GB Pockit plus Stroller Review-All City Stroller

The GB stroller collection expanded considerably in 2019. The brand has released two new versions of its iconic, ultra-light and tiny stroller. In this article, we will focus on GB Pockit plus Stroller . Compared to other models, this one has completely different wheels and a few other improved functions.

In general, the All-City model is very similar to the first model of GB Pockit Plus. It is very light and portable, has a reclining seat and is compatible with infant car seats. However, many features have been improved and this new stroller has a different design. This in turn caused changes in weight and fold size of the stroller, but more on this later.

Now, the most important question that all parents considering buying a GB Pockit stroller ask themselves is: “Is GB Pockit Plus All-City better than ordinary GB Pockit Plus?”. I will help you find the answer and choose the stroller that best suits your lifestyle.

GB Pockit Plus All-City Review

Wheels & Suspension

This new version has redesigned wheels that are now single, not double like the wheels on Pockit or Pockit +. The front wheels measure 5.3 inches and the rear wheels 5.7 inches. As you can see, they are slightly larger than the wheels of previous models.

Nevertheless, they are still on a small side and better suited for “smooth city surfaces” – as the brand’s website says.

But according to the parents who own this stroller, it works surprisingly well on cracked pavements.

There’s also a spring suspension built into the front wheels to cushion the ride a bit and make it easier for you to use the stroller. This is another difference between this new GB Pockit plus Stroller and the previous GB Pockit + which lacks suspension.

 GB Pockit plus Stroller Review-All City Stroller

The front wheels pivot so the stroller must handle tight turns and tight spots very well.

I haven’t heard any complaints about the sudden wheel lock or anything like that – which of course is a good thing.


The new GB Pockit plus Strollery also has a redesigned frame – it has a different shape and color. I think it looks more elegant now.

Seat GB Pockit plus Stroller

Similar to other strollers from the GB Pockit range, this one has a suitable seat from 6 months to 55 pounds.

The GB Pockit plus Stroller has an adjustable backrest that you can lower with one hand to give your baby a more comfortable place to nap. It is an infinite tilt, which means that you can adjust the backrest at any angle. Keep in mind that the lowest position is not flat (it is about 50-60 degrees from the vertical). To raise the back again, you will need to use both hands.

There is a significant difference in terms of recline between Pockit + All-City and the other models: when the seat is fully reclined, there is no space between the backrest and the soft top, as on the other models . I think this is a good change as these holes were not practical during the colder months.

 GB Pockit plus Stroller Review-All City Stroller

It is important to note that the highest position of the backrest is also not completely upright – keep this in mind because not all toddlers like to climb on a seat which is always slightly tilted.

I really like the fabric and the padding on the seat – it’s more generous than the other strollers in the GB Pockit collection. The beautiful mesh cover on the back prevents the child from sweating.

I can’t fail to mention that Pockit All-City also has an adjustable calf rest – this is a whole new feature from the Pockit collection. For infants and toddlers who like to take a nap during walks, this addition will be very useful!

Seating Options For Newborns

The main seat is not suitable for newborns, but there are two options to make this stroller suitable from birth. This new GB Pockit + All-City is compatible with a cot called Cot To Go, as well as GB and Cybex baby car seats.

As you can see, you can transform your GB Pockit Plus All-City into a travel system or even a light stroller!


I will not rave about this canopy. It’s better than the hood of the first GB Pockit stroller, but don’t expect it to always keep the sun out of your baby’s eyes!


The handles have the same design as the handles of other GB Pockits, but they are slightly higher. This is actually a good change because the handles of the previous models are a bit low – for a small person like me, they are fine, but for a larger person, they may feel less comfortable. The taller handles of the Pockit + All-City will likely suit more users.

Storage space

It’s no secret that the storage basket on Pockit and Pockit + is tiny and can only contain a very small diaper bag.

The new Pockit + All-City has a more spacious basket – the difference is not huge but I’m still happy with it!

Weight, size, fold

As I briefly mentioned earlier, the change in wheel and frame design resulted in changes in the weight and dimensions of the stroller fold.

The new GB Pockit plus Stroller weighs approximately 13.2 lbs and its folded dimensions are: 13.4 ″ x 7.9 ″ x 16.5 ″. As you can see, it is slightly heavier than the 2018 model (which weighs 13 pounds), and the fold is a bit larger (regular Pockit Plus fold: 12.5 “x 7.8″ x 14.9 ” ).

I cannot fail to mention that All-City is much heavier than the first GB Pockit stroller. The original model is approximately 3.7 lbs lighter and folds into a very compact package (11.8 “x 7.1” x 13.8 “) which is significantly smaller than the All-City fold.

Nevertheless, this new stroller is super small and compact and meets the regulations in force probably on all airlines. I always recommend that you check your airline regulations before your trip, just to be sure.

After folding Pockit + All-City stands by itself, which makes it easy to store at home or in the car. In addition, it is so small that it will not take up much space in your closet or hallway. You can even put it in your bag!

Overall Performance GB Pockit plus Stroller

Think the improvements to GB Pockit Plus All-City make it more convenient to use – not only as a travel stroller, but also as an everyday city stroller. It is more comfortable for the small passenger during prolonged use.

Pockit + All-City manages surprisingly bumpy terrain surprisingly well. Thanks to an additional front suspension, the stroller shakes less and the child feels less vibration. However, I would not recommend using this stroller off-road or on very bumpy roads.

  • Small and light design
  •  Easy to transport
  • Suitable for hanging lockers on most aircraft, behind the driver’s seat and even in mom’s purse!
  • Works very well on slightly uneven terrain (like a paver)
  • Easy to navigate and navigate in a small space
  • Compared to other Pockits: more comfortable seat and more elegant look
  • Compared to Pockit Plus: easier folding
  • The basket is a little larger than on the other Pockits but still on a small side


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