic.

Razer Mamba wireless mouse for gamers has been arguing over some players over the years, as there have been some sustainability and frequency issues in some cases. Although sustainability issues are a big deal, it is difficult to ignore the actual performance of this wireless gaming mouse. After all, we are here to test and check mice and their performance.

So what makes wireless gaming mouse Razer Mambas such a power? It is the culmination of things. It has signed a Razer gaming sensor that offers you a top-of-the-line DPI 16,000 that is more than you ever need and is able to track up to 1 DPI. In addition, its lift height is only 0.1 millimeters. All this makes this world’s most powerful sensor.

However, it is not just a sensor that gives it such high-end performance, but also its robust wireless technology and revolutionary adjustable click power technology. The ladder allows you to handle a profile that determines what kind of force is needed to activate the button. This fixes a widespread problem for gamers because it is relatively normal to want sensitive buttons when playing with Diablo 3, which requires a lot of spam, but such sensitivity can be devastating in a first-person shooter environment. So with Razer Mamba you don’t have to choose and can freely adjust the sensitivity of the games you play.

Razer Mamba mouse for games has never been criticized for its appearance. It is one of the cleanest models on the market and offers a full RGB backlight, which means you can freely choose any color in the world to suit your gaming needs.

It also has a large wireless integration with almost zero latency problems and fantastic accuracy. Unfortunately, it does not offer wired gaming, which can be a suitable switch for some. It’s always nice to play during the download. If you have just put it in the charger when you are not using it, you will never have any problems with this because it has a high battery power and will last a long time by default.

The Razer Mamba wireless gaming mouse is an absolute beast, and when it comes to accuracy and efficiency, it’s hard to beat.

However, it has too obvious problems with its durability and lack of wired play. Many people reported a loss of performance after a year of use, which is not great, but also unknown to wireless mice.

Many new wireless gaming mouses, such as Logitech G703 and SteelSeries Sensei Wireless, offer the ability to play when the mouse is charging, and the fact that Razer Mamba does not offer this is a bit lazy.

1. Top-tier sensor and overall performance
2. Very comfortable
3. World’s best lift-off distance

1.Not the most durable mouse

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