Hoverheart Hoverboard & Self Balancing Scooter Review

By far the flashiest of the group, the Hoverheart Hoverboard is a decent board and a great price

Our Verdict

The Hoverheart Hoverboard, winner of the Best Buy Award, is a solid choice when purchasing on a tight budget. It’s not the best at all, but when you’re shopping on a tight budget, the Hoverheart Hoverboard is a fantastic option and you’re sure to get noticed. Not only does this hoverheart hoverboard have a built-in Bluetooth speaker, so when you’re cruising you always look perfect, but it’s also fully covered with flashing LED lights. It is a solid hoverboard that is worth considering at a good price.

hoverheart hoverboard

The Hoverheart Hoverboard is a good multifunctional hoverboard that is not going to break the bank. He scored a pretty high score that won him the Best Buy Award. He scored in the middle of the pack, costing a fraction of the best models ‘ prices. While this wasn’t as good as our other Best Buy winner, the T1 Swagtron, it costs about $150 less, making Hoverheart the best option if you’re using a tighter budget, making the T1 a better choice. Bet if you’re willing to spend a little more on performance, but still seek an option for value.

 Performance Comparison of Hoverheart Hoverboard

We bought the most famous and popular models to determine which hoverboard is really the best, then we confronted them to find out which card passed them all. Our testing process was divided into four measures: fun factor, support, external capabilities and battery life, each weighted according to their overall importance. The Hoverheart hoverboard test results are described in the sections below in each of these parameters.

Fun Factor

By far the most important of our scoring metrics, 50% of the total score is represented by Fun Factor. To evaluate each product’s performance to this extent, we found how fun each card was, how fast it moved and how many colors it brought along, as well as its Bluetooth capabilities, its weight, and when accessories were readily available. To that extent, the Hoverheart did well, winning 6 out of 10 for their performance. The Hoverheart hoverboard is not the fastest board we’ve tested, hitting our tests with a top speed of 8.3 mph.

Unlike other models that are capricious at their maximum speed, however, the Hoverheart still felt very stable at their maximum speed. This board is very fun to drive, very agile and maneuverable, although during fast back and forth it feels a little underperforming, particularly for great runners.

hoverheart Review

The Hoverheart hoverboard also has a built-in Bluetooth speaker so you can blast music while you cruise around and is essentially completely covered in flashing lights.

This panel is also lighter, weighing 21.9 pounds, making it a little easier to carry than most other models in the group, as shown below. This is a standard sized hoverboard, so it should be compatible with most of the commonly available accessories from third party manufacturers, such as carrying cases, silicone skins and even conversion kits to make from your board a kart.

Finally, this hoverheart hoverboard comes in a ton of colors — the most of the group — allowing you plenty of options to match your personal style.

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Outdoor Capabilities

Our next metric, comprising 20% ​​of the total score, assessed the level of manipulation of each board when leaving paved roads. We rated each product based on its ability to manage rough terrain, cross sand, land, and grass, and climb and descend steep hills. The Hoverheart delivered an acceptable result, deserving a 5 out of 10 for its efforts.

This model did not perform particularly well with steeper slopes, feeling less powerful and a bit unstable when going back, failing to inspire confidence. This table is also balanced, which means that it will rise all alone, even without rider. Although this feature is pretty cool on flat terrain, it has an unexpected consequence: if you fall or descend from the board while on a hill, it will continue to roll erratically, forcing you to pursue frantically.

hoverheart -Review

This card reasonably handles bumps and sills, but its wheels are relatively small, which means it can get stuck in larger cracks. However, it matched the performance of some of the best boards, such as the Swagtron T3 at crossings.

The Hoverheart hoverboard had trouble crossing grassy areas or sand and earth, even sinking on the clay.


For our next metric, which also accounts for 20% of the total score, we evaluated the quality of customer support for each manufacturer. This is especially important for these products, as they are not bulletproof and can be subject to heavy damage, depending on how difficult it is to mount them. The Hoverheart hoverboard scored on average, again winning 5 out of 10 for its performance.

First, we assessed the damage suffered by the board throughout our rigorous testing process. Fortunately, there were only a few bumps and minor bumps – no major damage.

We then tried to contact the company with a technical question about recalibrating the balance of the table. They were very helpful in their response and responded quickly by email. They also earned a few extra points by having a phone number. However, the Hoverheart hoverboard has one of the shortest warranty periods in the entire group at just 30 days.

hoverheart hoverboard


Battery of Hoverheart Hoverboard

For the last 10% of the final score, we evaluated the battery life of each card, looking at the time elapsed during the game, the distance traveled and the time needed to fully recharge a dead battery. Hoverheart hoverboard scored again in the middle of the group, winning 5 out of 10 for his performance. The following table shows how this compares to the rest of the products

The Hoverheart hoverboard lasted about an hour and twenty minutes around our obstacle course. This course featured a variety of turns and turns, as well as a slalom and back-and-forth section, to simulate the game instead of driving it continuously at a distance. The battery took a little over three hours to fully charge, a little more than the time claimed by the manufacturer (2 to 3 hours).

Value of Hoverheart Hoverboard

The Hoverheart hoverboard is a great option when shopping for a value hoverboard, offering a solid performance at one of the lowest prices that we have seen.


Overall, the Hoverheart is a solid hoverboard, performing at all levels without any major inconvenience. This is an interesting economic option, especially for the little ones, because the only problem we had with this product was the feeling that it was underperforming for the biggest adult drivers. This board is very fun to drive, extremely showy and does not break the bank.

1. Inexpensive

2. lots of lights

1. Less powerful

2. average customer support

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