Triple Leaf Detox Tea review

Triple Leaf Detox tea is a natural tea that promises to remove toxins from your blood, kidneys, lungs and liver. The product claims to help these organs function more efficiently, as well as to promote mental clarity and positivity. It makes sense that a tea can remove impurities from the body, but can it also affect the mind and mood?

We were curious to know how a simple tea without additional ingredients could have such a marked effect on the whole body. This tea promises results that are normally only obtained with conventional drugs, so our research team decided to dig deeper. Read on to see what we found out about Triple Leaf Detox tea.

triple leaf detox tea

What is Triple Leaf detox tea?

First of all, Triple Leaf detox tea is a brand of slimming and detoxifying drinks. Ingredients include senna leaf, whorled marshmallow, papaya, medlar leaf, persimmon, ginger root, American ginseng, horny goat weed, lemon, rhubarb, dandelion, licorice , fo-ti, peppermint, cinnamon, red clover and astragalus. This brand offers herbal teas, dietetic, medicinal, cleansing and slimming. They are “mixed and packaged” in California. To use it, simply add a tea bag to a cup of hot water, then drink. Some varieties include Detox, Decaf Green Tea, Ultra Slim, Herbal Laxative and Super Slimming.

The Triple Leaf detox tea brand is based on traditional Chinese herbal teas. These products can be found from online sellers such as Amazon. A 100% satisfaction guarantee is provided.

Unpleasant Taste – “Can You Handle It?

One drawback is the unpleasant taste. According to our research editor, “Some customers have complained about the general flavor of triple-leaf tea products. Naturally, this is a concern, as it is unlikely that you will consume the tea regularly if you do not like the taste. ” but you can add some sweetener in the tea to make it tasty.

Adverse Effects from Triple Leaf Tea – “Be Careful

Another problem is the side effects of Triple Leaf detox tea. Some people have reported nausea, stomach upset, diarrhea, heartburn, constipation, and abdominal cramps. In fact, one user said, “Every time I drink this, my stomach becomes extremely acidic and I have very severe heartburn. It also has a very bitter taste. “

However, another client said, “Good product. It permanently cleans your system. “

“It’s okay. I only tried the Ultra Slim version. It helps flush out the colon,” said another individual.

According to our research, if there is a certain facet of a weight loss supplement tea that is very bothersome or difficult (unpleasant taste, side effects, bad star in the Amazon), the real chances of long-term results term are minimal. Therefore, if three-leaf tea really tastes bad for a lot of people, it could be problematic.

The Science – “Is There Any?

We did not find any clinical studies presented with Triple Leaf detox tea products. However, these teas contain natural stimulants and laxatives. Therefore, these drinks can help increase urination and bowel movements. However, we are not sure that they will help lose weight in the long run.

The Bottom Line – Does Triple Leaf Tea Work?

So should you run to the store and buy Triple Leaf detox tea? Well, for starters, we like the choice between several varieties. We also appreciate that these products contain natural herbs. But we do have some reservations about these detox and weight loss teas because some people have complained of unpleasant side effects. Additionally, we are concerned about the tasteless taste that some people have reported.

If you want to lose more pounds, we recommend that you select a weight loss program that is supported by documented research and can help you make healthier lifestyle choices.

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does triple leaf detox tea make you poop?

No but it can help in metabolism.

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