UPPAbaby G LUXE stroller Review

I must admit that I like the UPPAbaby brand, because it really follows the changes in the daily life of the family and offers versatile strollers that make life easier for parents. The UPPAbaby G LUXE stroller is an example.

This UPPAbaby G LUXE stroller is designed for urban parents who often go out with their baby. It is suitable from 3 months, it is reclining almost flat (because toddlers also love to take a nap!) And weighs only 15 pounds, which makes it easy to transport.

In addition, this UPPAbaby G LUXE stroller saves space. It takes up little space at home and in the trunk of the car, which makes it very easy to store. It is also the ideal companion for car trips!

In this article, I present my review UPPAbaby G LUXE stroller where I put all the important information on this stroller and some tips, based on hundreds of other reviews of parents and my personal experience.

In my UPPAbaby G LUXE stroller review, you will find information on its characteristics, available accessories and color versions. At the end, you can find the main reasons to buy this stroller and for whom it is the best choice. You can also find here my comparison of all UPPAbaby strollers and the comparison of G-LUXE 2018 with the previous model.

UPPAbaby G LUXE Stroller Review

UPPAbaby G-LUXE is a lightweight stroller. It consists of a light aluminum frame, a reclining seat with adjustable awning, four double wheels, a basket under the seat and a pedal brake. Like all other UPPAbaby strollers, G-LUXE also has many useful features and is very flexible.

 UPPAbaby G LUXE stroller

First, according to the producer, this stroller is suitable for babies from 3 months and can accommodate a passenger up to 55 lbs. The entire stroller is very compact and small. It is only 19.5 inches wide and weighs 15 pounds, which means it fits in tight spaces and is easy to lift. UPPAbaby G-LUXE is small enough to be portable and perfect for travel, but it is large enough to be very functional.

UPPAbaby G-LUXE stroller comes with:

  • Light aluminum frame
  • Seat pad
  • Cup holder


The UPPAbaby G-LUXE seat is suitable for children from 3 months. The seat has three recline positions, so the baby can sleep in a fully reclined position, relax or sit and look around. The vertical position does not really allow you to sit straight, because it is still a little tilted.

The backrest and padding are very pleasant and soft. However, keep in mind that this stroller is not suitable for newborns, as it is not enough to support their delicate spine and head.

In addition, if you want to use this stroller from 3 months, I recommend that you use it with a completely reclined position (although you must remember that it is not completely flat) and a pillow or insert for baby.

The UPPAbaby G LUXE stroller is equipped with a one-hand recline, which means that we can recline the seat with one hand. To do this, just push a single button placed at the back of the seat – it’s very simple! There is also an adjustable leg rest for better comfort for the baby.

Driving in G-LUXE is not only very comfortable, but also safe. The seat has a five-point harness for the safety of your little pilot. The straps are nice and smooth and each of them can be adjusted independently. This is a very useful feature because babies grow very quickly. Also, during cold winter walks, baby will need more widened straps than during warm spring walks, due to thicker clothes.

The buckle is placed in the middle and is very easy to open with one hand, but quite difficult for little baby fingers.

There is another big advantage of the G-LUXE seat. All fabrics and seat cushion are removable and can be machine washed.

This is an interesting feature, because during the walk, something overflows and gets dirty. The stroller can still be used even when the seat cushion is removed. The padding of the seat is fixed with velcro straps, so it is very easy to reinstall it.

The only thing I didn’t like about the G-LUXE seat was the lack of a bumper bar.


UPPAbaby G LUXE stroller has an extendable sunsahde which provides excellent cover for the little rider. The canopy is also equipped with SPF 50+ so that your baby can enjoy sunny days while being protected from harmful UV rays. The sunshade can be easily folded.

 UPPAbaby G LUXE stroller

This stroller is also ideal for tall children thanks to the high canopy, which can also be removed. This umbrella gives baby plenty of room to grow.

I only wish that this canopy had better ventilation and an open window so that parents could see their little adventurer.


This stroller does not have a single handlebar, but two handles on both sides, as you can see in the image below. This is typical of light strollers and umbrellas. These handles are covered with foam.

They are not adjustable, but even parents of different heights can push this stroller easily and comfortably, since the handles are 42.5 inches high. I have read many reviews written by other parents and the handles are suitable for smaller and larger parents (like 5’2 “and 6’2”).

Since there are two handles instead of one, it is certainly easier to push the stroller with two hands than one.

Remember not to hang anything on the handles as the stroller is light and can tip over.


The UPPAbaby G-LUXE has four 5.75-inch double wheels. These small wheels are certainly not suitable for walking (or running!) And the stroller is more difficult to push on an uneven surface. But the wheels handle flat, level ground very well and are really sturdy.

The stroller is very easy to steer and turn. Thanks to its maneuverability and slim design, it turns easily even in tight corners. This stroller is great for quick errands, public transit and the mall. It is certainly not an all-terrain stroller, but it has a specific purpose and serves it wonderfully.


This stroller has a four wheel suspension and although it has nice little wheels, it slides very easily and smoothly on a flat surface. The suspension absorbs shocks so that the small passenger can enjoy a comfortable ride.


This UPPAbaby G LUXE stroller is equipped with a pedal brake, located on the right. The single-action brake is quite unusual for light strollers and umbrellas.

To apply the brake, you will need to use some force, then the wheels will be locked. It certainly takes a little practice. This parking brake is not compatible with sandals.

If you want to be sure that the brake is correctly adjusted, you can move the stroller a little. However, I read in the comments of other parents that even when the brake is engaged, the stroller is not completely stationary (it slowly advances a few centimeters when you push it)


UPPAbaby G LUXE stroller has an underseat mesh basket with weight limit of 10 lbs. It can easily accommodate a medium-sized diaper bag and few smaller items.

Note that access to the basket is easy when the seat is not reclined. If you tilt the seat back completely, access to the storage bin is almost completely blocked.


The UPPAbaby G-LUXE folding stroller is quite easy and does not require the use of feet. It is not a fold in one hand but still quite simple.

To fold the stroller, we must first press the button and then pull the release handles on both sides at the same time. The stroller has an automatic lock and once folded, it can stand alone.

The UPPAbaby G-LUXE fold does not take up much space and is quite easy to store, even in a small apartment or small trunk. In addition, G-LUXE has a carrying strap which makes this stroller very portable and easy to carry.

Some parents may wonder if the strap is even useful. In my opinion, this feature is very convenient because the stroller is not bulky or heavy, so carrying it on a shoulder is very convenient.

However, the strap is not padded, so wearing the stroller for a long time on bare skin may be less comfortable. The good thing is that G-LUXE also rolls when folded. If you are tired of carrying it, you can simply roll up the folded stroller.

Both features are very useful, especially when using this lightweight stroller for older children. If your child usually walks and sometimes just wants to get in a stroller, you can carry or pull the stroller and open it in seconds if necessary.


  • Rain Shield 
  • Parent organizer
  • Travel bag 
  • Ganoosh Footmuff
  • Lightweight – easy to lift to the trunk and carry on the shoulder in town or up and down the stairs
  •  Convenient for transport and storage
  •  Ideal for parents who often drive / travel by car
  •  One-hand reclining seat with three positions
  • Extendable awning with SPF 50+
  •  Automatic lock and self-supports
  •  Cup holder included
  •  Ideal for use in the city – glides smoothly on level ground
  • Difficult to push on rough terrain
  •  sometimes oscillates on bumps
  •  No window at a glance on an awning
  •  Height of handles not adjustable

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