VTech  Baby Monitor VM991 Safe & Sound Expandable HD Video Monitor

The VTech  baby monitor is a kind of hybrid baby monitor. It comes with its own 5-inch touch screen, but also offers a free mobile app so you can keep an eye on your child from anywhere on your phone. It uses a 720p camera with pan and tilt mechanics and is easy to install, but during our tests, it is sometimes offline and its bidirectional sound was sometimes unstable. The choice of our editors, the iBaby M6S monitor, offers more features and offers better performance.

VTech VM991 Baby Monitor 2

Design and Features VTech  baby monitor :

The VTech baby monitor VM991 baby monitor comes with a 5-inch color touch screen with a resolution of 854 x 480 pixels. It offers a decent picture for size, although it is not as clean as most 5-inch phone screens.

Of course, you also get a camera.The camera is white and has its top edge with a folding antenna and power and volume buttons. It measures 4.5 out of 3.7 on 3.7 inches (HWD) and has a 720p resolution.  A micro USB power port, a reset button and an audio jack are located on the left side. The back contains a speaker, a retractable stand and a slot for the microSD card (the monitor has 4 GB of internal memory to store snapshots and manually recorded videos, but you can add an SD card to it).

The camera uses 10 IR LEDs to provide a 25-foot night vision, has a 10X digital zoom and is equipped with a mechanical pan and tilt mechanism that offers you a range of 270 degrees horizontally and 113.5 degrees vertically. It can sit on any flat surface or be mounted on a wall or ceiling using the supplied mounting bracket.

VTech VM991 Baby Monitor

There is a built-in microphone at the front of the base and around the back, a speaker, a 3.2-inch Wi-Fi antenna, a power jack and an Ethernet port (for setting up cable network). The left side of the base has a volume flip-flop, two status LEDs that blink blue and amber when streaming video and pairing, a microSD card slot (for storing motion-triggered video), and an output audio. The bottom of the camera has slots for attaching to the mounting bracket and a reset / pairing button.

The VTech baby monitor can be configured and accessed using the 5-inch monitor or a mobile device and an Android or iOS application, but there is no way to configure it from your PC. The application opens on a home screen with the name of each installed camera (up to 10) and a small window displaying a live stream. At the bottom of the camera screen are four buttons: one takes you to a screen where you can see events triggered by one movement, the other lets you view manually recorded videos and snapshots, and other allows you to delete one takes you to the camera settings.

The settings menu of VTech  baby monitor allows you to set the motion sensitivity, activate the standby mode (which puts the unit into standby after a period of inactivity), enable continuous recording and motion-activated recording, and select the frequency of notifications. At the top of the screen is a plus button to add new cameras and another to split the screen into four separate windows.

Typing on a camera will take you to a larger screen with buttons on the bottom to turn on or off the speaker, turn on the microphone for two-way audio communication, manually record video, take a picture and select video quality Low) . There is also a button that allows you to create up to four camera positions and a button that turns on and off night vision.

Installation and Performance VTech  baby monitor:

The installation and configuration of the VTech baby monitor is fast and easy. Once the monitor screen is fully charged, turn it on and follow the on-screen instructions to connect it to your Wi-Fi network. Once the monitor is connected, it is time to pair it with the camera. Plug it in, tap the plus icon in the upper right corner of the monitor screen and select your camera. After the camera’s LEDs begin to blink in orange and blue, press and hold the down association button until you hear “ready to begin pairing”. Enter a security key to complete the pairing process.

To monitor your child using your smartphone or tablet, download the mobile app, create an account, and verify it via automated email. Make sure your mobile device is on the same network as the camera and the camera’s blue and amber lights are on, launch the app, and tap the plus icon to add the camera to your account .


The VTech baby monitor provides solid 720p video during the day with good color quality and accurate image detail, and its black-and-white night video is just as crisp. The motorized pan and tilt mechanism is relatively quiet and gesture-sensitive, and the 5-inch monitor offers good color and wide viewing angles. Motion detection worked perfectly during the tests and never failed to trigger an alert on the monitor or record a video clip, but we received no alerts in the mobile app. A technical support call confirmed that this feature is not yet enabled.

As we saw with the Philips Avent SCD860, the VTech baby monitor camera would drop its Wi-Fi connections from time to time despite its proximity to the router. When this happens, the mobile app would take a minute to reconnect, although the 5-inch monitor is connected immediately. The audio performance was also sketchy, as the sound was cut off periodically. Since using a baby monitor can reliably monitor your baby, these occasional gaffes are confusing.


The VTech baby monitor Safe and Sound Extensible HD Video Baby Monitor offers solid 720p image quality and uses mechanical panning and tilting to give you an extended view of your child’s room. It offers motion-triggered manual video recording, a 5-inch color touch screen, and you can connect to it from your mobile device when you’re away from home.

Although it is easy to install and offers local video storage, it lacks some of the user-friendly features for baby monitors, such as the ability to play lullabies and monitor room temperature. More importantly, he struggled to stay connected to Wi-Fi and his audio performance was uneven. For a complete baby monitor that offers free cloud storage, soothing music and offers clear 1080p video, check out the iBaby M9S monitor. It’s the best smart baby monitor we’ve tested and our choice of publishers.

1. Easy to install.

2. Sharp image quality.

3. Mechanical pan and tilt.

4. Event-triggered recording.

1. Pricey.

2. Spotty Wi-Fi connectivity

3. choppy audio in testing.

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