Hola baby Monitor P1 HD Monitor Review & Buyer’s Guide

The Hola baby  monitor P1 is an HD baby monitor that uses motion and sound detection to alert you when your baby is crying or moving around in their cradle.

It offers a number of baby-centered features, including speakers that play lullabies, multicolored night lights, and a mini projector that displays a colorful pattern on the ceiling.

The best baby monitor with camera itself produces relatively crisp day and night videos, but its audio quality is not the best and the installation can be frustrating. The iBaby M6S at the similar price is much easier to install and offers better overall performance and more features.

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Hola baby Monitor

Design and Features of Hola baby monitor:

Hola baby  monitor Best Price has a unique shape that can be described as a brandy snifter on the side. It measures 4.7 out of 3.7 on 4.2 inches (HWD) and is white with a pink border.

It has a matching base with 14 small built-in LEDs that act as night lights and a hinge that allows you to tilt and rotate the camera.

It also has a mounting hole on the bottom to secure the included baby crib clamp. An adapter with a 54-inch cord, an Ethernet cable, a user guide and a quick start guide are also included.

The Hola baby  monitor uses a 1280-by-720 camera with a 74-degree field of view. It has nine IR LEDs to provide up to 33 feet of night vision and connects to your Wi-Fi network via an 802.11b / g / n (2.4 GHz) radio.

The top of the camera has a lens that projects a colorful pattern of stars, trees, birds and other shapes on the ceiling. The back of the camera has an Ethernet port, a reset button, and a power plug. Two speakers are built into the back of the case.

A small round ball at the end of a 2-inch cable protruding from the back of the camera contains a sensor that monitors your baby’s room temperature, and there’s a small hole under the camera’s case. goal.

The top front edge of the best baby monitor with camera has four buttons for selecting one of the 10 soothing sounds and adjusting the playback volume. The sounds include eight popular lullabies, a heartbeat and a rainforest. You can not play music from your mobile device’s library as you can with the iBaby M6S.

Live video can be accessed using the Hola baby monitor mobile app (for Android and iOS), which allows you to invite an unlimited number of users.

It opens on a home screen showing a snapshot of the last recorded image, the name of the camera and its status (online or offline). Above the image, a magnifying glass icon adds new cameras and a refresh button.

Below the image is a gear icon that allows you to configure Wi-Fi settings, change the camera password, configure notifications, and update camera firmware.

The Notifications menu of Hola baby monitor allows you to enable motion detection and set motion sensitivity (Low, Med, High), enable audio detection and set audio sensitivity (Low, Med, High) and enable temperature alerts.

Curiously, it is impossible to set the allowed temperature thresholds, which are preset to 86 degrees F (high) and 68 degrees F (low).

Holababy Video Baby Monitor

At the bottom of the Home screen of Hola baby monitor are the Home, Photo, Video, and Notifications buttons. Use the Photo button to see a list of snapshots and the Video button to see the video clips stored on your phone.

The Notifications screen displays a list of triggered events, including motion, sound, and temperature alerts with time and date. Clicking on a notification does nothing because the camera does not record triggered events.

You will need a dedicated home surveillance camera such as Nest Cam Indoor for this. The Home button takes you back to the home page.

To view live video and check the current room temperature, tap the still image. At the top and bottom of the live stream, you’ll find buttons for selecting lullabies, turning on the mini projector,

Installation and Performance of Hola baby monitor:

You can install the Hola baby  monitor camera using the Ethernet port and a wired connection to your router or via Wi-Fi. Both methods are designed to be fairly simple, but leave a small margin for error.

I connected the camera, downloaded the mobile application and connected to the SSID of the camera in the settings of my iPhone. Then I opened the app, pressed the plus icon and selected Wi-Fi as the installation method.

I was asked to scan the UID code on the camera base and enter the default password (12345). Here is where things have become risky.

I made the mistake of entering a wrong password and could not connect to the camera. The app told me that I had the wrong password but that there was no way to go back and change my entry.

By tapping the settings icon, I just remembered that I had used the wrong password but that I had no way to change it. I had to remove the phone application, download it again and start again. Once the password was correct.

I was prompted to select my Wi-Fi network and enter the password. In a few seconds, the monitor was online.

The 720p day video of the Hola baby  monitor is sharp, with good details on highlights and shadows and saturated colors. The black and white night video shows good contrast and looks sharp up to about 25 feet.

The audio performance of Hola baby monitor is not doing so well. The microphone is frequently turned off during bidirectional audio tests. This has also led to missed alerts, which means that there may be times when you will not know if your baby is crying.

On the plus side, motion detection is very accurate and push alerts arrive immediately. The projection function is a nice touch and will keep your baby busy, but the room must be very dark for it to be effective. Similarly, lullabies provide a soothing background when napping passes.

Key Features

  1. Two way audio
  2.  Sturdy, durable and movable bed mount
  3.  Motion, audio and temperature alerts
  4.  720p video recording
  5.  1280 x 720 image resolution
  6.  Digital zoom
  7. Night vision
  8. Available in pink and blue


The Hola baby monitor P1 HD video monitor is not cheap, but it does offer some great features, including a neat little projector that displays colorful patterns on your baby’s ceiling and a nice selection of lullabies.

The 720p video quality of the camera is much better than that obtained with the Philips Avent SCD860, and the motion alerts are instantaneous.

1. Motion, audio and temperature alerts

2. Night vision

3. Clear images and video

4. Easy to set up

5. Two way audio

6. Projector

1. No pan or tilt

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