powerfit pf31052 gutter cleaner Review

The Powerfit PF31052 gutter cleaning tool is an accessory that fits on a pressure washer nozzle (not included). There are 2 high pressure nozzles extending from the accessory that allow you to blow through debris and leaves to clear your gutters from obstructions. You don’t need a ladder with this tool, but you will need an extension for your pressure washer. With the use of an extension, you can reach your gutters safely from the ground and avoid the dangers associated with the use of a ladder.

The Powerfit PF31052 can be used with most high pressure gas cleaners up to 3000 PSI. It has a ¼ inch disconnect switch for easy connection and use.

Powerfit PF31052 Gutter Cleaner Attachment

If the debris in your gutter is hard, hardened and stubborn, this tool is your best option. It is compatible with almost all high pressure cleaners up to 3000 psi. It comes with fittings that you can use to attach it to many gas pressure washers. This appliance also comes with two high pressure nozzles which will allow you to clean your gutters more efficiently and twice as quickly. If your gutters are exposed to excessive waste at frequent intervals, this tool is what you need.

CHOMP GutterSmop Microfiber Cleaner Tool

Chomp Smop Gutter Cleaning Tool

The Chomp GutterSmop is actually a strong plastic gutter cleaning head with thick noodles like a microfiber material that rubs and effectively removes dirt and algae collected on your gutters and facings by easily adapting to the shape of the surface to be cleaned.

With an acme threaded opening, you can easily attach it to a standard telescopic pole to reach inaccessible heights. Simply dip the Smop in a gutter cleaning liquid and wipe the desired surface, then rinse it to get clean and dirt-free gutters and coatings.

What we like

Robust construction
Cleaning the adjustable surface
Easy attachment to any standard post

Our verdict

The Chomp GutterSmop is a good alternative to pressure spray gutter cleaners and can be easily used with an extension cord and a liquid cleaner. Surely worth it.

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