Top 10 Best Rain Boots and Waterproof Shoes for Kids 2019-lone cone rain boots

Whether fall or spring, it takes the right boots for wet weather seasons to keep your kids’ feet nice and dry such as lone cone rain boots. Best Rain Boots for kids should be easy to put on without help, have a non-slip design, and have good waterproof capabilities to withstand rain and mud, of course. When we came up with our top 10 list of the best rain boots for kids, we reviewed different factors to find the top 10 rain boots in the market.

1.Carter’s Rain Boot   Best Rain Boots for Kids

These best rain boots can be easily worn all year round, both practical and aesthetically appealing. It’s clear why many consider these to be the best rain boots for Kids. They have big handles to help put on and take off, and the soles are remarkably sturdy so even if they run, kids won’t slip. For the little ones, they may come across as heavy, and the rubber may tear over excessive use. Still, Rain Boots from carter do a great job fighting muddy, rainy weather.

carter’s Rain Boot review

1. Large handles.

2. Sturdy soles.

3. Good water protection.


1. Rubber can separate / tear.

2. It could be too heavy.

3. It could cause blisters 

2.Hibigo Kids Natural Rubber Rain Boots

For health reasons, these rubber  best rain boots for kids are made of 100% BPA-free and non-toxic material. They have a thick sole that provides powerful traction and keeps away water. They are also made of a highly flexible rubber with a breathable EVA insole to keep the feet of the child dry and odorless. They have pull-on handles that make them easy to put on for kids as well as being completely waterproof.



1. Comfortable but robust and well done.

2. A lot of patterns to choose from.

3. The interior is soft and the sole is thick with a really nice grip.

1. Have a very strong rubber odor.

2. They might run a bit large.

3. Crocs Kids’ Handle It Rain Boot

Next to our best  rain boots for kids we have these synthetic boots that do an adequate job of protecting small feet from rain. They come with easy handles so that your kid can quickly pull them on and they are light in weight so that children have no problem walking. One of the biggest concerns, however, is how small they are running, they are usually tight around the ankles, so buying a size or two up will help. Also, make sure that they wear socks as without them they can rub.


Crocs Kids’ Handle It Rain Boot

1. Lightweight.

2. Easy handles.

3. Quick cleaning.

1. A bit tight.

2. Short.

3. Can rub.

4.Lone Cone Rain Boots  Waterproof Rubber 

These lone cone rain boots are designed with exclusive patterns that will surely love boys and girls. They’re comfortable wearing outside and around the house, but if your kid wears thicker socks, there’s not much room. It is easy enough to put them on even if the handles of the pull can break off over time. These Lone Cone Rain Boots do a good job of keeping your child dry and cool and considered as the best rain boots for kids.


Rain Boots

1. Exclusive fun patterns .

2. Soft/pleasant to wear.

3. Effortless to get on/off

1. Minimal wiggle room .

2. Straps can break .

3. Padding doesn’t always stay

5.NORTY Waterproof Rubber Rain Boots for Kids

Next we’ve got these Norty boots made of waterproof rubber in our search for the best rain boots for kids. To complement every outfit and taste, they come in different colors and prints. They also have fun handles attached for kids to pull them on alone. They are very comfortable and for the most muddy situations they have fantastic grip and traction.


NORTY Waterproof Rubber Rain Boots review

1. The inside is lined.

2. They are sturdy.

3. Good quality rubber.

1. Not very waterproof .

2. Might not receive the desired print .

3. Might be hard to put on and take off

6. Kamik Raindrops Rain Boot

For children who want to look stylish while wearing something that is still practical, the Kamik Raindrops are the best rain boots for kids. They also come in cool colors and have a side buckle decorative. Children may have to break these in, however, and they may be too narrow for some as they run a bit small. However, their practicality is quite good, as they can take quite a beating and hold through the heaviest of rains.


1. Stylish look.

2. Sturdy.

3. Withstand strong rain.

1. Takes some breaking in.

2. Runs small/narrow.

3. Might scratch up.

7. Oakiwear Kids Waterproof Rubber Rain Boots

These best rain boots are offered in a number of sweet and fun designs and can wear your child whenever you want. Unfortunately, due to consistent rainy weather, the patterns may eventually wear off. Nevertheless, because of the soft rubber, these fun rain boots are super comfortable, easy to wash and capable of fighting the odors of the foot, making them ideal for everyday play. Even if they can run too big to make them.



1. Lightweight.

2. Made for daily play.

3. Dries quickly.

1. Run too big.

2. Handles aren’t sturdy.

3. Design/patterns can wear off.

8. Chillipop Kid’s Rainboots

Children can make a splash in these best rain boots and as they wipe off easily enough, you don’t have to shudder over cleaning. These trendy rain boots are always comfortable to wear, and children have fewer slips and falls due to the rough sole. The size is usually somewhat off. The footplace is good at the same time, but the ankle can be too broad.



1. Easy cleanup. 2. Comfortable.

3. Kid-friendly patterns/styles

1. Large ankle space .

2. The lining can come out.

3. Inaccurate sizing

9. Hatley Boy’s Classic Rain Boots

This Hatley product is next on our best rain boots for kids list. Their rain boots are easy and easy to put on quickly for children. They also have sufficient colors to match any outfit. The design is waterproof, but the lining is fabric, so the inside can get wet. After a while, the lining is prone to tearing. These are somewhat clunky and can be hard to walk in, but the soles are great to avoid slips.



1. Easy to put on/take off.

2. Rubber soles for non-slip .

3. Good waterproof design

1. Inadequate durability.

2. Clunky bottoms.

3. Comes with a smell.

10.Ska Doo Kids Toddler Rain Boots

Children have plenty of opportunities to match their shoes with their outfits as the Ska Doo Kids / Toddler best Rain Boots for kids come in more than 10 colors. They’re pretty comfortable to wear for a long time, but with poor flexibility, the calf area seems a bit narrow, which can make it hard to tuck in pants. Overall construction, however, is long lasting and non-slip treading prevents children from getting hurt.

Best rain boots for kids


1. Many assorted colors.

2. Sturdy construction.

3. Non-slip.

1. Chemical-like odor.

2. Minimal flexibility.

3. A bit narrow.


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