iBaby Monitor M6S Review & Buyer’s Guide

It has never been easier to observe your baby through your smartphone than with theĀ  iBaby M6S monitor. This one – of – a – kind 1080p camera offers all the features you would expect from a Best baby monitor, including alerts for movement and sound, two – way sound, and the ability to play soothing music. Sound-activated recording, panning and mechanical tilting and you can play your preferred music in addition to pre-programmed lullabies. It is the best baby monitor we have tested and our choice of publishers.

ibaby moniotor m6s


Design and Features of iBaby Monitor M6S:

With a reclining snowman shape, the iBaby monitor M6S presents a creative design. The camera is covered in a 2.2-inch white plastic round case that exits the top right side of a 4.2-inch round base and is held in place with the help of magnetic connectors. Motor is present at the base that swivels the top half of 355 degrees for a full pan and the smaller casing has a motor offering a 100 degree tilt range. To pan and tilt, simply drag the screen of your smartphone. A power outlet is located at the back of the base and there is a USB connector (used for installation) at the bottom.

The ibaby monitor M6S provides 1080p video at 30 frames per second and uses nine IR LEDs to provide range up to 20 feet of black and white video at night. It contains a Wi-Fi circuit that connects to the 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz band of your home network and has a microphone and built-in speakers that let you hear your baby crying and calm him with the sound of your own voice.

ibaby monitor review

As with the Philips Avent and Holababy monitors, the ibaby monitor M6S reads the pre-programmed lullabies (there are 10), but it also allows you to play songs from your phone’s music library, which other instructors miss. Additional features include motion, audio, temperature, and humidity sensors. When motion or sound is detected, the camera records video clips for 15 seconds or takes a snapshot and stores them in the cloud for free. The old clips are overwritten once you have reached 100 items, but you can download or delete them on your own or share them from the app on Facebook and Twitter.

You can view videos and control the camera from your Android or iOS mobile device with the iBaby monitor M6S app, but you can’t access the camera through the web. The application opens up a live stream at the top of the video stream with temperature, humidity and Wi-Fi signal strength. Upstairs is the camera name, a button that takes you to a settings menu and a button that takes you to the media gallery where you can access videos and still pictures.

The Settings menu provides options for adding new cameras, setting sensitivity, activating motion and sound alerts, selecting one of seven alert tones, and enabling notifications. If it detects sound or motion, you can also choose to take a picture or video clip with the camera. Other settings allow you to call an unlimited number of users (only four users can access the camera simultaneously), select a video resolution, change the password and put the camera in standby mode.

Below the live stream are buttons for manually taking snapshots and recording videos, a listening button that lets you hear what’s going on in your baby’s room, a song button. your music library.

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Installation and Performance of ibaby Monitor M6S:

It is very easier to install the iBaby monitor M6S. Just download the app, create an account, connect the AC adapter and connect it to your mobile device via the base’s USB port (using your phone’s cable). Make sure that your device is connected to the network and radio with which you want the camera to be connected, open the app, tap Add Device, and select M6 from the menu. If you are asked to allow Wi-Fi sharing by the application, tap Allow. The camera will connect to your Wi-Fi network within 30 seconds. Unplug the cable from the USB and you are ready to go.

TheĀ  iBaby monitor MS6 is an outstanding performer. Daytime appears highly detailed with bright colors and no distortion of the barrel, and the black – and – white night video shows outstanding contrast and about 20 feet of crisp image detail..

The turning and tilting function of the camera is very sensitive and the motors are almost silent. Speaking and listening functions provide clear audio at both ends, and the temperature and humidity readings match the Nest Learning thermostat readings during testing. The motion and sound sensors also work very well with each event, sending an insertion notification and activating a recording. In addition, the recorded video is as clean as the live broadcast.


The iBaby monitor MS6 is not cheap baby monitor we’ve tested, but you get a lot for your money. It is easy to install, offers exceptional 1080p video, built-in motion, sound, temperature, and humidity sensors, provides fast mechanical panning and tilting, and records video when your baby is moving or cry. free. As with most baby monitors, you can play lullabies from the app (which do not do dedicated security cameras like Nest Cam Indoor), but the M6S lets you play songs stored in the music library. your mobile device. good. It does not allow you to monitor your child from a PC via the web, but that does not stop him from winning our Editor’s Choice Award for Smart Monitors.


1. Excellent video quality.

2. Loads of features.

3. Pan and tilt functionality.

4. Event-triggered recording

1. No web access.

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