Gb pockit lightweight stroller Review

Gb pockit lightweight stroller is probably the most famous lightweight stroller. Its innovative and revolutionary feature – the smallest fold in the world – has inspired other brands of baby strollers.

Of course, folding size is not everything. What are the other features of GB Pockit? What about its performance, maneuverability and driving comfort?

I’m sure many of you are wondering why so many parents love this stroller. How does this light little stroller work on cracked sidewalks or in the park? Are the wheels durable? And is the seat comfortable enough?

I will try to answer these questions and many more so that you can decide if GB Pockit is the right stroller for you and your baby.

Gb pockit lightweight stroller  – Features

If you travel often or like to go to the mall with your baby, a compact and lightweight stroller can definitely make your life easier. But a good stroller is not only small, light and portable, right? It must be strong to keep your baby safe. It should be comfortable for you and your baby so that you can both walk and explore the world.

Let’s take a look at all the features of Gb pockit lightweight stroller. What can this stroller offer parents, apart from the smallest fold in the world?


Gb pockit lightweight stroller has a regular toddler seat suitable from 6 months. The seat back is not very thick, so it is only suitable for children who can sit without help and hold their heads high.

The weight capacity is 55 pounds, and since the backrest is quite long (about 24 inches) and has an adjustable torso length, this stroller is also suitable for tall toddlers or older children. I have read dozens of customer reviews and discovered that many parents use this stroller for children 4 years old or even 5 years old .

The seat does not recline, so unless you can sleep in a seated position, it will not be good for naps on the go. Some parents complain about the lack of reclining backrest, so before you buy this stroller, make sure it’s not a problem for you.

 Gb pockit lightweight stroller Review

Keep in mind that the backrest is also not completely straight (it is not a 90 degree angle). So if you have a very curious toddler who likes to sit up straight, I’m not sure that this seat is comfortable for him. There is also no calf or footrest.

The seat is equipped with a 5-point adjustable harness. You can attach or loosen the straps and adjust them to a different height as your child grows. The crotch strap and suspenders have well-padded covers for baby comfort.

The entire seat is also very well padded and soft to the touch. You can also easily remove the fabric and throw it in the washing machine. This is a big advantage.


Gb pockit lightweight stroller has a very small canopy. It’s just a flat hood over the child’s head. It also does not protect the baby from the sun from the front and from both sides. These are the main parents complain about GB Pockit.

As you can see, the Gb pockit lightweight stroller seat and canopy are not ideal, they have some drawbacks. Remember, this is a lightweight travel stroller, so the lack of several features is a compromise for an ultra-light and compact construction.


Gb pockit lightweight stroller has four double wheels. They are really small – about 4.5 “. However, they are more durable than they seem!

The front wheels rotate 360 °, making the stroller really agile and easy to maneuver. You can also lock these wheels to increase the stability of the stroller, which is very useful on uneven terrain.

Keep in mind that Gb pockit lightweight stroller has no suspension so there is no shock absorption. I do not recommend taking it over rough terrain. It is designed for flat surfaces and indoor use, so it is not perfect for pavers or gravel. It handles cracked sidewalks and hardened dirt trails fairly well (it only bounces slightly), but that’s it.


There is a rear wheel parking brake, operated by foot. The pedal is placed between the right rear wheels. It is small, so it can be difficult to attach and release, especially in sandals or flip flops. I know some parents do it by hand. I want the brake pedal to be bigger and more user-friendly.

Handles Gb pockit lightweight stroller 

Gb pockit lightweight stroller Review

This lightweight stroller does not have a single handlebar, but two handles that allow pushing with one hand. GB Pockit is very easy to steer and turn. However, pushing is only practical for short and medium height parents. I have read that people over 6 feet find the handles too low and must lean on the stroller.

The height of the handles is not adjustable, so if you are very tall, this stroller may be less comfortable to push.

Storage space

It is a lightweight stroller for travel, so we cannot expect it to have a huge storage basket. The bin under the seat is small, but has a weight capacity of 11 lbs. It can accommodate a small diaper bag or a small backpack for babies. In addition, it is very easily accessible from the rear and the front.

Size, Weight & Fold

This is the biggest advantage of Gb pockit lightweight stroller and probably all parents already know how small this stroller is.

The small size makes it perfect for trips to the mall and very easy to navigate in narrow and crowded places. Laying in the narrow aisles of grocery stores or between restaurant tables will not be a problem for GB Pockit.

In addition, this stroller is light as a feather thanks to an aluminum frame. It only weighs 9.5 pounds, which is literally incredible! My handbag is generally heavier than that! Such a lightweight stroller is very easy to carry on stairs. You can even carry it with you when your baby isn’t using it – without any effort. Although it is so light, it is still very durable and strong. Unbelievable!

The fold size is the characteristic that makes Gb pockit lightweight stroller so special and famous. It folds into an ultra-compact housing. Its folded dimensions are: 11.8 “x 7” x 13.8 “, which is incredibly small.

How to fold the GB Pockit? You must first fold the canopy and lock the front wheels. Then you have to fold the rear wheels using the lever all the way over each wheel. Then just press two white buttons on one of the handles and push the entire stroller down. When the stroller is closed, you must fold the wheels inward and lock the entire package manually.

Such a simple and tiny fold and a small weight are very useful, especially if you have a small child who can already walk and sometimes only wants to get in a stroller. You can fold GB Pockit when your child prefers to walk and simply throw it in your handbag or travel bag and carry it on the shoulder effortlessly.

In addition, thanks to such a small fold size, GB Pockit is perfect for parents who often travel by plane. It fits in the upper compartment and even under the seat in an airplane!

It is also an excellent solution for those who often use public transport, have a small car and / or a small apartment. It’s super easy to store and transport.

  • Ultra-compact folding – perfect for parents who travel with their child by plane / car / train and use public transport
  •  Easy to store even in a small apartment and in a small car
  • Very light – you can carry it in your handbag effortlessly
  • Suitable for older children (even 6 years old!)
  • Removable and machine washable seat fabric
  • Slim and compact construction – perfect for tight, crowded places like the mall, restaurants or Disneyland
  • The storage basket is easy to access
  • Easy and quick folding
  • The handles are very comfortable for short and medium parents and allow pushing with one hand


  • The seat does not recline
  • Folding and unfolding requires a little practice, it’s a bit difficult at first
  • Small wheels are mainly suitable for flat terrain
  • The handles are too low for grandparents (more than 6 feet high)

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