Ergobaby Metro Stroller Review –  Lightweight baby Stroller By Ergobaby

The new Ergobaby Metro Stroller is the brand’s first among the city’s light and compact strollers. It is designed for parents who often travel and travel a lot.

I am happy to tell you more about this new stroller recently launched in the United States. You know I’m a stroller fanatic, so I couldn’t resist seeing this new little thing again.

Without further ado, I present to you the new Ergobaby Metro stroller.

Ergobaby Metro Stroller Review

Ergobaby Metro Stroller stands for comfort, convenience and portability. This stroller has all the features to provide a comfortable ride for your little one and be user-friendly at the same time. And all this at less than 14 pounds!

Erobaby Metro – Seat

This new Ergobaby Metro stroller comes with a regular seat that I recommend from 6 months. The capacity is 40 pounds.

The seat size is rather typical of a lightweight stroller – it measures 13 inches wide and 10.2 inches deep. The backrest is 17 inches long, and there are about 6 inches more above, at the top of the canopy.

It is an all-season seat thanks to a large mesh top which provides good air circulation for the baby during the summer months. Of course, you can close with a blanket when the weather is colder.

 Ergobaby Metro Stroller

To tilt the backrest, you need to tighten a loop with two straps. It’s the same mechanism we can find on the Ergobaby 180 reversible stroller. I would prefer a one-handed lever, but hey – it’s a light stroller! It can’t have it all!

The incline is not entirely flat, but it is really, really deep – very impressive like a compact stroller.

There is one more thing to note: Ergobaby Metro is the only stroller (end of 2018) certified by the AGR of Germany as “Back Healthy” for babies and parents. I can tell you one thing – the padding is soft, fluffy and comfortable. It is probably one of the richest padding I have ever seen on a lightweight stroller!

In addition, the seat cushion is removable and machine washable so you can easily get rid of all stains from baby drinks and snacks.

I also like the fact that it has an adjustable leg rest – something that all parents missed in the Ergobaby 180 reversible stroller. With Ergobaby Metro, your little one can support his little feet during the nap.

Ergobaby Metro – Canopy

Many lightweight strollers have tiny canopies that don’t cover the baby much. But not Ergobaby Metro!

It has a very good size extendable canopy which prevents the sun’s rays from entering baby’s eyes. The material has UV 50 protection.

There is also a window at a glance so you can check out what your little adventurer is doing, whenever you want.

What I also like about the canopy of the Ergobaby Metro stroller is its height. The hood is mounted very high on the frame, which gives your baby plenty of headroom (above the backrest). This is a great solution for older children.

Using Ergobaby Metro From Birth

Although the main seat is suitable from around 6 months, parents can use this lightweight stroller for their newborn.

It’s really great that the Ergobaby Metro stroller allows you to attach the newborn kit that converts this stroller into a pram. It looks a lot like UPPAbaby MINU with the birth kit in fact.

This small bassinet offers a flat position for the newborn, there is also a large canopy and an apron to protect the newborn from the sun and wind.

The Metro Newborn kit is very easy to install and you can also fold the stroller with an attached carrycot!

And when not in use, you can fold the newborn kit itself and store it easily because it takes up a little space.

Ergobaby Metro – Wheels & Suspension

Like other lightweight strollers, this Ergobaby Metro Stroller one is designed for city use, not for off-road cruises, but it performs surprisingly well! It has rubber tires and shock absorbers, bigger at the back, smaller at the front. The tires are not inflatable and you don’t have to worry about punctures.

There is also a spring suspension system that makes driving more comfortable and you will feel it on sidewalks or cracked bricks.

Of course, when you hit a big bump or crack, the stroller may shake a little (the wheels are still quite small, not like joggers or all-terrain strollers). But on flat surfaces, it rolls smoothly.

 Ergobaby Metro Stroller

The manufacturer recommends this Ergobaby Metro Stroller for walks on the sidewalk, as well as for cobblestones.

Another fairly common feature among light and compact strollers is the large parking brake. I love this! With many other strollers, I often have trouble finding the pedal and squeezing it.

But with Ergobaby Metro, it’s super practical. There is a big pedal right in the middle of the rear axle. Its size makes it very easy to type and lift.

Ergobaby Metro – Storage

The storage basket under the seat is not huge, but it is decent. Its size is similar to that of other light stroller baskets like BABYZEN YOYO + or Baby Jogger City Tour.

It should suffice for a small diaper bag or a handbag for mom. It can hold up to 10 pounds of your essentials.

You will also like the additional pocket, hidden on the back of the seat. It’s perfect for keeping valuables like the phone or wallet handy.

Ergobaby Metro Weight & Fold

If you haven’t already fallen in love with Ergobaby Metro, these two features will certainly make you love this stroller.

First of all, it is really light and portable. It weighs less than 14 pounds, so lifting and carrying it is a breeze.

But that’s not all. Ergobaby Metro also offers compact folding, which makes it very easy to transport and store. It may be your new lightweight travel stroller!

It folds incredibly simple and you can do it all with one hand. It literally takes a few seconds – just check the video at the end and see it for yourself.

Ergobaby Metro Stroller folds into a small package, and what is most important – you can fold it with one hand! This is a feature that many other compact strollers lack.

The dimensions of the folded Ergobaby Metro are: 20.8 “x 16.9” x 9 “. It meets the transport regulations of certain airlines (at least some of the European airlines) – be sure to check it before your trip!

But it really looks very small, so if you often use public transport, train or car trips, this stroller is an ideal companion. It fits in a small car trunk or even behind the driver’s seat. You will have no problem storing it under a table in a restaurant.

It also has a carrying handle in the middle of the seat, which makes transport even more convenient. Frankly, this stroller is so light and so small after folding, that transportation is a pleasure 🙂

So, whenever you enter the metro, the museum or simply when your little one prefers to walk, you can fold the Ergobaby Metro in a few seconds with one hand and transport it effortlessly. Some parents, however, want there to be a strap.

Ergobaby offers a Metro stroller backpack (sold separately) to make it even more portable.

Ergobaby Metro – Colors

The Ergobaby Metro stroller is available in several colors: blue, red, black and gray. They all have a black frame, with the exception of the blue model which has a partially white frame.


Backpack-style Carry Bag

Weather Shield

Comfort Cushion

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